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Flushing cash down our veins…
May 20, 2007, 8:15 pm
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Well, the dude who said he’d sell us his whole re-supply (costs him $300) for a mere $100 profit wasn’t home.  And he wasn’t home again.  And again.   Turns out he’d split for the entire May 24th weekend, which is usually a big party weekend in Canada.

So, we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle.  Our regular dealers were out for awhile, which forced us to rely on the super-rip-off artists who never budge on their ridiculously high prices.  The mercilessly gouge their customers because they know its only the super-desperate who come to them.  And everyone comes to them eventually.

Their price for oranges, the 60 mg MSConin, is $10.   We usually get them for $1, and even have people who give (give!) them to us by the dozens for nothing.   Their price for grays, the 100 mg MSConin, is $20.  Normally we never pay more than $7 for them.

Anyhow, $200 later we walk out with 20 oranges – just barely enough for a normal day, if that!

We are just a week ahead of the game.  Its only a few more days and we’ll be able to get all we need at our normally cheap prices.  But until then, we’ll be flushing cash – and lots of it – down our veins.  Damn, damn, damn, there go the savings!

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Where u live m is a dollar a millagram and access is once a month. Mabey 20 pills are sold if that. Also the dealers will drag u on for weeks when bored. And h is a 16 hr ride for the closest city With access. As a matter of fact all opiates are a dollar a mg except duilade and that’s 40 for a 8. Today we drone 4 hrs for one oxy 80 that my hubbu and I had to split since that’s all there was and it costs us 80 bucks. When we got there dude made us wait a hr and a half in a parking lot. On the rare occurance that some one sells h it’s 60 bux for what’s supposed to be a pt of brown powder but your lucky if it’s half a pt. Coke gets stepped on 6 times before reaching the consumer hands and is 120 a gram. Adderol and rits are a dollar a mg as well. Only walmart sells pokes and they make it as uncomfortable as possibe and they go for 37 dollars for 100. Only 29g without prescription. The main people here dealing drugs are the narcotic police team and alot of ppl are busted doing controlled buys from them since they are the only ones holding. He’ll some ppl knowingly buy from them once or twice because they usually do 3 sales to get their case on you. And it’s so dry they think it’s worth the risk I guess! Where are u living opiated? I’m trying to get out of here asap’

Comment by Mich

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