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How to kick a habit EASILY with zero discomfort!
March 26, 2007, 9:32 pm
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Just three doses of methadone will kick a long-term heroin habit!

I finally got around to deciding to kick. Of course, I avoid like the plague any idea of going cold turkey. That’s simply out of the question. The only way I’m gonna go cold turkey is if I’m busted and am locked up in a jail cell. And in fact, that is exactly how I last kicked. I spent two weeks in jail about ten years ago, and the first week I was sick as hell. In fact, I was so sick I couldn’t even get off my bunk to puke in the toilet six feet away. All I could do was lean over the side of the bunk and puke on the floor. And when they first called me for court, I said “forget it”… I was too sick to go to court, even though it was my chance to get out on bail. Nope. I just laid on the bunk, refusing to get up for court. A week later, after I had pretty much kicked, I was again called for court, and that time I got up. The judge said I would be released the following Monday with time served – i.e. 14 days for theft under $5,000. I was good and “clean” come the following Monday when I walked out the gates that morning. In classic goofy junkie style however, my ol’lady met me in the jail’s parking lot with a pre-mixed fit and I shot up in the car, right then and there.

Jump ahead a decade. I’m ten years older. A significant ten years. I’m no longer a spring chicken. My old body ain’t as resilient as it once was. I really, really, really ain’t into cold turkey.

However, after the past couple years of shooting up four to five times a day, ever god damn day, I’m ready to stop again. Just fed up with the hussle and grind. And, not insignificantly, it is becoming a real ordeal trying to hit up my ol’lady. Her veins just ain’t cooperating with the ritual. It’s taking ten minutes or more, of in and out, hit or miss, blood dripping, veins getting increasingly messed up, and lots of pain, each and every time we do a fix. That’s a good hour of hell every single day just trying to get her hits into her. That alone is a significant factor in wanting to take a break.

The good news! We were able to quit easily in one week with no difficulty . And I’m talking about a fair size habit – 400-600 mgs of morphine every day for two years solid, or about 5 points (half a gram) of heroin daily when its around.

How did we manage to quit that habit without breaking a sweat? It’s very simple – three small doses of methadone! Seriously, three doses of methadone is all that’s needed to kick an opiate habit.

This is a big kept secret. The methadone clinics don’t want people knowing how easy it is to quit with just three doses because they are in the business of keeping people maintained on methadone. They want clients coming into their clinics day in and day out for years. That’s how they make their bread and butter. They don’t want people knowing that they just need three doses. They want people believing they’ve gotta get on a program, and stay on it for years.

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But, the truth is, that three doses of methadone is completely sufficient to carry one through the painless withdrawal from an opiate habit. Why? Because methadone feeds different receptors that the opiod one is wired to. So, it feeds those receptors and fulfills ones opiate need, while one stops taking the morphine and/or heroin and kicks from them. Three doses covers the length of time one is withdrawing, yet is not enough to end up getting wired to the methadone in the process.

So, here’s what I did. I waited 12 hours from my last fix and I did a mere 75mg of methadone. After an hour, the methadone took effect and I felt fine. Methadone lasts up to 36 hours, and also, it builds up a bit, dose upon dose. So, I waited 24 hours, and then I took another 75mgs of methadone.

OK, at that point, its been 36 hours since my last fix. If I was going cold turkey I’d be nearing peak withdrawal which would last another 36 hours of pure hell. However, the methadone is masking or covering for those effects, while not actually feeding the same receptors that I used to feed. So I am actually going without the opiod I was wired to.

So, my second dose is at 36 hours. Then I wait a further 24 hours and have my final, third dose of methadone – again just 75mgs.

Withdrawal usually lasts about 96-120 hours – with the peak discomfort being the period from 60 to 84 hours – i.e. days 3 and 4 from last fix.

I took my first methadone dose at 12 hours, the second at 36 hours, and the third, final dose at 60 hours since my last fix. That third dose will carry me a further 24-36 hours, or, that is to say, it will cover me up to 96 hours since my last fix. That is a complete four days of withdrawal in which all the symptoms are alleviated by the methadone, yet I am, in fact, actually withdrawing.

So, it is now a week since my last fix. All I’ve done in the past week is three doses of methadone. I feel completely fine. I have no sickness, and I am, essentially, completely over my habit. Instead of a week of hell, as would normally be the case if one suddenly stopped taking morphine or heroin, I’ve had a very pleasant week.

So, if you want to stop, but don’t want years on a methadone program, let the secret be known: you simply need to get three small doses of methadone, and you can painlessly quit any heroin or morphine habit in a week.

This process should be widely known. It makes sense that methadone clinics would suppress this information. However, it is so significant, and such an easy way to kick a habit, that it should be widely known, and widely available to all junkies on demand.

We should have the right to request three modest doses of methadone from a physician in order to enable us to quit an opiod habit as quickly, and effortlessly, and easily as possible!

I first quit using this three-dose method over ten years ago. In fact, it was the way I quit way back when, before I went and got wired again, and then busted and had to cold turkey in a jail cell. After jail, I used constantly for about three years and then went of a methadone program. I followed procedure as a model best practices methadone patient. I took only methadone, never used anything else, and eventually had two weeks worth of take home doses. I stayed at a maintenance dose of 100-120 mgs daily for about two years. Then I slowly weaned from that maintenance dose down to zero over a further two year period. Never cutting my dose by more than 10% each drop, and taking a month to six weeks of stabilizing at each lower dose, before doing another drop.

I’ve found that one of the big mistakes that people do is they try to quit methadone maintenance too quickly. As a result, they end up using again because they start feeling discomfort from dropping their dose too fast. Accordingly, I was very careful to wean very slowly, and be certain I was comfortable at each dose drop before reducing further. All in all, I was on the program for about five years.

I stayed “drug-free” for about two years after getting entirely off methadone. Then, I started using a bit of heroin when visiting friends. But I was careful not too use too much for too prolonged a period of days. However, I needed so little heroin to get a good buzz that I found that one quarter-gram actually lasted way longer then I expected. And, my mistake, I ended up using it for six days in a row. Of course, I stared feeling “sick” the day after it ran out. So I got some morphine to take the edge off. And, well, it quickly lead to a full habit again. And that ended up being these past couple years of doing at least four hits each and every day, and for the past year, each hit being at least a point or 100 mgs every time.

But that run has ended like a miracle! And all it took was three small doses of methadone. I can hardly believe it myself. But its the truth. And its so easy! Every junkie should know this option for quitting. One week ago I was wired. Now I’m not. And the transformation was so simple and pain free it is completely amazing! Wow! Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last!

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International Narcotics Control Board – another U.S. dominated body that ignores evidence-based solutions
March 4, 2007, 6:04 pm
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An excellent report by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Open Society Institute finds that the International Narcotics Control Board block effictive HIV prevention among drug users.

Seems the INCB takes its drug control policing role a little too fanatically and its service-for-the-benefit-of-citizen’s well-being spits in the face of science and proven harm reduction programs when it comes to the health of drug users. Outside of Africa, some one in three HIV infections are among people who inject drugs, yet the INCB does nothing to play a role in stopping this injection-driven HIV epidemic. In fact, it tries to pressure other UN organizations to get in line with its evidence-ignoring stance in rejecting harm reduction solutions.

Obtain the Feb.2007 report, Closed to Reason: The International Narcotics Control Board and HIV/AIDS, here.