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Proceeding quite nicely…
April 5, 2006, 10:36 am
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It is a wee bit tricky to start weaning on the very pills I've been crushing up and shooting up for the past half a year.  The temptation to keep fixing them is irresistable at times.  Not that I really try to fight it.  I figure I'm still weaning if I'm now shooting 80mgs per hit instead of 90.

Anyhow, we've asked the doc to switch us to Kadian It aslo goes by the name of Kapanol.  It is a 24hr sustained release morphine formulation.   You just pop it once a day and fagetaboutit.   According to the original weaning schedule I'm to be eating 70mgs every eight hours, so starting next week I'll be eating 210mg of Kadian once a day.   Its equivalency to 8-12hr sustained release morphine is supposed to be equal.  So you just take the cummulative dose you'd take of MS-Contin in a 24hr period all in one dose of Kadian.

This has the benefits of methadone in that you keep at a steady state and don't go up and down with each dosing.  Once a day, and outta sight, outta mind.

 As well, it isn't really for shooting up.  At least I've never done so.  It would wreck its 24hr properties.  So I'm just gonna eat it.  And keep proceeding quite nicely…