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Old man has helping hands…
June 5, 2007, 11:42 pm
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Connected today with an old man whose given us a helping hand in the past. In fact, we had a regular good thing going with him until his weakness interrupted things.

His weakness? Well, he has a hankering for young (under 40) trailer trash gals. When one gives him any attention, he’s gone like a tracking dog chasing a suitcase full of dope on a conveyor belt. I mean, he’s gone. All responsibilites and prior commitments vanish like a wallet dropped from a rich man’s back pocket. Yeah, he loves to go after the girls. And the trashier of them love to go after him. Its a mutually exploitive arrangement. He’s really an easy mark for them. All googly-eyed like a silly seventeen year old infatuated, he gives away his money, dope, car, etc. etc. etc. It’s kind of pathetic really.

But he’s a good old guy and he does help us out when his heads not elsewhere. And luckily we caught him resting on his couch this afternoon. His new heart throb passed out in the bedroom. He was spaced out as all get go, but looking none the worse for wear despite having obviously been on quite the bender.

Drug Users are People Too

Anyhow he made us a considerable donation to the cause. And at a tenth of the price that the local scum suckers extoll from us when we’re desperate. So from cupboards bare, to cupboards full. Yep, when it rains, it really pours. And thank gawd we’re frigging drenched right now.

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