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Take care of your lungs…
May 30, 2007, 1:44 am
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I have a friend and the last time he visited he brought his little bottle of ammonia.

According to this video apparently that is not a good way to make freebase.

You can make base-coke with ammonia or with natrium bi carbonate. Making base-coke with ammonia can cause serious damage to your lungs. You can also cook your cocaine with natrium bi carbonate. Cooking it this way will save your lungs from serious damage.

Freebase using natrium bi carbonate
I’ll have to tell my friend and maybe the next time he visits we’ll break out the natrium bi carbonate.

Now where’s that cigarette?!?

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very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

My brother sold blow for years when we were back in South Florida… [powder…well not powdery, always CHUNKS] He had the fortitude to be able to resist using which is admirable, commendable and all that shit, but I was another story. I’ve been a user for a long ass time.

When we lived together I was always pinching from his sacks and sniffing at first until I messed up my septum…and eventually just became UNABLE to get enough in my system via that ROM [route of administration] so “one fateful day” I learned how to cook it with baking soda to make smokeable rock. Once I learned how to do that things started getting out of control cos I dont have to tell yall how quickly one can go thru a gram/8ball/¼/etc.

After getting caught and the embarrasment which came with it and dancing that dance more times than I’d like to remember he got a safe and kepty the shit locked up. I had to move out of that house & in with my user girlfriend anyway cos I could never get “right” knowing that the “man” could come-a-knockin ANY fucking time…I’m not the paranoid, window-gawker type. I liked to think of myself a little too rational when sober and REFUSED to let that shit get to me when I was using. “A waste of money and effort so if you can’t enjoy it WHY BOTHER” -was my logic. Flawed, YES, but it was MINE. I was always able to ENJOY my high[within reason]but that ‘don’t give a shit’ mindset not only drove the ppl I indulged with CRAZY-as they did to me by going to the window and doin other REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING buzzkill shit while I was trying to get my buzz-on. It can leave you vulnerable. not everyone likes to use in that setting.

Fast forward a couple yrs later, I had discovered the needle from a guy who got Dillies [Dilaudid-Hydromorphone; one DAMN FINE DRUG] for his double ATK (above the knee) amputations and showed me the how-to & etc. That was a fateful day indeed, as about ten years later I sit here telling you the story having just shot my usual wake-up of 400mg MS Contins (Mallinckrodt-cook GREAT but PLEASE remember, these poills are FOR ORAL use NOT TO BE INJECTED but if YOU MUST, please follow the directions provided by our fearless leader. It’s from HIM that I learned the proper way to extract injectable MS from these little gray fuckers…BUT I MUST ADD=FILTER THAT SHIT-USE A COTTON!!! ALWAYS!!!! Why take a chance? Sure it’s clear to the eye, but the eye can’t detect those smaller particles of WHATEVER may be in there to cause mischief. I drew them up and injected sans filter for about a year then I started getting this strange heavy congestion in my lungs which I haven’t gotten rid of to this say. I daresay str8-drawup & shooting might have something to do with that. Even ON A GOOD day, using a filter…and everything goes right; you do this for any extended period of time and sooner or later you ARE going to run into SOME kind of [hopefully] minor consequences. I’ve been shooting about 2.5 years now, I get the Mallie 100s, about 250 of them a month for chronic pain-I’m disabled-also get “Roxicodone” 30s, 180 of those a month and ALWAYS shoot 10 at a time. My tolerance is insane. Anyway I just found out accidentally that the Amide brand roxis, which I thought were the BEST, don’t hold a candle to the Mallie version!!! OMG it’s like fucking night and day. You have to use a 3mL fit and dont even need to heat it but almost the entire pill dissolves and leave VERY LITTLE junk in the spoon afterwards…compared to the amide ‘blues’. From NOW ON it’s Mallinckrodt accross-the-board for this kid.

Anyway where I was headed with that was about blow…innjecting the shit is WAY better than smoking it. I even get a almost sedating effect from it. Yes I might be a freak of nature and other ppl trip out on the way I kick back when they start running around turning off the fucking lights and peeking out the window. I think it weirds you out a LOT less than smoking the shit. Too much too soon. I don’t know. It’s trial and error as we are all different and the experience is subjective and varied as we are frm eachother.

Well I’ve rambled on long enough…it’s time for another 400mg of MS.

Hope all is well with you old buddy. Long time no see I know…i’m glad to stil;l be around to find you are as well…BE GOOD TO YOURSELVES!!! And to others. We’re all IN THIS TOGETHER so if you find something or happen across an experience that you think it may be helpful to share with the “staff” or the readers, BY ALL MEANS DO. There’s “better ways to do things” ALWAYS being refined and implemented so DONT BE A SELFISH JUNKIE. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE-in hopes that at least one of us may be spared even ONE MINUTE of dopesickness.
Feel free to contact me at shitoutside@yahoo.com, I’m always glad to hear from other ppl with like interests…in the pursuit of damage control I can help a few of you that may be having a hard time getting clean points, as I’m a diabetic. I get the ultrafine ½ cc rigs and what I do is take off the tip and attach it to my luerlock 3-5cc fits for my MS and oxy forays. I’m almost always down for a barter/bargain. Don’t be shy.

Aloha, mahalo a nui,

DjL in LV

PS: The entire body of this post is a “fictional elaboration” of a “vivid dream” I recently had, there’s not a lick of truth to it and it’s for “entertainment purposes only”. AS ALWAYS!
AMEN and stay well

Comment by VegasDave


I’ve been a morphine users for over 30 years. I found that the high my tolorance the more it would have a heavey effect on my breathing for some reason. I would always think it was damage done from the grey’s. .. the amount of them each day had caused damage to my lungs.

Then, over time I found I would at times have to cut back on my amount daily in order to maintain and continue to afford habit. It was then I found my breathing wasn’t as bad. What I’m saying is that when I cut back on my daily amount my breathing became MUCH better.

When I was doing a shit load daily there were many times at night I would have to sleep sitting up propped on pillows in order to breath. IT’s a scary feeling not being able to breath much. My doctor gave me inhailers and things that didn’t help at all. It wasn’t untill I cut back that I was able again.

Be well

Comment by Guest

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