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People on the street of Vancouver need your support…
June 25, 2007, 12:27 am
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Well, the drugs have run out…

Well, not all the drugs.  But the injectable drugs have run out.

We had our last fix about an hour ago.  It’s always funny (not funny haha, but funny strange) doing the last hit.  I’m always a little bit nervous.  Nervous I don’t fuck it up – spill the spoon, plug the needle, miss the hit, or awful outcomes like that.

I’m glad to say the last hit went down like a charm.  Cooked up great, hit a vein easily, and the bump was just right, not too strong, but strong enough.

So now what?  Now it feels kind of funny too.  Again, not funny haha, but funny strange.   It’s been ages since there hasn’t been a hit waiting there for the morning.  Yep, that good old morning hit.  Exactly what I need to get the day started.

Yep, it feels funny.   There’s a kind of emptiness, as if something’s just not right.  It’s kind of a vague feeling, kind of like embarking into the unknown, and uncertainty about the future.  Even though tomorrow’s morning pills are already there on my nightstand, with a glass of water to wash them down, just an arm-stretch away when I open my eyes to greet the dawn.  And there’s enough of them that I won’t be sick.

And furthermore, we resupply with injectable in less that 24 hours.  By dinner tomorrow we’ll already have gotten a fix into us.  So what’s to be bothered about, right?  Yet I feel bothered and ill-at-ease.  I suppose you could say that’s the dis-ease of addiction?

Hell, even without those morning pills, I’d only have to sweat it out for less than a day.  So what’s the big deal?  Why sweat it?  I agree entirely, it ain’t no big deal.  But it ain’t my logical side that’s feeling funny, it’s my addict side, and that side don’t think straight.

Ok, enough of my minuscule problems.  There’s a real problem out in Vancouver.  Come December the safer injection site inSITE is going to have to close its doors unless the federal government extends its operating licence.  Science certainly backs the efficacy of the inSITE.  Many lives have been saved in the three years inSITE’s been operating.  And many drug users have gone to treatment because the medical staff at the facility provided them with referrals, something they just wouldn’t get while shooting up in a back alley or in isolation in a rinky-dinky boarding house room.

But there’s an ideological war been declared by organizations like the Drug Prevention Network of Canada and the Institute on Global Drug Policy, both being little more than front groups for Drug Free America.  And that side is waging a fierce propaganda campaign to try and deceive the public into thinking inSITE is a big, fat waste of taxpayer’s money.

I was glad to hear that the forces of compassion and harm reduction and evidence-based sensibilities won a similar ideological battles in Australia earlier this month, allowing a safer injection site in Sydney to remain open.

inSITE needs public support to win the struggle against those who want to shut it down.  In order to stay open they’re going to need more than the stacks of scientific evidence that already shows its been doing a good job.  That scientific evidence is known.  But it alone won’t win this ideological battle.  inSITE needs the voices of people telling the government that they support the facility.

How can you add your voice?  Just go to Institute for Community Safety and click on the Show Your Support link.   Then you can simply add your name to a pre-written email to the Prime Minister, or you can write an email that expresses your own passion and insight into the issue.

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hi. i’m not a heroin user, but i’ve been desperately trying to find out more about painkillers… i’ve used percocet a lot, and apap, and loritabs… but now i’ve been prescribed this piroxicam and its a painkiller but it’s not doing anything, and i was wondering how much i would need to take to get the effect of four percocets, or at least a high of some sort. i don’t know if you’d know anything about this, but nobody else does, so i thought i’d shoot you a question. thanks!

Comment by Erin


I never heard of this piroxicam so I googled it and found that i don’t think it’s an opiate pain killer but an anti-inflamitory drug.

“piroxicam – Arthritis and Arthritic Conditions, Medications …DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Piroxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is effective in treating fever, pain, and inflammation in the body …”

Comment by Guest

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