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Scraping bottom of barrel…
May 18, 2007, 3:41 pm
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Shit, times are getting rough!

We’ve got to get from now to a week from now and our cupboard is running pretty dry.

For the past couple days we’ve been cooking up 5mg Statex pills.   20 pills into the spoon, crush ’em up, and add a whole bunch of water.  The return isn’t so great because it is so damn chalky with so many pills necessary to add up to a 100mg hit.   But what’s the alternative?

There isn’t an alternative right now.   I phoned up an out-of-town friend hoping they might be able to score a little earlier this month.  And in fact, this friend has already gotten a script and tried to fill it.  But it was three weeks earlier then usual and the pharmacists noted that.  So the pharmacist said the friend would have to wait two more weeks at least until the script would be filled.  Shit!  Close, but no cigar.

A couple days ago we tried a local dealer.  The prices are high, we what is money when dope desperation sets in, right?  Anyhow, the dealer said they’d be being resupplied in a few days (now today!) and that they’d sell us everything they get for $300 for $400 to us.  It could end up being a good deal.  Or it could end up at a bunch of bullshit.   We’ll soon find out.  Hopefully we’ll obtain at least more pills in this bulk deal then we would buying them at the single pill price.  But who knows?   We don’t trust that the dealer is really intending to hand over everything for a simple bulk deal, but that’s what they’re saying they’re gonna do.

Let’s say its one hundred pills.   Maybe the dealer only makes $300 over cost by selling them as singles?   So, they put out $300 and then make back $600 for a $300 profit for having dozens of people flocking by their place over the next few weeks.   However, instead of all that hassle they’ll just sell it all to us for $400.   Selling to us in bulk they’ll end up with $200 less then if they’d sold them singles, but they might feel it’s worth it because it is so quick and so less risky doing a one time deal.

No doubt the dealers will keep half of what they get and sell us the other half, telling us its their whole amount.  No doubt they don’t pay $300 to being with like they say, but only $200, or $150.  But I don’t really give a damn about that so long as I end up with more dope at the end of the day then if I was paying their outrageous single pill prices.

This is the first time in two years we’ve found ourselves having to take whatever deal we can.  Usually we’re way ahead of the eight-ball and our cupboards are full, full, full with lots of supply.   But the inevitable junk monkey has caught up with us, and we’re scrambling like most addicts do.  Grabbing whatever we can when we can because we’ve got to.

We just have to make it through this coming week.  Just stave off the sickness for a week.  It is gonna cost us dearly to do so.  However, it’s just for a week.  Most junkies face the desperation game every damn day!   When we get through this week, we’ll be back in the saddle again.  But this horse is a tricky ride, and we’re gonna have to reign her in, and do it soon.  Otherwise, she’s going to gallop away,  and we’ll be left so high, so dry, and very sick.

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