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June 2, 2007, 1:48 pm
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Dirty hit! Fuck! last night I had my first bout of cotton fever in damn near a decade. Thank gawd it wasn’t one of the worst bouts. But it was bad enough. I realized it was coming on when I started feeling my muscles in my neck, lower back, and jaw start tensing up. Then I started feeling cold, and soon was freezing, with literal convulsions of spasms of cold shooting up my body.  These effects started happening about two hours after injecting, and went from first noticing, to full blown, in about ten minutes.

But I wasn’t really cold, although I felt freezing; in fact, I was getting awfully hot with a fever. I dragged myself to bed and lay there, teeth chattering, muscles tensing up so powerfully that I could hardly breath at times. My partner kept applying ice on my head, and cold clothes to my neck and chest, blasted a fan at me, and I just lay naked on the bed, holding on.  I kept going through convulsions of shaking, during which it felt as if my lungs were being squeezed shut.  I couldn’t control my moaning and talking aloud, “oh fuck this is awful, oh shit god stop!”.  I kept telling myself to try and relax, but the seizures of muscle tensing and shaking were uncontrollable.  This real acute phase lasted about an hour, then diminished somewhat, and then returned again for another half hour.  Finally I just fell asleep.  And then awoke about three hours later, drenched in sweat, and sore all over.

I remember my first bout. It was in the early-90’s, about six months after I was using regularly. It came on similarly as I explained above, but at that time, I really had no idea what was happening. When I got to the uncontrollable shivering phase I was starting to get scared. I realized it had to have something to do with some reaction to shooting up but I didn’t know if it was an allergic reaction to the dope, or god knows what. But it was powerful, and every muscle in my body seemed to have seized up, and was hurting. Like I was in the throws of a big beast that was squeezing and shaking me. I crawled over to the telephone, and crawled back to my futon with the phone. I told myself if it got any worse I would call an ambulance. Eventually I just sort of passed out, and when I awoke several hours later, I ached all over. It was like I’d strained all the major muscles in my body, and I was sore to the core.

Subsequently I’ve had a half dozen more cotton fever bouts. Then I finally stopped using cottons to cook up MS Contin morphine pills, and since then, I hadn’t had a session for nearly a decade until last night. I don’t know what caused it last night. I guess some little particle of dirt or something managed to get into my fit. Usually I’m very careful, and I notice any little bits that might be in what I’m cooking up and pick them out with the tip of a used needle. But I guess one minuscule bit of dirt managed to slip by last night.

Cotton fever is uncomfortable, but it’s usually not serious.

Symptoms may include:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Shaking that you can’t control
  • Nausea
  • Hot flashes
  • Vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches

Symptoms usually show up right after injecting, but may take up to an hour. Taking a second hit will not make them go away. Instead, grab a blanket and let the infection take its course.

When Things Go Wrong
These days “cotton fever” is pretty much a colloquial term for experiencing a dirty hit. Most of what’s called cotton fever really isn’t cotton fever in the classic sense. It isn’t some bacteria from old cottons, but rather a piece of dirt or a piece of filter (usually cigarette filter) that was in the liquid that’s injected. And then the body recognizes this foreign element, tries to isolate it, and develops a rejection response of fever and shaking.

It’s no fun at all! And I hope I go at least another decade before experiencing it again. And that’s for damn sure!

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I just used an old cotton! DUMB…I used to use heroin yars ago, and forgot about the dangers of using a dirty cotton…..I feel like shit, with in 5 minutes of shooting up, my ears began to ring, like I was at a concert front row for a week, my hearing was blocked, my heart rate was really high, began sweating….I hope I don’t die from this…the cotton I used was from the last time I shot up about 2 weeks ago….does anyone know if this is a more serious illness than just “cotton fever”…I have had cotton fever before, but never this bad….this was really shocking….I vommited about 4 hours after shooting up, then again the next morning, and I still feel shitty, I used on Monday, it’s now Wednesday morning and I still feel shitty?…any help?

Comment by nevertellyou

I never shot up dope and never heard of cottonfever before. My boyfriend had just went to physical therapy for a work-realted injury and when he came home, he shot up 2 bags of this new kind of dope we recently scored. I snorted mine. I was talking on the phone to my dad, who doesn’t know I’m a junkie (I use to be an active alcoholic and as long as I am not drinking he thinks I’m doing great) when my boyfriend, Steve, started shaking uncontrollably. Then he turned all red, on his face, neck, back, shoulder. I thought they messed up in physical therapy and maybe hit a nerve. He was screaming in pain. He screamed “I’m freezing” and I shut off the fan and brought him a blanket. When I put it on him I felt he was really hot, burning up. I told him you must be allergic to the cut in the dope. All night he screamed in paid – his head, his shoulder, back and could hardly breath. He finally went to sleep.
the next day he slept and then finally went to the doctors who asked him if had hep c. He told him no. The doctor was baffled after hearing his symptoms of last night. He should have gone to the ER. Later Steve told me he though he had cotton fever and explained it to me. He didn’t use the next day but did the day after. Once again the syptoms started even though he used new cotton. Right now he’s resting. I want to take him to the hospital because I read cotton fever can be more serious than you think – it can be an infection in your body or a blod clot that can even kill you. He thinks if he doesn’t use, he’ll be better but I don’t think he should take the chance of not going to the hospital. I’ll write later and see what happens.

Comment by Marie

When people used to save up old filters to re-cook at some time when they didn’t have a hit, there was a chance that the old filters had developed some bacteria. This was what “cotton fever” initially referred to. And to counter that, it was recommended that old filters always be saved in the refrigerator.

Rather than saving old filters, the best way to save up one’s wash is to actually cook it up and save it in a syringe in the fridge. But instead of shooting it up, it is better to just mix it with water and drink it, in lieu of having any dope. Here’s some info on saving up washes when doing MS Contins – Use Washes Sensibly

Nowadays, cotton fever generally means a “dirty hit”. Some bit of dirty that gets into one’s hit and causes a yucky reaction when one’s body reacts to it. This sort of cotton fever is far preferable to a bacterial infection because it usually is not serious. However, it does bring one some very uncomfortable symptoms for a couple of hours. See Cotton: Facts and Tips

Cotton fever is probably not caused by cotton fibers. It’s more likely caused by bacteria that live in the cotton. Cotton can grow a lot of bacteria, especially after it gets wet. Re-using cottons can put bacteria directly into your blood stream. Cotton fever is uncomfortable, but it’s usually not serious.

Symptoms may include:
– Chills
– Headaches
– Fever
– Nausea
– Hot flashes
– Vomiting
– Shaking that you can’t control
– Shortness of breath

Symptoms usually show up right after injecting, but may take up to an hour. Taking a second hit will not make them go away. Instead, grab a blanket and let the infection take its course.

If symptoms last longer than 3 to 4 hours, or get worse, go to an emergency room. Don’t ignore these symptoms, especially if they last. They can mean that you have a very serious infection or even a blood clot that could kill you.

Comment by opiated

cotton fever, fun fucking shit. i’d heard of it before but this has been my first weekend in “the cotton zone”. my symptoms were a little different then i’ve seen described, but i’m pretty sure i’m this sick from the shot i did four days ago.

soon as i did it, my lungs felt searing hot and my veins were burning like i’ve never felt it before. my initial concern was that since i didn’t cook it myself, the person who did might have handed it to me boiling hot or had just cleaned the stuff with acetone and didn’t let it evaporate long enough before mixing it with water. a couple minutes after the burning, i felt my entire body temperature drop. my hands were so cold they were numb and i just sat there with my eyes closed trying not to let myself panic and make it worse. it was very painful and i was in the company of people i hardly knew and my car had quite literally broken down when i arrived at this house. all i could do was appear okay until i knew what to do.

my veins burned for the next day or two, but my real symptoms didn’t start until two days later, when i began to get high fever and uncontrollable spasms and lung and sinus mucus that made it hard for me to breathe normally. i also had strange fluctuations in heart activity, from low to erratic pulse and low and high blood pressure and pain in my chest and neck. i couldn’t even sleep it off because i was in so much pain all i could do was roll around in bed moaning and constantly moving my legs and back.

day 3 and 4 developed into a serious case of what i am pretty sure is strep, worse than i’ve ever had it. my throat and sinus tissue is almost entirely raw and bleeding as well as my gums.i can’t swallow, stand up, or do much of anything without taking a lot of aspirin to get past the pain. when i recognized it as strep i started taking antibiotics i had leftover from 6 months ago when i had a mild case of strep and its only been 12 hours, i am already seeing the signs of my body killing off bacteria.

i don’t really know how cotton fever could become strep or if i happen to develop strep as my body was in shock or what, but the idea of injecting the strep bacteria directly into my body grosses me the fuck out and i’m going to me way more careful in the future.

and here’s to more personal accounts on the net, cause some IVers out there have been really lucky in spite of their poor habits. cheers.

Comment by another banger

I have a question that I need answered,I’ve been shooting dope for 17 years off/on now.About 4 months back I developed an abcess/pimple on my butt,I went to the doctor and was put on keflex and it cleared up quickly.Next I get a stye on my eye 2 weeks after the butt abcess/pimple,keflex again and I’m all better.Now 4 months clean I’ve started useing 6 days ago and have developed a pimple/abcess on my lower jaw that is red and swelling.My friend told me because I used a used cigarette filter (smoked) that I picked up something called merced and I now have it for life because I used a used cig filter.Is this true? She said I can expect to get abcesses all over my body for the rest of my life and antibotics won’t help.Is she full of schit about getting this off a used cig filter.She said that I can expect to get them every where,so I did some reading but can’t find out any thing about getting this disease off used gig filter’s,what’s up can you help with this question?

Comment by junkie girl

we just did a shot, mine went fine. ALL the anticipated/ normal reactions came & went. BUT then when we went to do his shot, he found the complete opposite side effects to take place for him…NOTHING, not even a burn suggesting a miss. But there is a somewhat small knot,that was noticable immediately after pullin out, suggesting a miss. It hasn’t gotten much bigger, if at all…but its pretty hard!!! I’ve only done it this way for this past year now off and on, some periods ALOT long or shorter than the next. We have missed twice on me, with the same arm and same vein. It would always roll. But neither times with my misses was the knot smaller like his and DEFINATELY not nearly as hard!!! Any suggestions or advice as what happened here and what may help?

Comment by newbie

we just did a shot, mine went fine. ALL the anticipated/ normal reactions came & went. BUT then when we went to do his shot, he found the complete opposite side effects to take place for him…NOTHING, not even a burn suggesting a miss. But there is a somewhat small knot,that was noticable immediately after pullin out, suggesting a miss. It hasn’t gotten much bigger, if at all…but its pretty hard!!! I’ve only done it this way for this past year now off and on, some periods ALOT long or shorter than the next. We have missed twice on me, with the same arm and same vein. It would always roll. But neither times with my misses was the knot smaller like his and DEFINATELY not nearly as hard!!! Any suggestions or advice as what happened here and what may help?

Comment by newbie

I experienced my first bout of “cotton fever” two days ago. After hearing about it for years, and shoot dope, on and off, for fifteen years, it finally caught up with me. I am not so concerned with the initial fever as I am with my persistent symptoms of sore throat, runny nose, and general malaise. I feel like some wicked invasive entity has entered my body. Should I go to the hospital, or will my immune system eventually fight off this evil bacterium?

Comment by simon richie

Just make sure if persistent infection continues that you get it looked at or treated with antibiotics.

It may be a miss that just stayed in a compacted area – thus the solid knot-like nature. So long as it doesn’t start getting hot and red which would mean ongoing, spreading inflammation from infection, it should be fine and it will dissipate in time.

I don’t know about the permanent condition you refer to junkie girl. Some sort of ongoing infection like that does sound plausible, unfortunately.

Comment by opiated

i mostly use ms these days and get a bout of cotton fever or a reaction to large amounts of morph setting off my imune system or whatever it actually called or caused by… i have all the symptoms talked about, the convulsions, sweating, extreme pain, on and on. i have had it it maybe five times in the last 6 months. my question is the last two time i have gotten it i have awoken the next day to be more or less paralized and unable to move my legs arms etc. and have had to be taken to the hospital for two stays so far. about 24hrs later it seems to wear off with no intervention and has myself and about ten docs baffled. i have not read anything about this happening to others yet. does anyone or has anyone gone through this? they think maybe i have MS, lol, the other one-the disease, not the one i shoot 300 too 400 mgs of every day, and the drug use or reaction syndrome is severely worsening the disease. i am hoping i do not have this horrible nerve disease and this happening too people on occasion is not unheard of. if anyone has any info it would be great.

Comment by flying purple peeler eater


Comment by gd

yea i heard about some friends who went paralized…sometimes an abcess or cellulitis near a nerve can cause paralysis down that side of the body…you must not be from the states i thought ms was too hard to come by around here and most people take it to the streets….i got tired of alll the bs about a year ago and am clean and have had 0 bouts with mystery illnesses since…so ms guy…tell me about how you use ms …is it in a pill like on that movie “drugstore cowboy” and you melt it down or what?

Comment by burroughs

by the way …cotton fever is a cake walk

Comment by burroughs

Hey Burroughs. I agree that a bit of a dirty hit (commonly mis-named as “cotton fever”) is a cake walk when compared to the serious infections which do occur. But nevertheless, a dirty hit is no fun. Even if it only lasts two or three hours, you go through an awful lot of physical stress when your muscles are all tensed up, and you’re shaking violently like a palm tree in a hurricane. I’m usually worn out for a couple days after an intense bout of it.

You ask about using MS Contin. Here’s a very helpful guide: Step-by-step Guide (and click on the little Burroughs icon at bottom of page to read for his kickass Testimony Concerning Sickness)

Comment by opiated

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Comment by Shaggy

I found the cure for “dirty hits” which most people call “cotton fever” is too take 800mg of Ibuprofen (Motrin) or 2000mg of APAP (tylenol), and most importantly, if you have some benzodiazapines, take a decent dose of those. For one the benzos really take the edge of that horribly uncomfortable feeling that is much worse than the flu if you ask me. Be careful, of course, if you are shooting opiates and combining them with benzos. But if you are not worried about an OD, they really help, and can lull you into a nice sleep so when you wake up 4 hours later, it is nearly gone. Cotton fever generally lasts longer than that. If it persists for a couple of days…go to the doc and tell him what you did. You can become septic depending on what bacteria you injected or endocarditis….both life threatening. If your temp reaches above 103F…and doesn’t break within 24 hours….go to the doctor. If our temp gets above 104F…go to the ER (105F and enzymes start to destroy your body). I am looking right now because I have just shot a “dirty hit”. And it was hell and 40 mins after the shot…and by 1 hour I was just begging for it to stop. That is when I took the benzos and Motrin (Tylenol might be better, but I don’t like how hepatoxic it is). Within a half hour it is very bearable and I feel safe to take a nap knowing it will be only be a mild annoyance in 4-6 hours.

One thing to think about as well is what solvent you are using. If it is not isotonic with your body’s normal NaCl levels (.9% NaCl) and you use too much water (usually done after trying to beat the tiny bit left in cottons into your rig, of course filtered again, still you are putting more pure H20 in there two, three, even four times. Despite this practice could be the possible cause of the bacteria, it could also just cause a water reaction that causes an imbalance in your blood resulting in similar symptoms. Do some research on it and you will find some good info on it. If you are gonna reuse cottons (which I don’t suggest)….wait for you body to stabilize before shooting mostly water immediately after (especially more than once). Take a smaller hit and after you ride that out…then use those cottons if you must and heat the solution to just bubbling to kill bacteria that may be looming from it staying wet for a few hours. Longer than that…throw em away. There really isn’t that much in there…and believe me once you get so called “cotton fever” from it….you will hate yourself for doing it.

Took the anagesics and benzos at 10am and it is 11:20…and symptoms have greatly reduced. It is my suggestion to combat a “dirty hit”. That and some Gatoraide, fruit juice, or water if you don’t have juice. Consider an antibiotic if you have some laying around. I know how bad it can get…but I know how to treat it fairly well now if I happen to get it.

Hope this was helpful…know it was long. Thanks for reading.

Comment by Anon

My wife shot up OC’s numerous times over the last two weeks. Somewhere in that time something went wrong. Her arm is swelling up and she can’t bend it or extend it without a lot of pain. Should she go to the hospital or should she just ride it out and let her body heal itself?

Comment by Stan

It can’t be cotton fever.
Cuz I don’t use cotton.
I use gauze.
And I keep my washes together most of the time, and when a wash that gave me the shakes like that, has came into contact at all, or was close to any other washes, I would get the shakes from them as well.
I’ve had it happen to me atleast 50 times.
I don’t think it’s cotton fever tho.
It’s gotta be something else. Like a fungus or something.
Also, i would never get it if I let my washes dry out before putting them in a cellophane or anything like that.
I wish I had some answers about all this.
I hate it.
It makes you feel like your dying basically.

Comment by Nate

i don’t do anything besides swallow my pills but i am open minded and dont let a little thing like addiction affect who my friends are. Currewntly, my ex husband is hardcore on the needle and i date a man who dabbles. Well, the two partied last night and now the new beau is very sick. Fever, chills, cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, headache, sensitivity to light sound and touch. Hes moaning in his sleep and i feel horrible that i cant help him. My bro sent him some percocets and told me to keep him hydrated but he wont drink water. Could this be cotton fever?

Comment by mamacita

I’ve had “cotton fever” more times than i care to admit. I used to get if a lot when i was shooting roxies. My gf and i would save dozens of cottons and try to wash them over and over. I mean we’d have a tbl spoon filled with old cottons, whatever we could find. Now sometimes we’d get really sick, usually me, and sometimes we wouldn’t. That’s what really irks me. We would do it all in one spoon, both draw off it, and (if at all) one of us would get sick. I was originally told that cotton fever was when a strand of cotton would make it into your blood stream, which is why then say to use cigarette filters instead. The fact that only one of us would get sick supports my theory. I mean I may do it at night, then the next morning do it and get sick.

Now when i say i’d get sick what usually would happen is that all of a sudden all my joints would start aching, especially my lower back. Sometimes i get spasms in my back that i was grateful for because if not for them i’d have these spurts of searing pain in my lower back. It would feel like something was tearing into my muscles and like keeping my back straight would feel too awful so i’d bend it and then that position would feel like the worst ever. You couldn’t win.
This is followed within say 20 minutes by almost always a 104 degree fever. I’d then be thankful for the uncontrollable shivering because it takes away from the back pain. Then of coure the vomiting starts. Often, or at least soon enough, you have nothing to give up. I’d beg my gf for drinks constantly to the point that even in my pitiful condition she’d give me attitude about it(i must also say though that she is a bitch:).
I find that the best thing for me to do was to lay down in the shower under hot water. Keep a huge glass of ice water near, as big as possible. Now taking hot showers when you have a fever doesn’t sound like the smartest thing to do. I keep the curtain open slightly so that the freezing ac can provide me with jets of cool air when i need it. Plus the hot water helps with the violent shivering. Then vomit. Vomit as much as you can. Then drink some of your water. Take a break. Breath while you can and enjoy the brief moments of bliss that come after vomiting. When you feel up to it, repeat the process. The water will start getting cooler and help bring you down some. After as long as i can take i get out put on a robe and just get in bed under the covers.
I leave the tv on and often i don’t even watch it, but it helps take my mind off it. The idea is hopefully you’re so physically exhausted from the shower vomiting you pass out(fall asleep i mean. Too many people are in to literally passing out these day)
Just keep drinking you can and soon you’ll vomit again. And repeat if you need to. The best way to get thru it is asleep.

A couple of days ago i shot some heroin at night. Felt great. The next morning i woke up after only a couple hours of sleep. I pissed and was like man i think i could puke. This could be bad. I didn’t wanna wake up my gf’s sis and have her find out we were gettin high. So i kept waking every 30 mins. When sis was gone i went nuts. It was so bad cuz i just gagged for a long while until i could finally get something up. Boy was i fucked. It took the whole day and a lot of puke, but i stuck to my methods and by the next morning i was better. I forgot to mention that it always seems to be cured by the next morning. This is what i call cotton fever. If it’s something else i’d love to know what. Thanks. Bud F (unfortunately fullblown for 8 years)

Comment by Bud

I’ve been an i.v. drug user for many a year, injecting heroin and methadone(in ampoules or crushed up pills or even on occasion straight methadone linctus in a big massive syringe) When injecting the lintus\syrup I just sucked it straight out of the medicine bottle and stuck it in a vein – it took along time to push that much syrupy,thick liquid through the needle(a big green needle too). Whenever I did this I would never get a rush because my tolerance was too high for the amount I could inject in one go. All I would get was a sweet taste in my throat and a gradual reduction in my withdrawals. What I got also was a mild form of Dirty Hit which seemed horribly constant until after a few days I would have to stop injecting it. I have had quite a few Hirty hits over the years (between the ages of 17 to 30)and they have varied in strength. A bad one will render you a shivering wreck, clutching your head and praying to get through it and that it ends soon but one good thing about getting a D.H. from injecting heroin is that heroin is a pain killer and it will help to calm you and usually you will eventually fall asleep. The absolutely worse D.H. I got happened to be my first one and it wasn’t from a heroin fix it was from speed (in the form of crushed dexamphetamine sulfate tablets. I was 17 or 18 and I didn’t really know about dirty hits so when in about 5 mins after the hit my head began to throb and I started to violently shake I was very scared. My boyfriend who I was with at the time told me what it was and I crawled into bed and began to vomit. My whole body was in so much pain, my muscled ached and my skin felt badly bruised all over. My head pounded like a migraine,and those who have had a migraine know they are in a different class of pain compared with a headache. Every time I retched to vomit I felt that my brain was just gonna explode. The constant violent shivers where playing havoc with my already pained muscles and another strange symptom was an urge to stretch as though I was yawning. Normally with a heroin d.h. i would fall asleep after a few hours from exhaustion but because this was speed there was no chance and of course the painkilling properties of heroin were replaced with increased heart-rate and massive anxiety, I remember being so scared i asked my boyfriend to call an ambulance.He didn’t and after many long hellish hours it passed and i recovered to live another day and experience many more dirty hits – none though as bad as that one. A dirty hit is a horrible thing to go through but one as a result of injecting speed is much much worse. these days i am stable on methadone and i have not injected any drugs for about 5 years but i came out of it with hepatitis c and lately I have gotten quite anxious because strangely i have had some of the symptoms of a dirty hit when i haven’t been anywhere near needles. what could be the cause? if anyone has any idea i would really appreciate a response. the main symptom that i find puzzling is the stretching but also there is the bruised feeling of my skin and the headache etc. so far i haven’t had it as painful as a genuine dirty hit but its certainly unpleasant to say the least.I’m particularly worried that its connected to the hep c. Is my liver packing up? And what IS the stretching all about?

Comment by rebecca

ive heard that having blood clots in your body can feel like u av had a dirty hit. my mate had the feelin of a dirty hit for weeks when he went on holiday to greece. he had the symptoms 4 the last week of his holiday and when he got back 2 england he went to the hospital as it was gettin worse. after sum tests they said that he had several blood clots in his legs

Comment by nathan jones

Yep, you’ve well-describe “cotton fever” or a “dirty hit” sickeningly well. It is simply awful, isn’t it?

The first time I started shaking uncontrollably and have muscle convulsions I didn’t realize what exactly it was. I just knew something was very wrong. I told myself I’d call emergency if it kept up much longer or increased in intensity, as I lay on the carpet and just tried to hold myself together. Luckily it started subsiding. At that point, I always seem to fall into a completely exhausted sleep – thankfully.

Comment by opiAted

I bang dillada’s / Hydromophone once in a while black tar, i have been for about 5 years now and i just turned 20 but a few days ago i got my first dose of cotton fever but i am glad to know that it cannot kill you but i never want to experience this shit again. What happened was i was out of pills so i used old cottons which is called a cotton shot when you squeeze the left over powder in the cottons, cuz you know there is still drugs in that shit but at first i thought i did too much because i was really fucking loaded but an hour or two passes by and i also felt my muscles tense up but it was not alarming a half hour later goes by and i find myself sitting on the couch and out of nowhere i start shivering as if i was cold so i turned the heat up but then it just got so bad i thought i was going to die it was hard to breathe and it was hard to talk but i took a klonipin and hopped in the shower it helped alot i was not shivering to bad after that at least it was bearable, i think i may have done something wrong or maybe it was a dirty hit because i just did another cotton shot a couple hours ago and i’m feelin pretty good no cotton fever…Just be careful of what you stick in your arms haha there is an art in shooting heroin but i learn as i go and hopefuly this will not happen again.

Anyways thought i would share my story >;o)


Comment by Thomas

Bud I get your exact symptoms minus the pukeing. The back pain is new for me but bro it fuckin sucks. I had 3 years sober relapsed nov. 2010 got on the methadone clinic in feb 2011 but I still shoot fuckin dope. I dose at 9 am work all day and thrn I love to do a shot and chill when I get home im sick of it. Opened 4 bank accounts overdrew thrm all now I am fucked. I want to quit tomorrow. I dont want to kick in jail if the banks press charges. This sucks anybody want to help me? Scott29boston@yahoo.com. Oh and I own my business and date alot of girls all drug free and they dont know my problem. I dress nice it sucks I need Help BADLY

Comment by Scottboston

I need help. I am a iv drug user and I’m bad sick throwing up shaking headaches. I don’t know what is wrong. I’m scared. I’ve only been banging for 8 months. I don’t know much

Comment by linzo

What can happen if you don’t use a filter at all??

Comment by Melissa Waller-Carbaugh

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Comment by soma

I had it today for 1pm till 11pm i tgought i was dieing i sleep it off thats the only way to there is nothing u can do

Comment by taylor

What is wrong with me I can’t stop shaking my fingers are numb and I’m freezing my stomach is fine just everything else and my sight is blurry

Comment by morning

My fever is going up I’m scared what should I do if I’m scared and I can’t get more dope

Comment by morning

I recently went on a three day Beng shooting meth i did get cotton fever but i just down four glasses of water and goody powders and i cures it quick every time thats not my problem my problem is that its been a week and im having these bouts with headaches and my ears ringing has anyone ever had this problem i find it hard not to panic during these bouts

Comment by Meth phene

Cotton fever ..or dirty shots are the worst!! my fever gets to like 104 sometimes… I take four advil ..lay under my blankets with a heater directly facing me..and drink REALLY cold stuff.. but not soda..juice or gatorade or tea. the cold from the drink feels.so.good in ur lungs… good luck.. that shit is for the birds!

Comment by Rachel

Found a cure for cotton fever. When u feel it coming on take about 4 regular aspirin. Nothing else….aspirin only. It works!!! Miracle!

Comment by Ashley

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the first time i ever had cotton fever, i remember taking the shot, and not 5 minutes later getting chills really badly, and i laid down. from that point on it was like a dream. i guess that i got out of bed, and proceeded to vomit throughout the house. i hallucinated that my girl and i were having a party and that there were tons of people in the house (it was just the two of us)…this was almost 10 years ago. last night i took a shot, and about 30 minutes later started getting really bad chills, headache, tingling hands, my back hurt something fierce…but, i took some pain pills with tylenol in them (for the fever), and after about an hour the symptoms went away and i was just exhausted.

the first one was surely bacterial (i had scraped up what i thought was a spilled spoon, but that was likely dropped blood from a month earlier), while the second experience was likely just a particle in the shot (pills this time, heroin/blood the first time).

it’s scary, for sure. i thought that i was going to have a stroke on an aneurism or some shit…quickly threw away my fits and decided that if i was going to continue doing junk, i am going to ingest it any way but IV (although that is my preferred method), unless i’m willing to not be a gutter junky, and actually use best practices. i have done everything from using rain water and chewed-up ice to using dope and cottons that were super old and even outfits that i had to straighten the needle on and unclog from repeated use and neglect). no more desperation shots for me. gotta use junk like a gentleman…getting too old to be that scared from using dope…

maybe it’s time to get clean. seeing a shrink next week…years and years of dopamine overload have turned me into a depressed lump of shit when i’m not using…i can’t really imagine going the rest of my life like this…

Comment by afrogesic

I just shot my second quarter of shake and bake meth and after doing my second shot I started sweating and shakeing uncontrollably. The sweating has stopped but Im still shakening and now my left shoulder,arm and neck hurt. What could be wrong.PLZ HELP

Comment by mike smith

I experience my 1st cotton fever after staying clean for 3 weeks ..just that one hit I don’t think I ever wanna experience that again anytime soon

Comment by victoria simon

i have had a dirty hit about 4hours ago it started kicking in about 2hours ago and now am shaking.my finger tips are tingling and numb.i feel sick.i cant score again to over ride it so am going to have to ride this one out. i feel like am dying. i have been poorl for months with depression n stress i overdose everynight but i always wake up. any ideas of how to ease this hit??my leg has ballooned as i suffer with dvts.i use in mygroin

Comment by Taliah

I have cotton fever right now. I did a rinse at like 7:00 a.m. and I fell back asleep. I woke up around 9:00, soooooo thirsty!! It’s like I couldn’t get enough to drink…but I still didn’t put two and two together, until about 20 mins later. I started shaking uncontrollably and my teeth were chattering….I was shaking and chattering so hard that my jaw was getting so sore. Then came the chills, followed by me being so cold! I was under my flannel sheets and heavy comforter. And I was still freezing! Then came the fever and sweats!
I’ve had cotton fever probably 8 times since I’ve been using. But this was the absolute worst case I’ve EVER had!!!!!!!!
My fever must have been pretty high because I was almost hallucinating,…And
A I say “almost hallucinating” because I wasn’t actually seeing things. But I was talking and not making any sense at all. And at one point I was in my room and was talking out loud, and no one was in the room with me. Then twice I got up outta bed and was walking around, (the best way I can describe it is like I was sleep walking) I walked into my night stand, and then the second time I almost walked into the wall. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced! It’s now 4:00 p.m. And the shakes are gone. Now I’m just left with a fever, a terrible headache, and muscle and body aches. And I don’t know if its because my body went thru so much trauma…But I’m just so tired. I’ve sleeping all day! I’m just glad I’m feeling somewhat better than I was earlier this morning!

Comment by Shannon Loverde

Me and my friend was smoking and I had the pipe and we was talking forgetting the pipe in my hand and it’s hot so I’m just a talking and next thing I feel something got on my arm and I had turned the pipe the wrong way while it was still liquard now I have a red puffy burning and painful lump on arm and it won’t stop burning and it happen yesturday and this moring it looked swollen and worst

Comment by rilene guidry

i am scared for my friend i quit almost took hit n chose not to. She is sick n the water was dirty. I didn’t want to tell her i quite right now cause shes definsive. All her symptoms are the worst possible. Do i make her go to the hospital before 24hrs.. I told her im trying but didn’t out n out say so cuz i dont want to make her feel weak. The major defensiveness. Im not scared to confront her i just dont want her shutting me out to help

Comment by Mrs. X

Actually, I don’t think it’s from a dirty hit, well kind of it is. When u have wet cotton, it starts growing mold on it from all the moisture, and that’s what u end up shooting is mold particles. At least that is what I believe happens, I could be wrong.

Comment by Andrea

I shot up in the lower part of my leg and the vein hurts all the way up to the back of my knee , idk if it was an artery or what but I can barley walk and I’m really scared and don’t know what to do … Plz help


I too was getting what I thought was cotton fever. I would become so cold like my body would be fishing out shaking .. then I get headaches n be forced to lay down with the flu. I started to learn ..cause I was seeing two connnects n it was only happening with my one boys diesel. I would use the same cotton n injected dealer 1 diesel n get the body fever described above. Then I would inject dealer 2 diesel using the same cotton n I would be fine… so it told me dealer ones cut was being picked up by my body as a histamine… THE SOLUTION I FOUND OUT IS TO COOK IT FIRST.. A lot of people don’t heat it. This works trust me …
Get a lighter after your diesel is in the spoon ready to go.. heat the bottom of the spoon for about 1 minute or until the water starts to boil… then add cotton load syringe and inject. Guarantee you don’t get sick…

I know it works cause I tried it out on the bundle that was giving me the flu n it definitely worked.

Cotton can get into system n your body rejects it as a histamine so they call it cotton fever

But most cases it’s the cut they are using it’s so impure n has bacteria …. the heater which I know takes a minutes (if your already dope sick that’s like 3 hrs) but the lighter kills off the bacteria then you can inject safely n not get sick

Comment by Anthony Lombardo

It is bacteria related some of you need to read what drs. have found out since you last was informed or read about it . A hospitalists has post more up to date reasons what actually cotton fever is

Comment by k

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