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November 30, 2007, 3:13 pm
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Occassionally – and I do emphasize “occassionally” – we come into a bit of extra disposable income.   And, believe it or not, we don’t always spend it on our greedy, self-serving addict-selves.  Sometimes family comes first and they’ll benefit with an extra this or that for birthdays or holidays.  However, when we do spend it on ourselves it means a trip to the big city to score some H, down, jazz, gear, or whatever the hell you wanna call it.  Lately we’ve had several successful excursions to the big city.

We’re pretty lucky in that we have a decent, quite dependable dealer whose pretty good about answering his phone.   We give a call a day or two before we’re coming and give our order and set up a time and place to meet.  Although we’ve known this dealer for some time, he’s very careful about sharing personal info – basically he shares none.  We have no idea who he is, what he does, or where he lives.  We just have a cell phone number, and the relief of knowing he’ll usually be there when he says he’ll be there.   Given that it is a four hour drive for us to make the meet site, it is quite a relief to know he’ll be there when he says he will.  It would be quite a drag to drive four hours and then be stood up by a dealer who didn’t give a shit.

He’s pretty good with his counts and his quality.  Given that we’re shelling out close to a thousand bucks each visit it is nice to know we’re basically getting what we’re supposed to be getting.   None-the-less, we’re never entirely satisfied, but most of the time we’re darn close.  What can we say? or do? since it is a seller’s market and our options are few and far between.  We either settle for whatever we receive or we’re shit outta luck.

Junk is a luxury.  As I’ve noted previously, it is a hell of a lot more expensive than morphine.  Heroin and morphine are basically equivalent in terms of dope per gram.  They are inter-exchangeable – if we need a 100mg shot of morphine, then a point of heroin (100 mgs) will do us the same.  There’s 10 points in a gram, or 1000 mgs.  Now that will cost us around $250.  Whereas it will only cost us $70 for the same amount of morphine.

So why do we spend four times as much for the same dose?  Well, consider it this way.   Do a one hour test ride in a top of the line Mercedes or a bottom of the line Ford.   Which do you think will give you the better ride?   Heroin give you the better ride – a much better ride!    Most junkies would agree in a big, big way!

Since we gotta use everyday we just can’t afford luxury all the time.  But it sure is nice to have a treat once in a while.   We don’t normally nod on morphine.  But with the junk, we usually find ourselves nodded out for around a half hour after each shot.  We’ll do the hit, and feel it for a few minutes strong, and then the next thing we know, we’re waking up where we sit, saying “whew, that was nice”.

Even though the doses are supposed to be equivalent that’s unfortunately just pharmaceutical theory.  Since when is the junk 100% pure like the prescription morphine is?  Never!   So, usually we’ll end up doing about double our normal dose in every fix of heroin.  Where one 100mg morphine pill can do the trick, I’ll normally do the better part of a quarter gram of H in one shot.  Now that might be a bit bigger than I really need.  But the whole point with the junk is to get a damn good buzz.  What’s the point of just doing minimum maintenance dosing  at four times the cost?   There ain’t no point in that.  So, I make sure I get a damn good whack when I do the junk to ensure I REALLY feel it strong.

Red Carpet Heroin

So the $1000 of junk only lasts  three days whereas a $1000 of morphine might last damn near two weeks.  Oh well, it is good while it lasts.   Lately we’ve been getting gear called “Red Carpet” because supposedly it was smuggled over in shipments of Afghan rugs.  There we lots of little red carpet fibers mixed up in it.  To tell you the truth, I thought the fibers looked more like curly hairs.  But whatever, it sure cooked back clean.  Just a bit of heat and all the chunks and powder in the spoon merged with the water and came back as a clear dark liquid (almost exactly like in the picture above) .  There wasn’t a bit of dirt left at the bottom of the spoon.  It seemed like the cotton filter only had to keep our the occasional hair or carpet fiber from drawing up into the syringe barrel.

After a couple days of shooting junk, we usually would feel a bit bagged out.  As if we really we’re used to it, or whatever the cut is.  Kind of a bit sick feeling, as if our bodies were having to work a bit extra to handle whatever all the shit is.  Because not matter that it cooks back clean, it is at least 50% some adulterant or another.

I wish I had an extra $1000 right now.   I feel like taking a drive.  But Christmas is coming so its unlikely we’ll be able to indulge ourselves until sometime next February.  Oh well, patience it a virtue, isn’t it?

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Is this site serious? Do you actually do heroin and drugs or is this some sort of fiction? You mentioned family and other things, is this a start of an addiction? I’m sorry if I’m prying or being too personal I just don’t understand. How long have you been doing this drug and/or others?

Comment by what

Of course this blog is serious. Of course I actually do heroin and other drugs. I’ve been doing drugs for several decades.

Beside the fact of simply sharing some of my reality, if there be a purpose to this blog it is to reduce the harm that can come with drug use and some of the unsafer practices that we do.

Comment by opiated

dude you really need a quarter gram of H to get off? thats an elephant sized habit. what’d do w/ MS, like 300 mgs? shit I do like 3 good bags and I’m on the nod. I couldn’t imagine going 1/4 gram, i’d be dead, and i’ve been on junk for 6 years

Comment by Alex

alex and what u 2 are obviously the new comers people who are long time users have gone through the stage where they allow their habits to ruin their lives and their families .lifers find after years of trial and error a way to exist with their habits

Comment by -martin

drug users not drug abusers.their is a big difference between self medicating and being full blown junky scum. if the pawn shop looks a lot like your living room used to ,you have a problem

Comment by -martin

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