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When it rains it pours…
May 26, 2007, 12:44 pm
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Aha, a spring shower! The sun is shinning. The storm had broken.

Last week I was immersed in dark, gloomy clouds of desperation. So much so we had to fork out $200 for a measly 20 pills; then dole them out inadequately just to keep those dreaded pains of withdrawal at bay.

Now we have hundreds of the damn things and they didn’t set us back a penny. And no, we don’t have a prescriptions. We’re just damn lucky junkies, fortunate enough to know some good people who treat us compassionately. Amazing, yet true.

It’s so ironic. We know dozens of so-called drug buddies, whom we’ve shot dope with, gone through dope scoring adventures with, and generally consider to be, well, almost friends. And yet they would make us crawl through back out onto the street to shoplift enough crap to make a couple bucks to meet the inflated purchase price of the pills they’re selling. Literally make us risk incarceration rather than let slide a couple of bucks! Let alone let a couple bucks go as a front. So much for solidarity…

Whereas, we have non-drug using acquaintances who will go out of their way to help us when they can.

Spring Shower

And so there’s nothing quite like a glorious Spring Shower, when the Sun bursts through the clouds, and the rain falls to sooth and cleanse us struggling critters. Ah, it’s marvelous! It makes me want to dance naked in the pouring rain.

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