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Morphine and chocolate, morphine and cigarettes…
June 16, 2007, 12:22 pm
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Ain’t it the truth. When Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes sang of morphine and chocolate being her substitutes her words rang true for a lot of us who are doubly addicted to the junk and the chooies.

Substitute my gloom with happiness
Substitute my sickness with health
Substitute my enemies with real good friends
Morphine & chocolate are my
Substitute, substitutes

I definitely do my fair share to keep the chocolate bar companies in the profits. Currently my favourite is the Kit Kat because its got real chocolate, and well, I don’t really know why else…

Kit Kat

The other drug that goes with drugs is tobacco. And it can be pretty expensive itself. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not only dollar-wise (cough, cough).

To save a few (more than a few) buck on cigarettes we make a monthly treek to a local native reserver where we can get 200+ king-size filtered smokes in a zip-locked bag for $12. Sometimes $10. Considering that a pack of regular costs around $9 we save a ton of money going to the reserve.

Its kind of interesting how many cigarette retailers there are on the reserve. Driving along a few of the main roads there are lots of signs for “cheap smokes” and literally dozens of outlets right from people’s homes. As well, there are portable trailers scattered around that serve as drive-through smoke shops, where you just pull up to a side window and hand through your $12 or $24 bucks and get a couple big bags of smokes. And they always toss in a lighter for free, which is kind of cool.

Cheap native-made smokes are also available online. For example, you can get a cartoon of Huron smokes delivered to your door for $11.95 from Indian Smokes Online or get a cartoon of American Brands for $10 from Native Smokes. The smokes we get are manufactured by Grand River Enterprise in Ontario.

Huron smokes ….. Mohawk Nation News - Daily News from the Mohawk Nation

I certainly don’t reccomend smoking, but if you’ve got the habit, you should check out native smoke shops and stop wasting so much money on your smokes. And besides, it’s always a good thing to put some bucks into native-run businesses.

Not to be confused with the band Morphine and Chocolate

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