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Before prohibition… a junkie’s dream
February 19, 2006, 4:25 pm
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Jeeeesus, why didn’t they leave good enough alone?

From the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s the reputable drug companies of the day began manufacturing over the counter drug kits. These kits contained a glass barreled hypodermic needle and vials of opiates (morphine or heroin) and/or cocaine packaged neatly in attractive engraved tin cases.


There were of course marketing and advertising campaigns launched by the drug companies producing this product that touted these narcotics as the cure for all types of physical and mental aliments ranging from alcohol withdrawal to cancer, depression, sluggishness, coughs, colds, tuberculosis and even old age.

Heroin, morphine and other opiate derivatives were unregulated and sold legally in the United States until 1920 when Congress recognized the danger of these drugs and enacted the Dangerous Drug Act. This new law made over-the-counter purchase of these drugs illegal and deemed that their distribution be federally regulated.

As much as I appreciate a package of new syringes, water and alcohol swabs from my local needle exchange program, how’s about a return to the good ol’ days when we could purchase a nice clean set of works and the goods to go in ’em?

Teenage Devil Dolls – 1950’s drug hysteria propaganda
February 19, 2006, 1:54 pm
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Straight from the cutting room of the U.S. Narcotics Bureau, Teenage Devil Dolls is a shinning example of how Hollywood creates the hype for the drug warriors.

teenage.jpg This film will have you laughing, as will the review. Some funny stuff there:

… we are then given a screen full of statistics, such as that there has been a 2000% increase in the number of juvenile addicts over the past ten years.

Extrapolating from this data, it means that by 1964, the entire country will be addicted to narcotics, which explains how they got away with that bizarre color scheme on “Shindig!” It also explains why the set of the “Mike Douglas Show,” a program directed at middle-aged, Lark-smoking Midwestern ladies in hairnets, was bedecked with psychedelic Flower Power daisies. Now you know. Even though your Aunt Ruth from Fergus Falls favored quilted housecoats, adored Lawrence Welk, and faithfully brought her delightful lima bean-and-Velveeta hotdish to Casserole Night at the Lutheran Church, behind your back she was mainlining horse.

So what does this movie teach us about handling the problems of today’s teens? Well, Teenage Devil Doll, much like the U.S. Justice Department, propounds the “gateway” theory of narcotics addiction. This hypothesis holds that the use of a relatively mild mood-altering substance such as nicotine or marijuana inevitably leads to a craving for a more powerful reality-warping agent such as matrimony. And of course that leads to fornication with Swedes, death by exposure, and, uh…a train ride.

If you’re ever going to have an evening of film, add this to the agenda. It’s guaranteeee belly laugh.

Why be a PILLer of the community?
February 14, 2006, 12:15 am
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I am a piller. That is to say, I rarely shoot powder. I regularly shoot pills. There’s a few reasons why I’ve chosen to be a piller:

  • cost (i.e. price per unit) – pills are usually a lot cheaper than powder when one measures the bang for the buck. For example, a point of heroin (100mg) normally costs around $20-$35. A 100mg of morphine is usually $15-$25.
  • purity (i.e. quality) – with a street powder the purity fluctuates widely, and there is no such thing as 100% pure. Often you’ll be lucky to find 50% purity. Pills are 100% pure. If you get 100mg morphine pill, you will get 100mg of pure morphine in the pill. On the other hand, a point of heroin at 50% purity means you actually are getting just 50mg of heroin.
  • volume (i.e. quantity)- a point of heroin should be 100mg, or 1/10th of a gram. It is normally .8 of a point. For some reason, there is a “practicing convention” among dealers that the product is packaged a certain amount undersize – always! A gram is .8 of a gram. A quarter-gram, i.e. 250 mg is usually 200mg when weighed. Pills are always exactly what they are supposed to be.

So whether we’re talking quality, quantity, or the combination of the two, powder doesn’t come close to the quality and quantity of the active ingrediant within a pill.


What does this mean in practice? It means a lot of money saved. You can get high, or more importantly, it costs a lot less to maintain a 2 point opiod habit doing pills then doing powder. It also means a lot in terms of safety. You know the exact amount you are shooting when you’re doing a pill, whereas you never know exactly how much heroin you’re doing because of the quality variance. This is what leads to accidental overdose deaths with heroin. You get used to doing a certain eyeballed size hit of lousy heroin and then you score some good heroin and when you do the same eyeballed size hit of the good stuff it is double, or maybe triple, the actually quanity of heroin then your body is familiar with. With pill, you know exactly how much you’re taking. It has to be a intentional overdose when you die from pills because you know that you’re doing way more than your normal dose. Since most users do not want to kill themselves, shooting pills is very safe, whereas shooting heroin is always a risk.

Let’s talk real numbers. I’ve been getting 100mg morphine pills for $8. Doing three per day (300mgs of morphine) costs $24 bucks. If for some reason I couldn’t access the pills anymore and had to substitute heroin I’d be digging into the old wallet (or somebody’s wallet) a whole lot more. Even if the heroin was pure, I’d have to buy three points (a point being 100mg). At $25 bucks a point, I’d be shooting away $75. But then, a point is not a point, it’s .8 of a point. So my three points would actually only be 240mgs of dope. That’s equivalent to half a pill short, or just 2.4 pills worth. Now, add onto this quantity factor, the quality factors. Let’s say the heroin is 60% pure. So I’m just getting 3 pills x .6mgs worth, or 180mgs. But its really not 3 pills because we’ve determined the weight is just .8 for each point. So, in actuality, when factoring in quantity and quality, it is 2.4 x .6 or 144mgs worth of heroin. That is less than half the volume of the 3 pills which are 300mgs.

So I’m used to 300mgs at $24. To buy three points, which in theory should be equivalent dose, I’m paying $75 for 144mgs. I would actually have to buy six points of heroin to approach the actual equal amount of dope; in other words, for $150 of heroin I’d be getting 288mgs of dope.

$24 for pill form morphine gives me the same bang as $150 of street heroin. So I’m safer, healthier, and wealthier being a pillar in a junkie community.

Of course, being a junkie, now that I realize what a great saving I’m making doing pills instead of powder, I figure I deserve a treat. How’s about I do six pills a day – heck that’s only $48 bucks! – and really get a buzz on. I can just kick back, and enjoy a nod, whilst my heroin bretheren are scrambling to find an extra $100 bucks so they can end up only half as high as I am.

Only problem being, when the bottom falls out, I’d much rather be be flopping around with a minor junk habit than be mega-suffering because of a large morph habit. And mega-suffering just because I was feasting on a “good deal”.

Anyhow, its feast time now, so why give a shit about famine times just yet. I just obtained 10.6 grams of dope for $270. If I were to lowball that amount in heroin (lowball = $200 a gram) I would be paying $2120. But that’s the phoney equivalency of a gram weighing a gram and each gram being 100% dope. If I make the heroin purchase realworld, I would have had to get 21 grams of street heroin to equal the actual quantity of real dope in the 10.6 grams of pharmaceutical morphine. In other words, $4120!!!

Ah, its a good life being a piller of the community. At least in terms of the sense I just made of it here.

February 11, 2006, 10:07 am
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Friggin crap it is cold some mornings.  Ironically after a good deep restful sleep.  Wake up find the wood stove is all burnt out because I didn’t wake through the night and re-stoke it.  So, what to do first?  Start the coffee perculating or re-start the wood stove?  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions.

Friggin cold and its way more difficult to get a vein to appear.  They’re all shrivelled up and have retreated deep under the surface to stay warm.  Either that, or they’ve just slowed their flow, now more like a creek then a river.  Ah, that they might be a mighty surging river again, the scabby bastards just don’t serve me like the used to.  But serve me they do, they just need a little coaxing is all.

I stoke the fire, and do the two step two hundred times in front of it, hoping to get some circulation.  I grab one of the throw rugs and take it to the kitchen, laying it down infront of a counter, next to the stove, where I’ll be cooking up “Mr. Good Morning!”.  I flick the stove element on to 8.  Not full, because full cooks to fast.  Every good cook knows you don’t want to bring things to a boil too quickly.  Grab a couple pills, suck the gawd-awful coating off ’em, spit that shit out in the sink, and start crushing them to a fine powder in a big ol’spoon using the rounded end of a knife handle – pestal and mortar style.

Grab the 5ml fit full of last night’s wash to mix up this morning’s hit with.  Squirt a bunch of the liquid into the spoon, and hold it hovering over the hot element.  Holding it just right so the entire contents gets heated, watching carefully to see the entire pill melt into gunk, and then liquid.  Pull up equal amounts into both clean needles, then add some sterile water, and cook again.  More liquid into the needles, and for a third time, cook again.  After a zillion repetitions of this cook, I can eyeball the amounts and end up with all the liquid gone from the spoon as the last milliliter of the barrel of each needle is filled to the 100ml line.

“Hey baby! you got the tissue?” and she comes running with tissues in hand. One for me, one for her, to block the bleeding after injection.  Just nice constant pressure over injection point for 15 seconds and the little hole closes up good, and gets in rotation for its next puncture in a day or so.  The sites for injection site rotation becoming ever fewer as the years go by.  Rarely do I resort to my feet, but its nice to know they’re there in reserve when the need arises.  Usually I can still find some spot on my lower arms or hands.

Hey Mr. Good Morning, its time to warm up this morning.  The stove, the coffee, the wood stove can only do so much, and now you gotta do the rest.  Oh thank you Mr. Good Morning, sure is good to greet you again.

Trying to cut back a bit…
February 10, 2006, 8:56 am
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I’ve been shooting about 400mgs of morphine daily for the past couple months.  I’d like to wean back a bit.  Unless you’ve tried it, you don’t know how difficult that is.   It takes an enormous amount of discipline to take less then you’ve got, because you know that you won’t really feel the less dosage.  It will however, have to be enough that you don’t feel sick.  Anyhow…

things go better with coke?

I do drugs, but even I think this Mom is an idiot for saying such a goofy thing.