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How to kick a habit EASILY with zero discomfort!
March 26, 2007, 9:32 pm
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Just three doses of methadone will kick a long-term heroin habit!

I finally got around to deciding to kick. Of course, I avoid like the plague any idea of going cold turkey. That’s simply out of the question. The only way I’m gonna go cold turkey is if I’m busted and am locked up in a jail cell. And in fact, that is exactly how I last kicked. I spent two weeks in jail about ten years ago, and the first week I was sick as hell. In fact, I was so sick I couldn’t even get off my bunk to puke in the toilet six feet away. All I could do was lean over the side of the bunk and puke on the floor. And when they first called me for court, I said “forget it”… I was too sick to go to court, even though it was my chance to get out on bail. Nope. I just laid on the bunk, refusing to get up for court. A week later, after I had pretty much kicked, I was again called for court, and that time I got up. The judge said I would be released the following Monday with time served – i.e. 14 days for theft under $5,000. I was good and “clean” come the following Monday when I walked out the gates that morning. In classic goofy junkie style however, my ol’lady met me in the jail’s parking lot with a pre-mixed fit and I shot up in the car, right then and there.

Jump ahead a decade. I’m ten years older. A significant ten years. I’m no longer a spring chicken. My old body ain’t as resilient as it once was. I really, really, really ain’t into cold turkey.

However, after the past couple years of shooting up four to five times a day, ever god damn day, I’m ready to stop again. Just fed up with the hussle and grind. And, not insignificantly, it is becoming a real ordeal trying to hit up my ol’lady. Her veins just ain’t cooperating with the ritual. It’s taking ten minutes or more, of in and out, hit or miss, blood dripping, veins getting increasingly messed up, and lots of pain, each and every time we do a fix. That’s a good hour of hell every single day just trying to get her hits into her. That alone is a significant factor in wanting to take a break.

The good news! We were able to quit easily in one week with no difficulty . And I’m talking about a fair size habit – 400-600 mgs of morphine every day for two years solid, or about 5 points (half a gram) of heroin daily when its around.

How did we manage to quit that habit without breaking a sweat? It’s very simple – three small doses of methadone! Seriously, three doses of methadone is all that’s needed to kick an opiate habit.

This is a big kept secret. The methadone clinics don’t want people knowing how easy it is to quit with just three doses because they are in the business of keeping people maintained on methadone. They want clients coming into their clinics day in and day out for years. That’s how they make their bread and butter. They don’t want people knowing that they just need three doses. They want people believing they’ve gotta get on a program, and stay on it for years.

methadone clinic

But, the truth is, that three doses of methadone is completely sufficient to carry one through the painless withdrawal from an opiate habit. Why? Because methadone feeds different receptors that the opiod one is wired to. So, it feeds those receptors and fulfills ones opiate need, while one stops taking the morphine and/or heroin and kicks from them. Three doses covers the length of time one is withdrawing, yet is not enough to end up getting wired to the methadone in the process.

So, here’s what I did. I waited 12 hours from my last fix and I did a mere 75mg of methadone. After an hour, the methadone took effect and I felt fine. Methadone lasts up to 36 hours, and also, it builds up a bit, dose upon dose. So, I waited 24 hours, and then I took another 75mgs of methadone.

OK, at that point, its been 36 hours since my last fix. If I was going cold turkey I’d be nearing peak withdrawal which would last another 36 hours of pure hell. However, the methadone is masking or covering for those effects, while not actually feeding the same receptors that I used to feed. So I am actually going without the opiod I was wired to.

So, my second dose is at 36 hours. Then I wait a further 24 hours and have my final, third dose of methadone – again just 75mgs.

Withdrawal usually lasts about 96-120 hours – with the peak discomfort being the period from 60 to 84 hours – i.e. days 3 and 4 from last fix.

I took my first methadone dose at 12 hours, the second at 36 hours, and the third, final dose at 60 hours since my last fix. That third dose will carry me a further 24-36 hours, or, that is to say, it will cover me up to 96 hours since my last fix. That is a complete four days of withdrawal in which all the symptoms are alleviated by the methadone, yet I am, in fact, actually withdrawing.

So, it is now a week since my last fix. All I’ve done in the past week is three doses of methadone. I feel completely fine. I have no sickness, and I am, essentially, completely over my habit. Instead of a week of hell, as would normally be the case if one suddenly stopped taking morphine or heroin, I’ve had a very pleasant week.

So, if you want to stop, but don’t want years on a methadone program, let the secret be known: you simply need to get three small doses of methadone, and you can painlessly quit any heroin or morphine habit in a week.

This process should be widely known. It makes sense that methadone clinics would suppress this information. However, it is so significant, and such an easy way to kick a habit, that it should be widely known, and widely available to all junkies on demand.

We should have the right to request three modest doses of methadone from a physician in order to enable us to quit an opiod habit as quickly, and effortlessly, and easily as possible!

I first quit using this three-dose method over ten years ago. In fact, it was the way I quit way back when, before I went and got wired again, and then busted and had to cold turkey in a jail cell. After jail, I used constantly for about three years and then went of a methadone program. I followed procedure as a model best practices methadone patient. I took only methadone, never used anything else, and eventually had two weeks worth of take home doses. I stayed at a maintenance dose of 100-120 mgs daily for about two years. Then I slowly weaned from that maintenance dose down to zero over a further two year period. Never cutting my dose by more than 10% each drop, and taking a month to six weeks of stabilizing at each lower dose, before doing another drop.

I’ve found that one of the big mistakes that people do is they try to quit methadone maintenance too quickly. As a result, they end up using again because they start feeling discomfort from dropping their dose too fast. Accordingly, I was very careful to wean very slowly, and be certain I was comfortable at each dose drop before reducing further. All in all, I was on the program for about five years.

I stayed “drug-free” for about two years after getting entirely off methadone. Then, I started using a bit of heroin when visiting friends. But I was careful not too use too much for too prolonged a period of days. However, I needed so little heroin to get a good buzz that I found that one quarter-gram actually lasted way longer then I expected. And, my mistake, I ended up using it for six days in a row. Of course, I stared feeling “sick” the day after it ran out. So I got some morphine to take the edge off. And, well, it quickly lead to a full habit again. And that ended up being these past couple years of doing at least four hits each and every day, and for the past year, each hit being at least a point or 100 mgs every time.

But that run has ended like a miracle! And all it took was three small doses of methadone. I can hardly believe it myself. But its the truth. And its so easy! Every junkie should know this option for quitting. One week ago I was wired. Now I’m not. And the transformation was so simple and pain free it is completely amazing! Wow! Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last!

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I am curious about the long term success of this method. Perhaps the docs want you to be on Methadone for extended periods of time so that you can work on the personal issues that allow you to use in the first place. Each of your detoxes have worked until you returned to your life. And then you are using with friends, then using for longer runs, then using because not using makes you sick.

I am an addict (speed was my candy) and I am trying to use what I know and what I have learned to create resources that might help young people to not become addicts. The research I have done seems to say that addicts use because they don’t have the life tools to cope without using. This theory applies to me. Is this true for you too?

I am interested in your situation because your blog is the only one I have found that honestly speaks about an individual’s addiction. I find it so helpful to hear this info from the horses mouth – rather than filtered through a couple of PhDs.

Thanks so much for your blog. I look forward to reading more!

Take care! ~Hazel

Comment by Hazel


I’m the partner of the guy that made this blog. Your right that doctors want people on methadone so that they can work on their issues. We had both been on methadone programs a few times in the past. We found that we still used on the program anyways like many users do. The side effects we did not like at all. I think what he’s really saying here is that users should have a choice if they want to do a three day methadone withdrawal or a maintenance program. We done this three day thing years ago and felt great about it and glad we have done it again. It’s going to be hard work just staying away from opiates now knowing that our body is going to be craving them but we’ll do our best to make it though.

People should work on their issues while on methadone but most clinics here in Canada do not have very good councelling programs set up within. It just “Hi,how are you today” and out you go back on the street after your dose. We’ve been working on our issues for years being old timer junkies and pretty much deal with things ok except for using opiates. Mind you using the opiates have been managable as long as we can afford to have them continuously. It’s not having them continuously that causes a lot of daily upset in a users life.

I’m sure glad we have done this. Like he mentioned my vains have had it. It’s pure hell trying to get a hit into me daily let alone four or five times a day.

I’m so glad you like his blog and that you respect his truth about this way of life.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and ask questions.

Always with respect
Bloggers partner.

Comment by Bloggers Partner

Hi Hazel. Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there actually reading my stories.

Your question about the long term success of “quick” methadone withdrawal is a good one. I have no idea. I rather doubt it has actually been studied since the process itself is so rare. As I noted, methadone clinics don’t offer “quick” withdrawal. And in fact, very few addicts even know that its possible to just kick a heroin addiction with just three moderate doses of methadone. So, if there is any data regarding long term success it would likely just be the anecdotal observations of those few individuals who’ve happened to experiment themselves.

In general the rationale for long term methadone maintenance is exactly what you say. It is to provide addicts with an extended period of stabilization during which they can begin to put into place some life coping skills for a future without reliance upon drugs.

By and large, that makes sense. It certainly did for me the time that I did successfully undergo extended methadone maintenance treatment. I had been “living the life” for almost a decade prior to going on methadone. Accordingly, I really needed a long safe period (which methadone maintenance provided) during which I could recovery, contemplate, and slowly get used to living without drugs. And in fact, I did not start weaning from my methadone maintenance dose until I felt comfortable with the idea of living without drugs. During the first year of methadone maintenance I would get physically stressed out at the idea of going completely without my daily dose. I knew I was totally not ready to face life without my “blanket” of drugs. However, after a while, I no longer felt scared at the idea of being clean. Why? Because I was so stabilized on methadone that it really was like I was living without drugs.

When one does methadone according to best practices they really get out of the drug life. No longer are their days filled with drug seeking, associating with drug users, and expecting the rewards of their daily struggles which is a good fix or two. Accordingly, they have replaced that life with other things; ideally positive, interesting things which they occupy themselves with in a fulfilling manner. Once those stones are in place, then they have a good foundation upon which they can move to an entirely drug free life, and actually wean off methadone.

Most addicts need the extended transition period that methadone maintenance therapy provides since they come from years and years of daily living the drug life. I used my four years on methadone to completely change my daily life, and to put into place a number of new activities and interests in my daily life that occupied my time in constructive and meaningful ways.

But yes, I did start to use again. However, my using during the past two years did not put me back on the street. In fact, I was more or less able to live my “new life” despite the fact that I was using again. I didn’t hang out in the using scene. I merely visited a couple dealers, and that was my only connection with the scene. I didn’t involve myself in criminality because I had an income which could pretty much afford my habit.

Since I (we) have the supports in place already, and have managed to maintain them, I now have a solid life coping foundation, and therefore I think I am a good candidate for a positive outcome from the quick withdrawal method. This time I just have to physically get off the heroin/morphine. I don’t have to get off the drgus and then also find a way to gather together the stones of a good foundation.

So, as my partner points out, I do think people should have access to various options about how they want to use methadone. For some (in fact for me currently) having to go on a long extended period of methadone maintenance is itself a barrier. It is much preferable just to get off drugs as quickly as possible. But on the other hand, for many they do completely need a long extend period of years on methadone maintenance.

Because so many need many years, that is why it is very important that the clinic system is reformed to such an extent that it really facilitates the ease of undergoing years on methadone maintenance. It is important that people are able to obtain take-home doses, and not feel encumbered by the rules and regulations of a clinic. As much as possible, they should be free to embark upon their new life and pursuits and not feel tied down by the requirements of restrictive clinic policies. Because when people feel tied down by clinics they tend to want to end their methadone maintenance therapy sooner then is optimal. The regime of methadone maintenance should not be such that it causes people to leave therapy before they are actually ready. In fact, it should be so accommodating that people feel completely comfortable to extend their methadone maintenance for as long as possible, and certainly, for as long as they really require. I’ve seen far too many people just get fed up with clinic restrictions and out of frustration just drop out from therapy far too quickly. And of course, that inevitably leads back to drug using in just about every instance.

I agree with research that shows that many who use drugs do not have well-developed life tools to cope with life without using. And without a doubt a stabilized period of methadone maintenance therapy is essential for many precisely because it does provide them with an opportunity to begin putting together their life tools.

I have to add that I am not one who views the goal as a drug-free life. I believe that drugs do not innately cause people to have life coping problems. I think the problem with drugs is very much contextualized in the current social/cultural climate where drugs are criminalized, very expensive, and drug users themselves are stimatized and marginalized. I think it is just fine if people choose to want to use drugs. What I don’t like are the problems that are commonly associated with drug using. I can often function just fine when I’m using, but nonetheless, my life starts to get uncontrollable due to my drug use because of things like lack of steady access, the fact that so much money goes up my arm, and I end up being secretive with my non-using associates, family and friends. My main problem is I just can’t afford a habit. It is the monetary cost which makes my life unmanageable, not the effects of the drug itself.

Kudos to you for trying to help young people to not become addicts. Without a doubt, the life of an addict is one of hardship and suffering in society today.

Comment by JUNKe

Hi i dont have that much methadone but, I have 40 mll for 3 days Im on second day a little shaky and nervous about tomorrow but Im so Im ready to stop

Comment by christina

Hello..great blog! I have a sincere question for you. Well, first I’d like to tell you that I was small time heroin user for about seven months. When I got tired of sniffing it, and meeting horrible dealers and people, I went on methadone for a few months and was fine. Fast forward to now…I think that this time I am really in trouble. I’d love your help..ok, so this time, a “friend” turned me on to dilaudid. I quickly realized I had a habit when I would cry at the drop of a hat, my muscles ached, I felt suicidal, etc. I went back and told this person. They recommended that I use a 50 microgram patch of fentanyl, plus up to two dilaudids a day. I have been living life this for two years now, and I want to get off this rollercoaster. I want to detox, but with all of the opiates I am on, how could I get off of the stuff relatively painlessly? My friend said regular detox won’t cut it, and that I’d have to go away longer. I am in NYC, and would like to get free of this stuff in the area. Please feel free to email me. I really need help! My email address is legit and real. Thank you for your time!! -Amanda

Comment by Amanda

Haha!!! So funny I was writing an article on getting off heroin without getting sick and researching the competition. This is funny. I used 40 mg of Methadone for 7 days and got off heroin with total EASE!!!! Classic. Yes, the longer on Methadone the harder it is to get off. 3 days is a great way to stop withdrawal. Though 3 days does nothing to stop the cravings from coming back, which is why most people stay on methadone long-term.

Comment by matt

Last shot of heroin was 9 hours ago i have 10 (10mg)methadone pills, how should i dose myself to kick heroin

Comment by marcey gromling

Need advice on kicking, I have about 20 10 mg methadone’s how should I work this

Comment by billy bee

wow thank you i did not know that. i was just searching for a way to get out of the mess im in as painlessly as possible. ive been hiding my relapse for 3 yrs or so now and have 2 kids that i care for alone. im sick of having to save a smoke for morn before the school run then do the day and find spaces between baby naps and school concerts homework sports day etc to use to feel normal. or worse suffer and sweat in silence due to incompetent dealers who let me down as i can pick up it has to be delivered or the choice of something the kids need over something i caused myself to need, me coming second as much as possible which is hard.so anyway i cant ask for help because no one will give it and those who could will just refuse and throw my stupidity in my face. i cant go to a clinc because i have next to no money and the free ones are restictive, condecending and the threat of losing my children looms over me as they claim not to invole social services but always do and im sick of my home being invaded children questioned behind my back the after jumping through hoops and biting my toungue getting my case dropped. the last time they saw me they said see how great thing are now your not on drugs but i was the whole time and all i want is to phyiscally stop so that i can free myself of the daily grind. i have a lot of options on how i will maintain sobriety afterwards but firstly i need to stop. my main issue was how to do so without affecting my childrens routeen and now after hearing the 3 day meth option im in awe. that sounds too good to be true. i was on meth programs before the kids but never stuck them out as i used on top and also the restictions etc. so i always went bk to herion. tried to quit my meth prior to my kids and it was 2 months of different levels of pain and sensitivity. that ive always voided meth like the plague as a real detox option. now with this new information i feel enlightened and hopefulididnt realize that it worked like that so im going to try get hold of some and pace out an amout for 3 days and see if it works for me the way its worked for you. so thank you im most grateful that you shared this withme you may just save 3 lives from a path im tring desperately to avoid.with love to you both foer this i wish you both the best for your future together.

Comment by mish

everyone talks about coming off methadone bad withdrawls yes evidently these people been using methadone a long time. I found that being physicaly addicted to methadone takes a lot longer than herion. for me a 3day run on h and I got a bad chippy for me methodone took about 14 days and I couldn’t sleep for 10 dayschippy being nose running no sleep yawning and the worst for me diahrea” to come off heroin with methadone without being on the program forever.(I was on for 11 yrs) depending on your weight and amount of usage per day 30 mg is the hospital standard start. next day 20 mg 3rd day 10mg 4th 10mg 5th your off if you truly want to stop. but that’s the beginning you have to change drug friends you have to make athing of the past change people places and hardest of all if its your family you have to stay away a while to until you change your mindset.i was shooting dope about 35 yrs I am truly blessed im still breathing shooting even on the program they had me on 190 mg cause iwas dirty with urines so they increase your dose. atleast that’s the way they did it in the 1990s in n.y. 40 mg they say is a blocking dose in other words if you take 40mg and shoot a bag technicaly you shoulnt feel it everones a little different weight etc.
I took 60mg for 3 days and I was off 9yrs now. I was truly tired of waking up chasing the next high with a spike in my arm worrying were im going to get my next fix. if I didn’t have a wake up my day was screwed until I did.after awhile the habbit grows uspend every waking moment and effort to get that high. you exhaust all your funds and your family goes on the back burner’ finaly I cried out to jesus cause I felt worthless I had no reason to live who the heck wants apiece of crap like me. all lies of the devil my chains are broken the bondage I was in ive escaped all thanks to god for me. god bless and I know you can stop the strongholds of satan you can beat your demons of addiction I know if ican you can your strong. the other lie once an addict always an addict another lie I am not an addict tday nor am igonna be tomorrow. god bless petee. if the devil made a better high than heroin he kept it for himself. god took the taste of heroin out of my mouth. be strong in him and I promise hell be strong in you.

Comment by pete zito

Im using this method currently with my first dose of methadone being today at about 60-70mg. I got my hands on 180 and split it up into 3 doses. I really hope this works because like you said im just sick of the daily grind, also don’t want to lose the good things I have going on my life to drugs, I’ve already lost enough! Thanks for this article though, made me feel very hopeful

Comment by TigerJax

I desperately need help.. 20 yrs on meth and cocaine…im53 and sooo tired

Comment by Debbie

trying this method as well, been using for about a year every day splitting a .5 or tar with my GF and smoking it. I got us about 38mg of methadone and out 1st dose was 2am last night of ten MG and I still feel fine. Going to try to go down to about 8mg for the 2nd dose today around 2PM, God I hopw this works! I am also using a bit of speed to hopfully keep the mental stuff at bay as well as keep me awake and doing stuff to keep my mind of it. Plus once its time to sleep ill be super exhausted making the insomnia non existent. Thank you very much for sharing your secret and I only hope it works as well for myself. Cheers!

Comment by Lowlos

I have been using heroin among other opiates for over 10 years now. I did the whole methadone thing for about a year and then I went to prison and had to withdraw from methadone,as well as a Habit of about a half gram of China white every day, from jail. I was sick for a little over a month and about half of that I was so sick I was throwing up and shitting myself. That did it for methadone foe me after that. I got out of prison and was back and forth between being clean and being a vicious junkie for the next 6 years. I stayed clean for about a year and a half until my dad died in Aug 2014, and for the last year I’ve been hitting it hard, I got up to doing 0.3 of a gram in a shot doing 4 shots a day. I just got clean again about a month ago, I never have used methadone again, all the times I did get clean after prison I would use either subutek of suboxone and then I would only do it for 3 days, one a day. Well this time was different, and so much better than anything I’ve tried before. I only ended up using a single subutek 8 mil pill (the ones without the naloxon ). I would wait at least 24 hrs since my last hit before I did any and then I would break off a quarter of the pill and crush it up and snort it. Well for me one of the worst parts of withdrawal is the extreme anxiety I get. So I got a bunch of 2 milligram xanax bars and started taking them during my first 24 hrs, I ended up taking about 5 of them the first day, spaced out of course. And before I knew it it had already been over 37 hrs since my last hit and I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t done any subutek. I did the whole snort a quarter of it and ended taking like 4 or 5 xanax the second day, the third day I only had 2 bars left and I took those along with doing some more of the sub. On the 4th day I did the last of the subutek which wasn’t much. And that was the last I did anything besides smoke weed which I do everyday. The whole time I did not feel the least bit bad and I really attribute this to the xanax. It was by far the easiest way that I have detoxed ever. I know mixing xanax with anything is not a good idea especially opiates. So I don’t recommend doing that. And if you do be super careful and only do small amounts of the subutek. Also I had a very large habit, so only do what you know you can handle with the xanax. And weed helps more than you would realize especially dabs if you plan on detoxing and can get dabs I suggest getting a few grams to keep you company why you do the deal. Hope this might help someone. Please be careful if you do it how I did though, pharmaceuticals are scary as fuck

Comment by Brian Clark

I was thinking the exact same thing. I was going to use methedone 4 to 5 days to get the worst of the heroin withdrawals out the way, then if I felt a bit sick or discomfort take a half a suboxin and I was thinking then I would be fine. Does that sound right?

Comment by Jared

Its me again Jared. I live in Chicago and have a big habit myself. I do 7 to 12 bahs of very good blow. I just got on the methedone program here. They start me off with 30mg and raise u 10mg everyday. I never had done methedone causrbi only heard bad things about it. BUT I was thinking if for 5 days I ONLY did the methedone and no dope that the dope would be out my system and I would be out of the withdrawel effects of the heroin and stop taking the methedone too. Maybe I would still have a hstd time sleeping though, so I should get like 3-5 yellow xanex bars to help with that. What do u guys think???? Anybody here from Chicago?

Comment by Jared

i was sober 20 years i kicked cold in prison when i was 19 i had a heart attack and ended up in prison hospitol i finally got on a clinic stayed on HMI methadone clinic for 23 years it worked wonders then i detoxed off, annnd met a guy ,, and here i am strung out again at 51 yrs old,i was a modeland i need to get my life back i refuse to go back to the clinic so im gonna try this 3 day detox, my queary is will i have to detox off of the done after im done kicking the deiasl ? i am so afraid of getting found out by my family i have plenty of done and xanex im just afraid of the kick i may get from done arent they both opiods ? please answer back i will need help im all alone and any support would be fabulous

Comment by sick of being sick

You think people would report back if this 3 dose system works. I mean the first story claims it work but it would be nice to here if it works on more then one person as everyone’s different. I’ve kicked cold turkey oxy 800mgs a day for 3 years. It was the week from hell and thought I would never go back to opiates because of it. Moved cross country with my family as I wanted my three kids to be around more family and ran into an old friend. Asked if I wanted to try H. Well I thought I had the power to do it just once. Damn three months now and I’m scared to the point even after a point shot I still get anxiety thinking I’m going to have to quit. I blew 8 Grand line of credit and enough a enough. I’m going to start going to meetings with my uncle. I just can’t let my wife and kids see me sick, it would crush me for them to know. I’d rather jump so they collect the life insurance. Now I’d never die that because my family needs me and that why I have to do this. I’m currently trying to stock up on MD. I currently have 60mg liquid, I’m tapering off the H till I get the sweats and push it to a .5/.7 a day. I can get the methdone from a friend I just have to drive her H and she won’t take her dose for the day. I don’t wanna be like that, everyone I know on methadone which is a hand full of people all use heavy on it. I have a plan and I want this to work. I wanna know if this work for others please let me know. I will definitely keep my daily post coming.

Comment by Plumbboss

I’m curious to know if after the md I’m going to be sick from that? I have locked down 3x25mgs of md and will see if 25 is enough for my tolerance. I would really like to hear back from TigerJax and Jared. I know it’s early.

Comment by Plumbboss

Hi guys…. Has the 3 doeses of methadone worked for anyone else on here 😇😇

Comment by Leane

Hi guys…. Has the 3 doeses of methadone worked for anyone else on here 😇😇 I’m desperate to stop my heroin use , I was on methadone for 9 years using on top daily , anyway my mum passed away a year later my step dad died , I’d had enough of my life style and so I locked myself in my house and stopped all drug use stopped the methadone @20 mil …. I thought I was gonna die for 3 months I was sooooooo bloody sick, no sleep no appetite anxiety from hell ect ect , I kept clean for a year and a half , now I’m back to using heroin again and just want off , please please please if this method has worked for you please let me know as I’m terrified to fail ……. Thanks 😇😇😇

Comment by Leane

He is totally right….evil meth clinics…don’t be stupider….remember 72 ours and the heroin is out of your body…so what methadone does cover the pain..just use the methadone the nex 72 ours and you see the heroin is out of your body ..and you are not adivtes to the methadone…because methadone does not adic so fast …even after 72 ours to in the nex 3 days less and less methadone and you see it was the best experience in your life how easy it is to stop heroin…my regards to all junkie boys to it bestupided just 3 / 4 methadone and you are free from heroin….

Comment by shain

I’ve been on heroin for 15 years. I’ve been to prison twice. I’ve been on methadone 6 times. Gave birth to a baby on it. When your strung out you don’t have your monthly period. So I was pregnant and didn’t even know until I was like 5 months along. And that far along you just can’t stop or the baby will die from withdrawal. Anyhow I don’t have a vein left in my body. I have to skin pop it. Every thing you just said about it being that easy isn’t true. It takes45 days to get a methadone habbit. And coming of methadone is hell. I don’t care how you wen down. Every body is different so what works for you might not work for everyone.I’m very happy your clean. But you shouldn’t tell people that will work for them for sure.

Comment by me

I need help asap ! I want to stop using . i goto the methadone clinic i am on 160milg. Of methadone and because of having dirty urins they are detoxing me today is sunday tmro is monday when the taper starts idk how fast they will drop me i will find out tmro. But i want to just stop everything using and methadone. Can you please explain to me what i have to do becuase im a little confused in my situation on what ot how to doit because of i am on methadonw but am staring to be discharged and taperd off . what to do ? Do i wait untill i am completly discharged to start this idk what to do please help. Feel free to personaly email me . nathan012212@gmail.com

Comment by Amber

How does one kick a methadone habit with minimal discomfort? Will a quarter-ml taper do it?

Comment by tguven

I wonder if that works in reverse

Comment by lewisrobertforsythe

I have tried to give up a heroin habit where I was using an eighth a day some days a bit more or less . I am on my 4th day and have ended up taking 20mls of methadone as I was throwing up and really I’ll. Although I am gutted I’ve used methodaone again , I have tapered as I used 60mls yesterday ; 75 the day before and the first day I probably used nearer to 100mls but not sure as I tried twice to take methodaone and just kept throwing it back up. I am desperate to get clean and in the past I have done many detoxes without anything as I’ve always believed what you put in your body has to come out and substituting one drug for another is not getting clean but this time I just don’t have the same strength and willpower I have had in the past. For the past couple of years I have completely opted out of living and became bedridden with depression and a habit. Although I want to be as active and healthy as I was before I am terrified of having to start going out and mixing with people again. I have 2 children 19 year old and 13 year old for them

Comment by Sharon Dorethy

This method could work for some but not for others. It’s all on you,say it works can you stay away from opiates ? Getting off isn’t always the hard part it’s staying off that’s the hardest thing to achieve. So a quick fix solution like this one wouldn’t work for me. Reading these stories there’s one common dominator. We’ve all gone back to opiates. At the moment I’m on a long term methadone program,which keeps me moderately stable. Once I am stable I’ll be looking to cut down then eventually come off methadone completely. ( been on methadone 15 years and every time I’ve been stable,I’ve relapsed longest I’ve been clean just with Meth is 18 months)

Comment by Daz

Wow, I wish I’s read this before spending the past 4 years of my life on Methadone. I finally got kicked from the clinic for positive marijuana screens, and have been using morphine to maintain for about 6 months. I’m at about 400 mg a day and am looking to detox. My plan had been this “warm detox” I’ve read about online which involves using several medications like Xanax, tramadol, clonodine, melatonin, and some others including a few herbal supplements, to manage the symptoms. I have an Dr. Appt next week to discuss this and request all the meds except the Xanax (will get on the street, as I’m sure she wouldn’t feel comfortable giving it to me). I now have a lot to think about. I certainly still have a street connection for Methadone, which would made this method possible, and it seems more practical. Thank you for the information, I am strongly considering taking this course for my detox and am grateful to have stumbled upon this post. I will update with my experience should I choose to take this approach.

Comment by Jennifer

Yes this method works, the issue for myself as with many of us is long term sobriety. I had a 300+ mg oxycodone habit for the past couple of years. I have cold turkey a couple of times, fucking can’t even imagine doing that again. That being said, I have used Suboxone, Subutex, and methadone essentially in the same manner. The goal here is to wait as long as possible to start taking any of these after your last dose. Obviously with Subs you typically want to wait about 24hrs anyways, with methadone not as necessary, but I still feel like the easiest withdrawals have happened when I’ve been roughly 36hrs before starting. I know this first 36hrs really sucks, but then it’s downhill from there so I try to time this correctly as to sleep natuarlly as much as possible during the first day. Once starting take a little as possible, whatever the minimum amount to make you comfortable is. I like to take the same amount for the first 4 days, which now puts me into day 5/6 since last use and then ween down hard and fast off of whatever detox med I’m using. So maybe another four days total of taking something, but cutting doses everyday. Now you’re 9/10 days since using and any of those meds will stay in your system for a couple of days. By day 3 of taking nothing you may or may not be feeling a little bit of withdrawals. They will be very very minimal, somewhat coming and going for the next few days, but you will be feeling great at this point so it’s hardly noticeable. This is where the mental cravings come in and you may still be having some sleep issues. I only take Xanax to sleep so I keep these around during withdrawal. I might need them during the acute phase, I might not. Typically though once I’m off of everything I have trouble sleeping for a few weeks so I’ll use the Xanax as needed. You may also want to keep Immodium around, if you’re not familiar with this for withdrawal look it up. I’ve found that after I’m done with the acute phase I may still have a few stomach issues here and there as well, but the Immodium also seems to help me with the mental cravings on days that I can’t get it off my mind. Best of luck to whomever reads this, I’m about to start this method over tomorrow, however it’s so much easier now as over the past 6 months I’ve been doing much better, using about as many days as not. Going through the process sucks, but I’m telling you this makes it totally manageable.

Comment by B. C.

Sounds right to me

Comment by Terri

Yes, I know this method works from experience. My ex who introduced me to heroine told me about this method we both used it to kick a couple times of course we always ended up using again because staying clean is the hard part. It really is amazing almost like a miracle how this works. You really think more people should know about it. My current boyfriend and I are actually going to start this first thing in the morning . He is skeptical of it to, of course stands to reason. I was to when I first heard of it. It really does sound to good to be true. We the people need to find a way to get this secret out there to the users in search of a way to comfortably kick heroine with little to no discomfort.

Comment by jwowpatterson

Thank you so much I’m only at stage one but I’m. Comfortable and praise God I am doing the right thing ! So I geek everything is in my corner ! Ty to you and , God and my willpower! I want it that bad! Ty again! This is life changing !

Comment by Shannon r Morang

Please feel free to contact me via email so we can share stories and maybe through support and encouragement we can help each other and others just like us fighting the same battle. j.wow.patterson@gmail.com thank you and God bless. And congratulations on your new life’s journey may we all rid ourselves of this dark black empty control this black demon has had on our lives.

Comment by jwowpatterson

Really I am completely surprised to see a blog site ran by and written by a user, and thank god for this…. I am so tired of the stigma, the guilt and shame that’s thrust upon those who choose or do not choose to… But have to use to self medicate because of things beyond their control… Like in my instance , I was born to two extremely screwed up parents that gave me almost nothing a child needs to grow and thrive successfully. I do not have the coping skills to be sober through life’s ups and downs yet… It makes me wonder about before I started using around 17…. I was always sober before that… Did I have any coping abilities then? Man if you keep writing I would love to keep reading …. And thank you very much

Comment by Donna

This seems impossible, I have 200mls lined up and shall begin in the morning. I was avoiding cold turkey because I didnt want to shit on my bosses so you have potentially given me a large portion of my life. I will spread the word. And i will also let you know how it goes

Comment by jaypea


I hate to be the person to burst everyone’s bubble however, this will not work. At the very best it would give you a placebo effect (that can actually be EXTREMELY POWERFUL, 95%+ of withdrawal symptoms are exaggerated because of the fear you have built up in your mind, not to say that they are horrible. They defiantly are.) though this will not work with methadone, this idea will work with subutex or suboxone. The reason it will not work with methadone is because it, like heroin or morphine or 95% of the other opiates out there, it is an opiate agonist. Methadone is also a opiate agonist. The only difference is that it is 100% synthetic. It binds to the SAME opiate receptors in your brain, the , alpha and to a lesser extent kappa. It’s been a couple years since pharmacology class. That’s right I was in medical school, while also being a full time addict. It got to the point where despite making the grades with ease(I honestly give credit to the heroin for the help with that, I couldn’t study worth a damn before opiates) I had to pull myself out because I could not afford it anymore. Between that and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (which may have not been found if I wasn’t shooting up, as I would get an absurd number of abcesses, no one could figure out why for the longest time.) I had to stop one semester prior to graduating. Since then I have done this same thing (replace methadone with suboxone) many times. It makes things easy. It almost makes them too easy because you know that if you get hooked again all it takes is 3 days on subs.

Anyways, sorry for the personal part of that rant. I just thought I would save people a lot of hassle. The only thing methadone is going to do iscmake the withdrawal last longer but not be as intense. But with only 3 days it hasn’t had time to build up in your system and at the dose the OP is talking about it would be just as bad if not worse then heroin withdrawal. Everyone should count themselves as lucky that they aren’t withdrawing from fentanyl, or krokadile. Heroin withdrawal is tuff. I cannot say that it is something everyone can do. I have failed before. However, if you are mentally prepared and you have a good support system set in place and quitting is ACTUALLY WHAT YOU WANT, you will be able to do it no sweat. (Actually you’ll probably sweat, 😜) good luck everyone. Be safe. I am not a doctor, I recommend you seek the advise of one of those judgmental assholes before doing anything. Remember, I didn’t learn anything in med school that you cannot learn on the internet. So do your own research.

Comment by Chris

I’m not sure how old this post is, but, first of all it sounds more like you were onekicking a morphine habit than a heroin habit. There’s a HUGE difference right there. Just like there’s a HUGE difference between a heroin habit and a methadone habit, and an even bigger difference difference between a methadone habit and a suboxone habit. I was on heroin for 5-6 years when I had an accident, got put on a morphine drip, 2 mg, every 6 min plus one dilauded every three hrs. This did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for my pain or withdrawals. Now, I had been doing up to 3grams a day or a little more, up to that point. I got ona list to get into a medicated detox program after the hospital, it took a few months untill they had an opening for me. But, when they did, I took it, and was in acute detox for 8 days. Then got sent across state to a rehab, which in turn, sent me to a E.R. after 2 days, cause I wasn’t done detoxing after all!! The Dr. at the hospital shot me up with clonidine and gave me 80 capsules of vistril to go. Go back to rehab for 90 days. Well, that was a little more than 20 years ago. I’m currently coming off an 8 an a half year methadone “program”, on my own. Much worse than the previous experience, or any cold turkey heroin kick I ever done. I’m over 7 weeks in and have turned to one Norco 10, two times daily, to help. And I’m still ready to rip my own skin off, and having the runs. So, whatever my point was going to be, if forgotten now. But I do remember how much FUCKING METHADONE SUCKS!!! And I doubt I’m ever going to be able to forget it.

Comment by JP Shot

I’m so happy I found this. I’ve been saying that this is doable for a couple of years now and people look at me like I’m crazy. I believe in the same logic you mention, that the methadone allows you to kick the heroin, pain-free but 3 days isn’t long enough to get hooked on methadone. I stumbled upon this a couple of years ago when I had a habit and was supposed to turn myself into jail. I took methadone for a couple of days and turned myself in and miraculously didn’t go through a hard kick. After thinking about it, it made perfect sense. Sadly, I’ve been strung out the last couple of years but I am excited to say that I am starting the 3 day methadone detox today. I have looked for any info online about this and I have had a hard time finding it. It was so good to read this and see that I’m not crazy and that this DOES work for others. Thanks for writing this.

Comment by P3

I love this! Sooooo true. It makes perfect sense. My only warning would not be to take the methadone at higher or for any longer than 3 days, because I tried quitting a two week 100mg a day methadone run and my withdrawal symptoms didn’t even peak until day 7 and 8, so a longer (though not as severe) withdrawal period comes with methadone. Great info. Thanks.

Comment by A B

WITHDRAWAL IS NOT A SYMPTOM OF THE MIND. THAT’S JUST STUPID. Stupid assholes who know nothing about opiate addiction come on here saying its “95%” exaggerated by the mind. I’d love to know where you found that obviously accurate number. Please, quote your source! Prick.

Comment by Allison

I hear your point, however, you say it’s only been 2 days since your last dose of methadone. Leaving you at extreme risk for post acute withdrawal starting in , I’d say the next 2-3 days. Which, and I don’t want to be the barer of bad news, but will be even worse than cold turkey from the heroin itself. Your best bet would have been to start at 40 going down 5 mg each day until you’ve reached 0. Accompanied by a number of comfort meds. You’ll need something for your stomach.(pepto,tums) anxiety. (Xanax works best, but any benzo will be sufficient) and lastly sleep, as much as the benzo will help, it’s not going to help you sleep through the night. It also won’t hurt if you have benadryl, runny nose, watery eyes, the really annoying stuff. And gabapentin, neurontin works wonders. With that cocktail, the only thing taking you back out is you.

Comment by Noah

Also, I forgot to tell you what to use for sleep!! Obviously, taking something with a benzo in it would be extremely dangerous because your already taking Xanax! I personally used risterol, you could also use trazadone, ambian, even zquil. Anything without benzos strong enough to help you get a good nigh sleep. We all know that’s one of the worst parts of the withdrawal. Good luck!!! Keep us posted

Comment by Noah

Definitely agree that methadone is usually (!) more effective as a short term treatment, and it makes sense. Heroin withdrawal last 5-7ish days, so u take enough to cover those 5-7 days, then quickly taper the meth off before you get a meth habit. And because methadone lasts longer, the effects will wear off much more gradually than with Heroin. Not saying it’ll work for everyone, this sort of plan is probably most effective for people who haven’t been using a very long time, because there won’t be as much psychological cravings once everything is out your system, first time I stopped using I very quickly became disgusted by the idea of using again, I had more of an aversion to it than I did before I first tried it, and that helped me stay away from it. After using for a few years though it was a very different situation, obtaining and using Heroin had become my life and not taking it meant my life had no meaning, nothing I could think of doing, getting a job, getting healthy, making normal friends, had any appeal to me, even if I thought I could succeed, it was like I was already dead. In a situation like that being clean is just an opportunity to get nice and high cause your tolerance is down, and of course the risk of overdose is very high too. If you manage to get clean and you’re feeling depressed I think best thing to do is get on naltrexone asap, go to the clinic and don’t take no or we’ll see you in two weeks as an answer, tell them your clean and not on any medication, and if you don’t get put on a prescription you’ll probably score before the day is over and probably end up overdosing. Once you get that sorted at least you won’t be able to use, at least as long as you keep taking your script. Then comes the hard part which is figuring out what to do with your life. That’s as far as I ever got so can’t say much except what your drug worker will tell you, find something to do, make yourself do stuff, work on restoring your health, probably best to stay away from users, though there are places where you get successfully recovered addicts who offer help, guidance, support, friendship etc.
To sum up, don’t let your drug clinic get you addicted to another drug, if 40 ml hasn’t helped you quit, 50ml won’t make any difference, except you’ll be taking more drugs, going up past 60ml supposedly doesn’t even make a difference yet drug clinics will keep advising you to take more, even up to 120 ml, if it’s not for profit then I don’t know why they’re doing it, not to say that your drug worker doesn’t want to help you, they’re just following the government guidelines, which were written by someone who has something to gain from it, you should know about what you take yourself

Comment by Dedsi de

I know this. Blog is really old but is this method for sure about the physical part of kicking heroin because i tried this and i ebded up getti g pretty sick on the 6th day??

Comment by Vago

I was very happy to read your story and your success and I agree methadone should be made available as a detox method instead of a maintenance med. I too did exactly what you did and had the exact painless results. I have since relapsed because in addition to being able to kick you have also GOT to deal with the psychological aspect of the addiction as well and I did not!! I unbelievably made the mistake of using this method to kick about 45-50 times over the course of a year (like every payday I would buy enough meth to kick) and ultimately I substituted one addiction for another. I am now actively going to a methadone clinic daily but have weaned myself down to 18mg and will continue to lower to ZERO and leave the program, hopefully with a bit more success. However back to the methadone to kick method- it is extremely effective and you WILL NOT experience any withdrawals as long as you are taking enough methadone to suffice your opiate addiction. I used this method back in 2004 and stayed clean for 2 years when I went back to using it didn’t take long for the junkie behaviors to manifest and as with most addicts I was doing shit to land in jail. I had been to jail before a few times and always had to spend those first 4-5 days puking on myself sweating not showering stinking like a nasty belly button and mustering up the energy to get up only to piss n shit, I didn’t eat or drink ANYTHING for 4 days and finally on day 5 my malnourished body and brain had endured the majority of an opiate withdrawal and was finally showing signs of needing rejuvenation with a growling stomach and a faint desire for water or any hydrating fluids. I too was much older this last go round and couldn’t even begin to imagine going to jail and kicking for a 5th time. I also had the luxury of knowing I could potentially get jail time so I was able to prepare myself before I went to court and ultimately to jail. I found someone that received take home bottles of methadone his dose was 105 mg so each Thursday morning he would arrive at his clinic and drink his 105mg dose while there and then receive 6 bottles at 105mg to take each remaining day of the week. Well my friend had slowly lowered his dose at home and had gotten down to where he only drank half of his bottle each day which left him with 3 bottles each week to sell. The going rate in my area is about $0.50 per mg so for example a 100mg bottle usually would sell for 50$. I bought 2 of these 105mg bottle so I had 210mg of meth to sneak into the jail with me. I actually used 3 condoms, I poured all the liquid into the 1st condom and tied it good and slid that into another condom and double tied this one I also did check for leaks after closing each one and finally put everything in a 3rd condom and since I’m a girl I slid all of that right up inside me and it was too small to be gripped by the muscles in my vagina walls so really no risk of it flying out when I had to squat & cough. All in all it was a success again and aside from 1-2 days of not having tons of energy I was never in any discomfort for this last jail visit.
I just can’t understand why if there is a painless effective way to rid people of their habit why it’s not used more. It is literally one of the hardest prescriptions to get and it’s even difficult for an MD to get certified to be able to prescribe it to patients. It isn’t used in any of your 30-60-90 day rehabs as a detox method but only as a maintenance medication so you enter rehab on one drug and you leave there thinking you are clean and everyone celebrating as if you are clean however you are still committed to a drug it’s just a legal one but every single drug addict characteristic will show its ugly face if you miss a day at the clinic or miss your dose. I personally feel that it actually enables the addiction and the addict hence you have to come up with $$ everyday to score your methadone at the clinic and everyday you have to get up and start your day trying to figure out how to fit scoring your methadone into your days schedule. Anyhow going every single day to a clinic is not helping to break the cycle of scoring daily in addition you are guaranteed to be surrounded by junkies and trust me more than half the people at the clinic still use – matter of fact 2 weeks ago a guy overdosed in the parking lot. He had given his friend a ride to the clinic and while that guy was inside dosing he sat outside doing his dope and overdosed. My point through this novel I have typed out is any and every single person who has a heroin, oxy, roxy, Percocet, Vicodin, morphine, dalaudid and many more opiate addiction can easily use this 3 step process and kick their habit and never miss a beat or a day of work. The absolute worst side effect would be excessive sweating but not the cold sweats associated with withdrawals because there is no discomfort while detoxing like this but I personally seem to sweat like a really hairy overweight man working in a subterranean mine in Africa. It’s an acceptable side effect considering we all know the alternative. I highly recommend everyone to go this route and make sure you are in the right place mentally I messed up cuz I kept buying meth and taking for 2-3 days then using the next 3-4 days and then starting back again with 2-3 days of meth it was a ridiculous cycle and it happened because I wasn’t mentally ready to quit. My mom once said that when I’m ready to stop I should have to experience the withdrawals so I have something to reminisce on each time I want to use again, but we all know that plays little to no role in our reservations to use in the future. I also would like to give a generic idea so ppl who read this know how much methadone they should take I see it like this; if you started at a methadone clinic they will start you around 30mg on day one and they encourage you to use as they raise the dose each day until you are no longer feeling the dope you are still using at their indirect suggesting so I think to kick you should anticipate taking at least 60-70 mgs on day one and if you have had good money flow and able to use at your leisure you may need up to 120mgs on day one but whatever dose you do decide to take I would wait at least 2 hours and try to eat something before deciding to take more on top of that first dose. I have always done about 75-80 on days 1&2 and sometimes I would split the last dose into 2 and take approximately 35-40mgs on days 3&4. Either way you will be in for a treat as you rid your body of the addiction you love to hate and all the while you feel good and can sleep (as much as you’d like really) and never miss a beat. I highly recommend this method and no one is going to have a clue of the transformation taking place. Unfortunately you will find very little aside from testimonials like this about this effective method -I actually figured it out on my own as an experiment and didn’t know what would happen after 4 days of taking methadone so I felt quite relieved and enlightened after my first kick with methadone and I am happy to spread the word and endorse this method all day long. Best of luck to you all.

Comment by Jaime

Goodfor you. Heroin ruined my family. My hisbands a full blown addict and we have 3 children, I tried to find plenty of ways to get him off but he is finally locked up and I believe this is the only way he will get clean. I was always waiting for the call for him to be dead. I have been sober nineyears myself. After being on methadone for 5 years it was the worst day of detox I have ever been through and I still have recurring Paws after that time to time to pop up. That was five years that time in 3 years before. That is a cash bond market and although you feel better, it is a bear to get off the worst worst worst attacks you over to go through. I worry about my husband detoxing cold turkey in jail but less about him dying on the streets of Detroit is using all kinds of things including a elephant tranquilizers with fentanyl in the h now. I just thank God that he wants to do and it’s going to be alive. He also apparently used morphineto detox off of methadone which helped the first time. He had a job etcetera etcetera. Then he went back to the hand all went downhill. I was able to get clean and after six years and blowing on his Vans, 4 od, 2 Strokes. And a heart attack before the age of 35 I hope this works. Do not jump on the methadone train but I also have a good support system good luck to you all

Comment by Kangel

So funny well not funny but back when I was using this was standard procedure where I’m from. This was before suboxone was around. I’m from Massachusetts detoxes would give you 20,15,10,10, 5 then two days on nothing plus comfort meds. Yes for a week after no sleep and achy but to be expected. Suboxone never worked for me so this is only way I know. Always shocks me people are surprised by this. It’s definitely doable and I’ve been on maintenance as well. Two different things. Using Methadone to detox for 4, 5 days is not the same as detoxing off it after being on it years. Only way I’ve ever done it and been clean 11 years. Just need to work at it like you would any other detox. I hate suboxone by the time I can take it worse part of detox would be over with its crazy. Plus I thought long term use of suboxone mentally was worse to come off than methadons. Depression crushing. Good luck everyone.

Comment by Jane

great posts everyone; tyvvm. what’s disconcerting, however, is the number of people who said they would give it a go, but never came back to report success or failure……would really appreciate some feedback from the horses’ mouths, so to spk

Comment by davidgm1000

Thanks for your post it was just what I was looking for. I was gonna use subs but I can’t be sick to jump from dope to subs. I been using 8 months now n started meth at 30mg today how would you taper from going to the clinic? I don’t have any take home bottles yet untill Sunday but I can ask to drop me 5mg at the window let me know how you would do it Im trying to get the least amount of sickness as possible and I’m trying to do it quick. I have subs and kratom to help out . Let me know thanks

Comment by Jon

hey jon, with ref to my post (the one just before yours) would you do meus a favor and return to this site and give us an update on whether you were successful and what method you used. I am keeping an eye on this page and wish you the best of luck mate; I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts n prayers; all the best- cheers from across the pond 🙂

Comment by davidgm1000

been in the clinic 18months i was pretty much clean went from 160 to 80, 80 to 55 and down 2mg a day after that but I’ve been using a 20 of heroin a day for almost 4weeks now & going to the clinic every now and then… I used today and woke up not bad at all and didn’t take methadone for 3 days… Tomorrow i have court and might go to jail i used 20 of dope today & took 25mg of methadone tomorrow before court ill hopefully be at 30 or 35mg of methadone & no dope…. How bad do you think i will kick if i even kick at all? If i do kick when do you think i will Start kicking?

Comment by Ashley Lonczynski

Ty for the info I just got on methadone but am scared to death of it or being on it for to long I’m on day four only had a total of 180 Mg’s of methadone I did however use a couple times as I was still withdrawaling, I don’t want to stay on it but didn’t know if I’d withdrawal from either I read your post and am hoping have the same experience u are so right they should make it that easy!

Comment by Jersey

Is there a way I can talk with you

Comment by Keelan

I’m so happy for you and to hear your story, it sounds like me. I am currently trying to kick heroin, I do about a bundle a day and can’t afford it anymore.. The suboxone make me deathly I’ll every time I try taking them to kick, so I got 2 doses of methadone from people who got take homes, that’s all I could afford. I am praying that it works I figured I would take the first dose 12 hours after my last use of heroin and then wait u til I can’t take the sickness anymore and take the second dose because that’s all I have. Wish me luck because I don’t know what else to do if this doesn’t work. I am out of options and I have no insurance and no ID so rehabs are out for me as well.

Comment by Amanda Lake

best of luck amanda; i wish you all the best! wdnt it be super fab if you can kick off the new year by kicking this monkey off yr back? please come back and let us know how it works out for you ~either way- as that could be of great help to others; will be keeping u in my thoughts n prayers; cheers

Comment by davidgm1000

Hello I was curious about the three dose method I have been using heroin for 5 years and I’m on the methadone maintenance program right now on 70 milligrams can you please tell me exactly how the three doses of methadone can work because I do not want to be on methadone for years thank you and God bless you

Comment by Julio

It does work. The person saying it doesn’t has no clue what they are talking about. I’ve done a taper over a almost two weeks and it lessens severity of withdrawal substantially. You just need to use the minimum methadone to keep you well while you detox from heroin. And when you quit the methadone you only partially withdraw from the shared receptor sites because the heroin is detoxed.

day 1 30mg
day 2 30mg
day 3 25mg
day 4 skip
day 5 20mg
day 6 15mg
day 7 skip
day 8 10mg
day 9 skip
day 10 5mg
day 11 skip
day 12 2.5mg

That should get anyone off all but the heaviest habit with minimal sickness. You’ll probably have poor sleep for another couple weeks but that’s it.

Good luck to anyone trying this. Have faith, it does work.

Comment by hazeleyes99

You are terrible for posting this I mean really really terrible. This isn’t true that doesn’t work it sure isn’t a well kept secret either u probably got a bunch of addicts to try to detox this way and they most likely all went out and bought three doses methadone on the street wasted their money to only end up returning to a slower longer withdrawal that u get fro methadone and then once the last of the junkie juice is out of your system (mdone builds up in the system over time due to its extremely long half life)- half life is the time it takes for a majority of the chemical to leave your body and for mmt that’s aproximately 36 hours and that varies with the metabolism of the user. The only thing I can think of that might have occurred here is u drank three days of done and woke up the next day not sick thinking that kicks the habit where in reality the methadone u last took hasn’t worn off fully thus u aren’t in withdrawal but that will only last a short time then ur back to cold turkey so unless u wrote this on day 4 of ur detox and thought it cured ur problem at the time , you have messed with a bunch of people who are already suffering enough as is and u need to shut the fuck up

Comment by junkie george

Hi im doing this method atm . I took my 2nd dose of meth today so 2 days with no herion so far and i feel fine. Let u know how i am after a week

Comment by Craig

Hey Craig; best of luck with you endeavor with this particular monkey….I wish you the very best; and YES; please do come back and report on your (hopeful) success or otherwise as should it not work the rest of us would like to/need to know; cheers mate and fingers crossed!!

Comment by davidgm1000

Well im on day 4 now my last dose of meth was yesterday at 2pm and i feel fine . Now i can hopefully get my life back on track as iver the last month ive been kicked out by my gf thats got my 2 kids i lost a decent paid job and lost the car i had in finance all thanks to heroin . Im now starting to work things out with my ex gf so thats a start

Comment by Craig

Craig, good work. I must say though, although you are through the worst of it, you will *probably* feel pretty rough in another day when the methadone wears totally off. You won’t be dope sick persay, just it’s important to know that you will probably not feel as good as you do at the time you wrote your last post. It’s important to know this so you can prepare rather than be caught off guard. Irritability, insomnia, etc.

I wish you the best of luck.
Stick to your plan. Look into naltrexone to help you maintain sobriety. If you do relapse, don’t give up. Accept your mistake and continue on. Relapse is sometimes inevitable, but what you can really control is how long it lasts and how you let it affect you. Your attitude and motivations and long term plans are most important.

I wish you the best. I’ve been there. In fact I’m there right now, I made it to the end of my taper and relapsed but I still want to continue getting clean. I accept my mistake and won’t let it rule me.

Comment by hazeleyes99

hey craig. any update? how are things wrkg out for you?

Comment by davidgm1000

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Comment by Agueda

I’m currently on day 3 of a MMT program. Prior to wanting to get on dones, I had struggled with oxys, and then IV heroin for the past ten years. I know have been taking subs for the past eight months on and off with about four or five heroin benders while being on the subs.

I was planning on stay on MMT but after reading this and contemplating if I wanted to stay on a stronger maintenance drug or if I wanted to give an opiate free lifestyle another shot. I am deciding to give an opiate free lifestyle another go! My dosing at the clinic hasn’t been tapered to a rapid detox but I am going to see how I feel tomorrow. I took 30 mg day one, 40 mg day 2, and 50 mg day 3 (today). Prior to this I was taking 4mg suboxone everyday and shot up about a half gram the night before and the morning of my first dose of dones. Tomorrow morning will be about 75 hours since my last dope fix and almost 100 hours since my last sub fix of 2mg.

My plan is to either take one more dose of dones or pay the piper and take on whatever withdrawals lie ahead. I have been on and off opiates for too long and the scoring lifestyle is getting absurd and dangerous. I have been blessed with not getting into legal trouble and I would like to keep it that way. I will report back with how the three day done kick works for me and if it’s a viable method for people. I understand that I have a disease and I want to live free from opiate addiction. I hope that I can do it this time with the help from others and some hard work from myself. I have thought long and hard about what I will do if I relapse again and I think I might get on methadone long term if relapsing continue to be an issue but I want to try to conquer my opiate issues will give it another try since I don’t want to be tied down to an addiction any more. As much as I like the feeling opiates produce, I hate the lifestyle associated with it more. Wish me luck and I’ll report back soon.

Comment by Anon-Junkie

Best of luck to you mate and, yes, please do report back andtell us how thinks are working out for you. Fingers crossed and all the best!

Comment by davidgm1000

To anyone taking this method into consideration please realize you will still go through withdrawal symptoms. This is definitely not the best way to withdraw as painlessly as possible. Due to the long half life of methadone you will begin to withdraw about 72 hours after your last dose. A more effective means of (relatively) painless detox would be to use either methadone or suboxone to taper. Example methadone 40 day 1, 30 day 2, 20 day 3, 15 day 4, 10 day 5, 5 day 6, 2.5 day 7, 0 day 8, 2.5 day 9, 0 day 10 and 11, 2.5 day 12, and done. Same concept with suboxone. The goal is to allow your body to adapt to the lower dosages at a slower rate essentially meaning when you do stop for good the jump your body takes is much less substantial and subsequently easier. To simply take a high dose of methadone over 3 days and just quit doesn’t allow your body to adapt this way. Do your research before making your decision and keep in mind everyone is different when it comes to withdrawal but scientifically tapering is much more effective and practical.

Comment by Bobby

Thank you I need to tell you and the last words possible your article gave me hope because I have none like every other junkie I hate going through the withdrawals and I don’t want to face the music but with what you have posted here it gave me a lot of Hope so I’m about to give it a shot next week hopefully it works thanks again and God bless Raul @ boricuafamily1st@gmail.com

Comment by Raul C.

Just wanted to leave a comment. This works, period. I’ve been smoking on and off 20 years now. I’ve always thought to myself about this method and am glad to see that there are people who thought the same and tried it out.

I had a very bad habit, up to 2 grams a day at my worst. But I slowly cut down to about a score a day and then took the MD.

This is how I done it.
Day 1: Monday: Waited 12 hours after last dose. Took 70mls.

Day 2: Thursday: took another 70mls.

Day 3: Sunday: took the final 70mls.

It has been over 2 years now and I am totally clean. The hardest part is the cravings after…..but I deleted my dealers numbers and changed mine so there was no temptation.

I too have been to the meth clinics and it’s true that all they do is want to up your dose and keep you on it. It’s no life when you’re going to the chemist everyday for your daily dose and then going to the clinic to rescript.

In closing, I just wana say……if u wana stop u will. Methadone is the worst drug so I suggest you don’t get hooked or dependant on this.

All the best to everyone out there. I know how tough it can be and have been through it all.

Comment by James

Best information I’ve read so far, finally got the answer i was looking for!

Comment by Bob Finkle

I’m looking to pull together a support group about heroine users using the 3 dose methadone method to kick with very little to no discomfort. So we can spread the message and get this secret out there it just seems like so many more people should know about it but they don’t. And even though I’m sure we all know why that’s not what matters what matters is helping people with heroine addiction have another choice another way out that I believe if this was more known more tried and tested and testimonials given on its success. The bigger chance it would give to those who are scared to be sick so they stay high. I’ve done it myself and seen my ex do it with little to no discomfort and done successfully so i know it works j.wow.patterson@gmail.com

Comment by j.wow.patterson@gmail.com

Habits are hard to break. There are so many intangibles that it would be hard to cover them all. You might be afraid of being embarrassed, but would you rather everyone talk behind your back? Get up the courage and ask. In truth, some people actually want their bad habits to stick around. So the first thing is to go deep into the recesses of your heart and ask, Do I really want to give this up? Make them positive. Make the list long. The most important thing, don’t! Reset your goal for another two weeks and get going again. Chalk it up to experience! Say to yourself, Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Follow some simple and workable plan that will help you. Be sure to read the blog on how long does alcohol stays in your system?

Comment by slorecoverycenters

Hi there! So do you HAVE to do 75mg each time or can you do a little less like 65-70? Just cuz I don’t think I do as much as a half, 5 pts a day… Maybe 3 pts? Thanks

Comment by Rob

im starting methadone clinic tomorrow. i’ll be going for a week as i’m trying to detox myself from H. can u give me any pointers ? everyone is saying that a week isn’t long enough for it to even help others say it’s smart. your story gives me hope i’d love to be free from drugs

Comment by kelc

I started eating 5 mg hydro about 10 years ago. And continued until I was just recently at about 210-300mg of oxy a day. 7-10 30 mg roxi a day… In my area… That was costing me anywhere from $210-$300 a fucking day! No wonder I’m in debt.

Anyway, so I found this page, found some methadone that my stepfather was not using, grabbed 10 pills and dosed it like this 3 on day 1, 4 on day 2 and 3 more on day 3 and nothing day 4,5,6,7,8,9 and now I am on day 10 being clean. I DID NOT GET SICK. The worst was maybe day 6 I had restless legs at night and some trouble sleeping. Big fucking deal. I’m happy again, enjoying life again and not in a fog. Thank you to whoever shared their experience with us Bc you may have saved me and one of my buddies lives (grabbed him 10 pills also, he starts today)

So yes this method works! I don’t know how readily available methadone is. I was lucky to have found a stash but I’m assuming u can go to a methadone clinic for 3 days. But he careful Bc like the original poster said. They want u to be on methadone forever and it is supposedly a NASTY withdrawal. I did not have any withdrawal symptoms from it after the 3 days. AMAZING. THANK YOU!

Comment by Bobby Lupo

Wow I’ve done this before and it does work
Thank god..

Comment by Terry newkirk

I just did it . Was using 3.5grms of pure fentanyl analog powder a week intravenously. Which is probably the strongest drug on the fuckin planet. I’m not a rookie..So heed what you are about too read..The drs are either too stupid or don’t want you to know..I am going with the first..Listen carefully..If you are addicted to any opiate. Opioid..Don’t care what or how much you take .. Because I’ve done more than all of you put together..As long as it isn’t methadone..This works100%..All you need to do is take methadone for no more than 4days..Lessen the dose daily and stop on the forth day and you won’t feel any withdrawal .Not pyhisical . You will feel the mental and emotional bullshit .But man up ..Deal with it and by day 6you are out of the woods. I’ve done it 2 times.. Second time was to confirm that it actually works..The first time was shit luck. But after researching it I found hundreds of people who have done this and avoided the dreaded withdrawal..Sooooo why isn’t the docs and methadone drs doing this. It’s simple ..They want you to stay on it so you can buy them a new house..boat. etc. Like really..How many of you people out there on MMT.have had their docs say …Hey I think it’s time we wean u off this shit. Ha..Ya .Not happening..

Comment by Kevin

Methadone is an opiate just like any other. You must take less and less or else you’re just jumping from the same boat (merely a different seat), If you are a heroin/morphine user and you switch to methadone YOU ARE NOT WITHDRAWING. You will only kick the habit by taking less. To say you are kicking an opiate while taking another opiate is illogical. Only by decreasing the dose will you be kicking/withdrawing.

Comment by Josh

I’m wondering if this would work for
160mgs -OxyContin q.i.d.
YES THATS 160mgs 4X a day (640mg)+
40mg METHADONE (for pain relief )
+ OXY IRs (Oxycodone “Instant Relief ”
((20mg tablets X 4/day
So adding everything up=720mg Oxycodone
+ 40mg methadone/DAY
I’M THINKING THAT THE PROPERTIES IN CDN OXYNEO(OxyContin)are longer lasting than .5gram of heroin or morphines
<< BTW- CONTIN whether it be codeinecontin,OxyContin ,,,,the "contin" stands for " continuous" ,,also OxyContin (I believe has a full life as compared to heroin or what have you

Thx G.W.L.T

Comment by Guy Talbot

Are u telling the truth no disrespect I really need this as I use iv in groins and thay not good I have to and want to stop am gonna try your way

Comment by Leo

Am gonna try it iv sites are bad need to give up

Comment by Leo

Hey, our stories are very similar. Im 26, I went from vicodin, to 30mg oxys, to heroin, than methadone clinic, now im back on heroin. I think im going to try to get some methadone doses to taper with. Thats how i got here on google. Just commenting cuz im curious if your still sober?

Comment by Josh

Thank you so mu h for thisinformation god bless you ill be trying this as son as i can aford three bottles thanks

Comment by Jose

I’m going to jail for or 4 days and I been on 60 mgs of methdone a day for a couple weeks. If I double my dose of methadone tomorrow, will it hold me for 4 days?

Comment by Griffanytiggs

Been hip to this for 10 yrs but only ever done this with myself or the ex wife, no one had the balls to follow and whe I told the clinics they looked at me like a blasphemous kid trying to sell a dying religoin…. same goes for subtext never more than 3 doses to get over the withdrawals of one drug with out getting tuned in to another. But The only thing that keeps me off is working a honest program of recovery but to each his own I don’t need to sell my self…. good luck brother

Comment by Sean B Purdy

Didnt you withdrawlfrom the three doeses of methadone?

Comment by Laura

Im trying this. I pray it works i just got a great job and cant afford to loose it. I dont want to be in a meth clinic for years . My boyfriend got me addicted n left without assisting me with meds . Im not from the streets n been praying to get off. I c ont want my kids to know or loose my job… im so scared r

Comment by Yvette

I’m going to try this! Thanks for the info very helpful! I was so stressing on how to use the methadone without becoming addicted to it as well! God bless and good luck !

Comment by Blondie

So happy for you. I hope that you are still clean. Thank you for this post and the information.

Comment by Sunny days ahead.

hey guys – leo,blondie, yvette and all the rest who said they were gonna give this a shot….i was just wondering: – Did you;and more importantly, how did it go?” Did it work?” almost zero discomfort, or like some posters above claim: is it just BS….your answers wd be most appreciated as, for some at least, could literally be a life-saver at best or game-changer at least. please, please post on your experience, regardless of whether positive or negative; again, some DESPERATELY NEED TO KNOW- thanks in anticipation of your replies. best rgds from across the pond- namely the Atlantic :?)

Comment by davidgm1000

Thats awesome! I have a friend on methadone for over thirty years!!! They told her that her heroin dose was so high that she’ll nevrt be off! I know thats a lie cause they had three kids which she took good care of but they were always broke and couldnt afford their habits! Im starting day three off heroin. No major WD but freezing right now and sneezing, took 10mgs loparamide yesterday half 5mg valium and 75mg Lyrica and a whole valium. Tossed and turned ALL NIGHT, to me that us the worst part! No sleep! Oh, Im sucking on cannapops and only have 1 left! Hoping that since I only used for pain and muscle energy and managed for year to not increase my dose. Started splitting 1. Or one tenth into five doses one every four hours, then it became three doses, two back to back and saving one for next day’s wakeup, then one or two doses but never bought more than one pack a day of pne tenth. I think my dose was relatively low for heroin use. Oxycodone to me is stronger. I was on 450-600mgs a day and never felt a thing but was hyper metabolizing due to Phenytoin (generic Dilantin). Once I stopped that med, my use dropped monthly til I got to whete I wanted to be according to manufacturers instructions of one every four hours; not six! If the docs folowed instructions there wouldnt be an increase in heroin use!

Comment by Spyz

Totally agree with everything you wrote. Was an addict before with oxys, knew about done, only had 10mgs but it still helped significantly vs cold turkey which I’ve experienced too many times. Years later,I had a serious injury and had to take oxycodone. Just as addictive and sick as the much bigger stuff. Went to my doctors because I had unfortunately started to abuse them. I talked him into giving me methadone to get off. He gave me a week long plan but i only needed it for 3 days and i was done. I wish everyone in the world who struggles with this specific addiction knew that THERE IS AN EASY PAINLESS 3 DAY PLAN. No having to swap addictions, just 3 days. I believe we wouldn’t have an opioid epidemic if users actually knew this works.

Comment by James

Dear day dreameryou sounded good at 3 doses,but your mind got to detox.people,places,and things o my.are u clean still in my crap

Comment by Kerry James

Hi I’m trying to break from opioids mainly heroin using methadone. I want to try this three day program. Is this for real? I’ve been using for two years now and I’m just so tired of it all and want a “normal life”. Please reply and let me know if this is really possible.


Comment by Liz

What a load of bollocks. Don’t be telling people you can use 3 doses of methadone and that it has different receptors to methadone. If you use methadone for 3 days you WILL withdraw, just like you would from heroin.

Comment by Richard Swaisland

Congratulations! I have been prescribed 4 mgs dilaudid 2x a day for 2-1/2 years then Dr. Took me down to 2mg pills cut in half, take half a pill (1mg) in am and 1mg in pm.. I couldn’t handle it and started using heroin.I have 80 mgs of methadone and was planning on taking a little for 3-4 days along with my script of gabapentin 2 300 mgs.pills 3x a day along with xanax .5 2x a day although I do have more left from older scripts. I ampraying this will help. Any opinions and personal experience is greatly appreciated. I had a friend who went to detox in hospital from heroin and they gave her ativan and gabapentin and she said she felt great just slept a lot. Please any help will be greatly appreciated as well as any questions that you may habe. Thank you so much.

Comment by Please help me

This is total fucking bullshit ! It’s scientifically impossible to go from shooting dope to doing only 3 doses of methadone, at 75mgs especially and then not experience any withdrawals. Methadone activates the same receptors and heroin plus it’s an nmda receptor antagonist like the dissociative drugs ketamine and dextromethlymorphan. Kicking methadone is much longer and unpleasant than heroin… it is accompanied by sensations of electrical shock, similar to benzo withdrawal. I don’t know who wrote this, but if there was a line on this in Vegas I’d bet ten to one the author went into withdrawal hours after writing this idiotic post. Methadone has. 72 hour half life and sometimes a lot longer or shorter depending on the persons metabolism… it’s likely they still had receptor activity from the methadone in their system. Best advice for kicking a dope habit is to get on suboxone and taper off over a 30 day period… but there’s nothing wrong with staying on suboxone or methadone IF and only if you plan on using it to stay clean.

Comment by Balthazar

To the poster above me here is my story.
I have been using heroin for the past 4 years.Starting late in life at age 45.The past year i have been using 5 grams of reasonable quality heroin in 8/9 days on the foil. I never shotted due to fear of needles.My methadone taper started on Saturday at 1pm as my last use was at friday night roughly 12 hours later.I took 50 mg methadone and was fine for 16 hours.Then i got nausea and didnt want to go through vommiting and dry heaving i took the next dose 40mg 8 hours earlyer then planned.Lucky me i was just in time and the nausea disappeared.The third dose 30mg was on sunday 3pm and i felt fine until monday morning when i took my last dose of 20mg.I went to work 4hour daily job 10am/2pm.I was planning on one last dose on tuesday morning but i felt fine and took the dose to work incase i would need it but i didnt.

Its been six days since last dose of methadone and i am doing ok.Yes there is a bit of depression and no energy from time to time stomach is a bit restless once in a while but nothing major i cant handle in comparising to full blown withdrawel.

Now i do think that this kind of detox 4/5 days methadone taper only works if you havent been using methadone while on heroin.

There was no need for me to lie or exaggerate in my story.

Greets from a recovering addict.

Comment by Barrox Barrox

I’ve been splitting a gram a day with the old lady. We only snorting never shoot. We even paid 20 grand to go to a rapid Detox place and almost died. We’d do anything to get off but can’t handle being sick. We use to do Met for 5-7 days and stop and be good. But that was 10 yrs ago . We’ve got Met saved up. Are you sure it’s gonna work?

Comment by Jeff Moldowan

THANK YOU SOOOO soooooo much for this straight up, easy to understand explanation of what exactly to do! I’ve been on and off Methadone , herion, & oxy for a few years now & I have had it! I’m tired of my life being a sad, dark, mess! Moving backwards & things constantly getting worse for me instead of the opposite. I’m a happy person & enjoy life in general, my friends, even strangers happiness gives me enjoyment…but on herion, I’m a cranky, mean bitch to b honest! It’s not me, & it makes me feel bad and myself, my attitude, my actions etc…& You know how that goes…downhill! So anyhow, thank you for making this clear & I’m gonna do it as soon as I can figure out a way to get 3 doses without any funds for it.. today I have $0.00… as I did yesterday & will tomorrow. I manage to make Just enough daily to support my habit But it’s getting rough & I’m burning out fast! Wish me luck! Thanks again

Comment by Sara Saunders

Does the dose have to be atleast a minimum? Like say 60mg or 50mg would that keep some one who’s had a half gram to one and a half gram a day habits for 6years

Comment by Hopeful

Is this really true???!!! I hope ur not yanking my chain cos this cud save my life.i know what u mean bout CT being out of the question. I will try ur way. Thank you.

Comment by Jessica Fuller

HI ALL; Any more success stories like Barrow above? Sara, are you still hanging in there )likewise, ) did you give it a shot? Any feedback? tx all for your shares and comments. and to all the nay-Sayers – experience being the best instructor – ‘why knock it, till you’ve tried it:…..and, yes, why wd Barrow lie or exaggerate?”

Comment by davidgm1000

I’ve been using about half gm of H daily for several yrs- from what I’ve researched the 3day detox sounds like it will work. It’ll defo cover the withdrawal from H, or certainly make the symptoms bearable. I would recommend that anyone trying it needs to adjust the amount and no of days (3 – 5 days) to their own individual requirements according to how much you are currently using. You know ur body and what u can take. Thank you so much again- may God truly bless you!! (& keep you clean & sober) 😉

Comment by Jessica Fuller

I’m getting ready to try the few day methadone thing on the 10’th so i hope it works. It worked for me and the old lady years ago5-7 days worth. But we were only snorting a couple pks a day. Now we’re at a g. I’ve been trying to ween us down first. But its no luck with her. Its like she dont want to quit. But I’m not giving her a choice. So i hope it works because we’ve been at a g atleast a day. I need a miracle. We paid 20 grand to go to a rapid detox. Anyone thinking of doing that-DONT! We almost died! She stopped breathing 7 times and me 3. It was the worst experience I’ve ever been through, and i did 13 yrs in prison. M.D.S in Southfield michigan-dont let anyone you know go there. They even stole my gold chain and cross.

Comment by Jeff Moldowan

I really really hope that works, because the cash I’m spending on methadone, I might as well smoke for less. Thank you so much. I’m truly going to try that. And wEed. Can it be smoked in between.?

Comment by Michael

I think weed shud b ok in btwn – while u still have methodone in ur system but, once ur clean of opiates , just for a few weeks immediately after, weed use, even alcohol can trigger the achey feeling in ur back or limbs – nothing as bad as fully blown withdrawal. It’ll lessen with time & go away completely. But try to just use weed to fight the imminent cravings while u r on the 3/5 day methodone detox – that’s what led me on to H, eventually. Best of luck!

Comment by Jessica Fuller

Hi guys, I wanted to hear from someone else who has tried this ?? Michael, Jeff, have either of you started your detox? Just really nervous to try it out – scared bout how much withdrawal to expect. But still exited to be getting clean. I’m going to start on Sunday. 2 days to go… 😦

Comment by Jessica Fuller

The three days you took methadone you didn’t drop yout dose,and do you really need 75 miligrams

Comment by Tom

Hi guys,
Due to unforseen circumstances, i never did start my detox as I’d originally planned, I’m going to start on Saturday, (day after 2moro). I’m going to use methodone tablets:
50ml 1st day,
40ml 2nd &
30ml on 3rd – will this be enough? still super scared of wat to expect from w/d… I smoke ~half a gm daily….
I think I do need some reassurance from an actual ‘detoxee’
I’ve never gone cold turkey but I guess this method is to take the edge off the hard core symptoms not alleviate them totally. Wat shud i expect..?

Comment by Jessica Fuller

I’m going to try this although I don’t have exactly as much as you did in dosage I am able to get my hands on more if need be but I will check back in once I try this to let uk the out come but I do believe it was easier I quit b4 with just one take home 65mg shot and broke it down each day but still withdrawled but def not bad at all so it was doable now I’m shooting for no withdrawl since I have a bit more

Comment by Key

I’d really appreciate it if somebody who has gone thru the ‘3 day detox’ could give me an breakdown of wat to expect, how much u were using daily, how you felt at the day stage, etc…?
I will post throughout my detox, if I can get sober and hopefully help even one person get clean, I’ll certainly do so.
I don’t doubt this method but I can’t help but feel like it sounds to good to be true…? But, I’m going to try it.
Thank you all for your support. X

Comment by Jessica Fuller

Hi all! So I started the detox on sun morning 40ml methodone @ 10am – my last bit of H was about 4/ 5 hrs before. I admit, I did relapse & get a small spliff worth of H which I had at 6pm 2-day but no more since. (I didnt want to screw up this chance so ill put it down as a strike) I took 20 ml Meth@ 10pm cos I was so hot & sweaty – very restless night – still got a decent- ish sleep. Took 40ml this am @10:30am. Been looooaads better today – can’t believe I was scared to do this…. I’ve had a small joint of weed & it’s making me real tired. Im gonna try to go to sleep in an hr but I’ll keep u posted!

Comment by Jessica Fuller

I was just curious how much and how you were doing it? I’ve been snorting a gram a day, and want nothing more than to quit. Did you ween down before you took the met?
I dont even get high any more, i just can’t be bogue.i need to know how many days to take it for, all that. Because i don’t want to get hooked on the met either. I’ve got subutex too, but you have to be bogue to take that
But i can’t do that. I went to medical rapid detox and almost died. Spent10 grand just for myself. I still have nightmares, and that was 14 months ago. I need a miracle

Comment by Jeff Moldowan

Hi Jeff, so I’ve on bout 1g daily smoked in a spliff for bout 7 yrs at least- really..?? Holt shit!! But still in the game, took 30 ml methodone at 4.30am, then 15ml@10.30pm – On day 3….. I don’t think I’ll need anything for a bit so gonna hold for at least 20 hrs, only symptoms so far were hot sweats. Nothing too major. Feeling really good about this. Jeff, if u follow my posts u can see wat I’ve been taking, I’ve never snorted so IDK if it’s a more intense addiction (like iv users), but I really wish I had known this yrs ago – better late than never! I have lost four dear friends to this, & I if I can help just 1 person- of course I will. Good luck Jeff.

Comment by Jessica Fulle

I haven’t had any methodone in at least a yr before starting my detox, so even if I’m weaning over 10-12 days I know I won’t withdraw from it – remember, towards the end,5days+ u’ll b talking methodone in small arts every 30+ hrs or more, and the gap will steadily get bigger. I hope that makes sense….?

Comment by Jessica Fuller

Thanks. I’m just freaking out. Because i only have like 105 net pills for me and the old lady. I can’t get no more so this had to work. I’m trying to ween down before i do this because it has to work. I’ll keep you posted-thanks

Comment by Jeff Moldowan

Hey guys!! Hope u are all doing well… I had 10mg methodone today @5pm. Been a good day, not once have i wanted to get any heroin & I ain’t missing that fucker either!!!

Comment by Jessica Fuller

Hey ALL, still doing well, I’m down to about 5mg of methodone which I took at 6pm y’day, & I had ~7mg today at 1pm but it was cos I had a job interview & I didn’t need any sweats or awkward side effects. Still feeling strong & no cravings so far….

Comment by Jessica Fuller

I took the first dose of 75mg and i fill fine i will keep everyone updated

Comment by Marcus

Could u email me direct and.tell me exactly how i did it because i really need to know Jeffmoldowan@gmail.com

Comment by Jeff Moldowan

exciting stuff guys; i commend you all – pls keep the updates coming – an inspiration and revelation

Comment by davidgm1000

I’m planning to try the methadone tapper in a few days. I have done this with subutex before but took it for like two weeks at 16 mgs and just stopped and stayed clean and felt absolutely no withdrawals and slept great and had extreme amounts of energy. You really have to be fully sick to take subutex or suboxone because it will throw you into precipitated withdrawal and that’s the worst in my opinion. The last time I tried to get clean a few months ago I took the subutex to soon and definitely regretted it. Was sick for another day before I just started using again which bummed me out because I have beat this using subutex before and felt on top of the world. So I’m thinking about trying methadone because last time I was sick that’s all I had and it took away the sickness but I’m scared to get on done because I have seen people come off it and it is a million times worse then h. And longer. I want to take methadone for a few weeks to get my girl doses to get clean because she can’t get into the clinic so instead of me just stopping after a few days I have to stay for like a month. I hope I can actually get clean this way because I’m actually stuck in this to help her get clean also. But if you want a quick way to get clean and not withdrawal take subutex and only use it for about two weeks and try to drop down in that period of time and you will not feel sick, subutex is a partial antagonist so it’s not the same as herion or methadone . Best to luck to everyone. I just wanna be clean. I’m in tears because I got cotton fever a few days ago twice back to back and thought I had sepsis and it’s been three days and my heart still is skipping right and I still feel drained. I just want out. I hope this helps someone else. I wouldn’t take methadone if I had the choice but my girl won’t take subs so yeah.

Comment by Jakee clouse

I’m an opiate addict. Big time pill popping issues. Any and all opiate pain killers, as many as I could afford a day (usually 10 or so Percocet etc) and Have been at it for the past 16 years.
However, last year I got pregnant and went to see a subutex doctor that day. I quit using pills. I followed the subutex taper program and was drug free in 6 weeks. My pregnancy went perfectly, I have a beautiful baby girl and she’s healthy and happy. I’m so thankful and blessed.
She’s now 3 months old and I’m backsliding. I’ve been buying subutex and methadone from a “friend” for about a month now and suddenly can’t get it from this friend anymore.
I’m sick as f**k to the point where I can barely care for my infant.
I’m so ashamed of myself and disappointed that I got myself into this mess.
Clearly, I need help but I cannot be a slave to the methadone clinic with a tiny baby. I’m going to search for a sub doctor but I’m not sure if honesty is the best policy?!
I love my baby and I want to be clean but I cannot spend weeks in bed in full withdrawal because I need to care for my daughter.
I’m rambling, sorry. I’m terrified and just need some advice about how to get back onto the right path please.,

Comment by Jess

Any tips for getting OFF the methadone??? I was thinking about going back to opiates, I’m on 75mg daily. I’ve been on it for a year and a couple months now….. I don’t want to be On it anymore. So I was thinking of maybe using the opiates to get Off the methadone, and then when that’s done… Use your 3 day taper off w. Methadone. What do you think? Sorry if this is a long time ago. I just came across this in a Google search, I’m trying to find the best way to come Off… And read your post on this site!

Comment by addictdiaries000

Addiction is indiscriminate. I am a 62 yr old retired medical practitioner. Got hooked on morphine last 4 months of my partners life from horrible cancer last year (not an excuse, I’m an addict). Have gone from like 325mg daily to 15mg twice daily. Last dose three days ago. Wasn’t feeling so good (GI and mental) took 10mg methadone and got a buz yesterday! But feel okay today (obviously). Will take 1/2 (5mg) today and tomorrow and hope for the best. Seems like it was such a little bit to cause so much pain without. Have psych appointment to deal with grief and addiction. Will let you know how the 3 day, very low dose works and thanks, had no hope/idea before reading blog and I know better.

Comment by JC

This is complete rubbish.Smoked 4-5 bags of gear for a month stopped done the 3 days of methadone as described..Everything was fine then after about a day or two the withdrawals kicked in big time..3-4 days of intense sweating,no sleep,feeling really weird,no energy,lonely,emotional, depressed,runny nose,racing heart,diarrhea AND anxiety.The worst of it was the INTENSE cravings.
After a couple of weeks and getting back to normal i forgot the hell i went through and went and scored..!
Think about it…If it was this easy everyone would be doing it.

Clinics keep u on it longer to get your life back to normality and get it out of your head.3 days is a joke.You will just go and score again.You need to kick it physically and MENTALLY.

My advice is a 2 week taper on subutex.(2mg reduced to 0.2mg then stop).Delete all your numbers..Avoid all your friends.When you stop You will feel anxiety,lack of energy and light cravings for about 4 days but its very mild.A few Valium help a lot..This is for people that have not been on it long though.
Long term users stretch it out a month or two i would think.
Good luck.

Comment by david

First of all congrats.. Secondly, what is the cost and where can i get all that morphine? Ive asked drs about this and of coarse they called ur “plan” BS.. And i am having a very hard time locating all the morphine..

Comment by Paul Deuschle

everyone who tries this says “starting today im gonna keep you updated” then they dissapear…. so i guess this doesnt work then… wish it worked tho..
But in theory it shouldnt work as it works exactly the same on the opioid receptors.

Comment by Yohan

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Comment by Astewy

Worked for me. 3 days less discomfort than cold turkey and did not lose my job.

Comment by Ali

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How to kick a habit EASILY with zero discomfort! | JUNKe Life

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