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Dope dream… even the subconscious kicks in
May 22, 2007, 1:28 am
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I had a dope dream last night. Obviously even my subconscious is preoccupied with thinking about getting dope because of the distressing fact that we really don’t have much.  Well, not much to speak of anyhow.  However, despite the distress, it was quite a pleasant dream…

I was with a couple friends walking along a city street.  Suddenly I realized I was beside a school.  It seemed like my high school. Immediately I remembered I had a big stash inside my locker, a big stash of pills and pre-mixed needles.  I broke away from the street and burst through the doors, up the stairs to the floor where my locker was.  While ascending the stairs, I remembered school had been out for sometime, and that I hadn’t bothered to clear out my locker by the time limit for doing so. Damn! in all likelihood my locker would be bare.  Drugs gone. Confiscated! All that dope taken away.  Next I was in a room which was like a principle’s office.  In plain view on the counter was a big sheet of cardboard upon which was laid out my whole stash. A lot of pills and several needles already pre-loaded – everything I wanted (needed!).  The cardboard was covered in shrink-wrap plastic. The woman behind the desk looked up at me, and pointing to the drugs, I said “That’s mine. I should be able to have my drugs!”. At that the woman left the room through a rear door, obviously going to inform somebody that I had come to claim my stuff. Without missing a beat, I scooped up the cardboard, and split out the door, and headed down the stairs to freedom outside.

At that point I woke up. It was actually quite a pleasant dream, and of course, filled with excitement that I had suddenly come upon a great big bunch of drugs that was mine.   It was as if my drug supply problem was solved.  Alas, I woke to a very different reality. We’ve so little stuff that we have to carefully dole out every little bit, counting our consumption like misers. In fact, in order to see  me though tonight I’ve actually squirted 10 needles of saved wash into a little cup, added real cold water, and drank it down in one gulp. I figure each fit-full of wash had about 10 mg of morphine within it. So a cumulative 100 mg or so, I hope.   If so, that will get me through to the morning.  And I’ll drink some more washes again.

The pressure is mounting.  The end (of our meager backup stash) is getting near.  I wonder if, maybe tonight, I’ll have a nightmare instead?

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