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Save your washes for a rainy day…
December 9, 2007, 2:11 pm
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Not being able to score is the most dreaded thing when you’re wired.    However if you plan ahead for that dreaded reality by saving up your washes you’ll be able to weather your rainy days.

That’s the sensible advice you’ll find on a webpage entitled Use Your Washes Sensibly

Morphine Washes  … … Bags of morphine washes

Basically the idea is to save up your washes in the fridge, and then when you can’t score, you use your washes.  Each wash from a 100 mg morphine equals approx. 20 gm.    So squirt 5 syringes into a cup, add water, and drink it down.  That would be the same as eating a 100 mg morphine pill.   That’s going to do the trick until you’re able to score.

Doing your wash right after fixing up basically is like wasting that little bit of dope.  But if you save it up, and add it to other washes, you’ve got yourself an adequate dose.

Makes sense?  You bet it does!  Next time you face a rainy day you’ll be glad you listened to this simple piece of advice.

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Yes, this is good advice. I do this myself. Took me years to see that saving up was much better than going sick. It’s a matter of not getting greedy trying to get every last drop into you that isn’t really necessary in the first place. Just save up what’s left in the spoon to add to other stashed saves and use them when needed in order to stay well. This methadone has saved me MANY times over the years. Rather drink a few save and not be sick than be sick trying to score. It would of been hell if I didn’t have some saves trying to find something. No one likes to feel desperate when looking for the dealer.

Great Advice….such a great blog here. Like I said before, lot’s of good information. That’s what I call Harm Reduction.

Comment by morphine lover

Yes, saving for a jones is a good practice. You not only have something for that time we hate, but you begin (if you haven’t already)to manage your relationship to the drug in a healthier way.

I’d be very wary of injecting old washes, the blog mentioned using it orally and that would be fine, so far as I know, but there’s always somebody out there…

I recall, back in the Day, “Freddie” had a house conveniently located and a lot of us used to stop there to do our bags and socialize. “Freddie” only asked that you leave him the wash. And he did a lot of washes. Man, this dude was always jaundiced. I’m not saying that doing washes (“cottons” in our parlance)causes Hep, and this was way before anyone ever heard of HepC so we just considered it an occupational hazard, but Freddie was also always sick from something. He also didn’t refrigerate them. So be careful!

Comment by DHM

Yeah, putting old cottons into your blood stream is NOT a good idea. In fact, infections caused by doing that is the original meaning of “cotton fever”.

DHM is very right in pointing our the health dangers associated with shooting up washes – of any sort. There is always blood left in a syringe, and normally a wash is pulled up into a used syringe.

Regarding morphine washes, I am only encouraging oral injestion of them. I save each wash into a used syringe which I washed out a couple times. Depending on the pill(s) from which the wash was made, I can roughly estimate how much morphine would be in each wash.

So, say I figure there is 15mg in each wash. Then if I wanted to inject 75mg depending on my habit, I would do 5 (syringes full of) washes.

I squirt each of the 5 syringes into a small cup, add some COLD water, swish it around, and drink down in one gulp. Then add cold water a couple more time, just to make sure I get everything, and also to rinse the horrible taste out of my mouth.

All the best! Be healthy!

Comment by opiated

Nice Information
Thanks for sharing

Comment by bestchildrensbooks1

I want to thank you so much for this, but may i add a suggestion to everyone who reads this..

since you can’t inject old washes many people eat them.
but the Oral Bioavailability of almost every injectable opiate is absolutely TERRIBLE: Morphine, Dilaudid, and Oxymorphone all have oral bioavailabilitys of only around %30! and orally even Heroin is the EXACT same potency of oral Morphine.
So everyone, please Plug(rectally administer) your washes. You will save more for even more rainy days.

here’s a little instruction on how to do it with your washes that you’ve kept in the fridge.

1st. take the amount you want and squirt them all into your cooker.

2nd. cook them up. it’s not necessary if you’re in a hurry or something, i just like to.

3rd. draw it all up into one syringe and break off the needle completely. or if you have one you should draw it into one of those oral needleless syringes(the thinner kind).

4th. lube up the area(you know where it is) and slowly slide the needleless syringe in as far as you can while still staying comfortable(well as comfortable as you can with a syringe up your ass, but it’s worth it.. trust me)

5th. slowly spray the wonderfull opiates into you and you should feel it against the walls or whatever of your anus.

6th. wait for 15-30 minutes for it to hit you, don’t shit either(that shouldn’t be too hard ;])

also it works better/faster if your ’empty’, if ya know what i mean, but it’s not crucial

Comment by Sammmm

The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

Comment by How to Get Six Pack Fast

wow, i feel so sorry for all of yall

Comment by ak

Nice post thank you good idea i will remeber it next time. You store it in the fridge right?

Comment by dan

Yes, in the fridge. Most definitely. Actually in one of the veggie crisper slide out boxes. Try to make sure the needle you save wash in is cleaned from blood. Not just for HIV or HepC concerns, but also because over time the blood could spoil be a source for “germs”. I’ve drank saved washes up to four months old with no problems. Doesn’t even upset stomach, or cause any sort of infection. No doubt eventually the washes would likely get “moldy” or something like that, but so long as they are kept in the fridge they stay okay for a long time.

Please note: this is for drinking of the saved washes only. Not for re-injecting. Re-injecting would be dumb and just asking for infection (“cotton fever / dirty hit”) problems.

Just squirt 5 or 10 or 15 washes into a cup, add some cold water, drink it down, and you’ll have yourself an adequate dose to stave off dope sickness for another six – eight hours.

Comment by opiAted


Good way to consolidate all of your washes. Take your saved up washes and squirt them into a glass pyrex dish and evaporate off the water so that all you left with is the dope which then can be scrapped off. Evaporate off the water by placing the dish into a microwave and heat until water is gone. The dope is now sterile and you can mix with a bit of fresh water and do the normal thing you do…

Comment by Drew

As you know, these syringes are met for single use only. However they can still be used maybe 2-3 times, but you’re starting to cause damage to your skin using them more than that. The solution? Well, obviously USE NEW ONES! They are very inexpensive, and while I’m aware some states require a prescription to get syringes, you can still buy them ONLINE! People even sell them on eBay. You can generally get a box of 100 count for less than $20.

If have to inject, use new syringes and alcohol swabs. Everything should be boiling even if the drug does not necessitate it to avoid bacteria (sometimes cotton fever). Rotate the injection sites as much as possible to prevent scarring to your veins. Or better yet, go to a doctor or clinic and get a prescription for Suboxone. Yes it’s expensive, but it’s cheaper than dope, plus there are many free discounts plans and coupons available which heavily discount the price.

Just advice. Everyone’s body is their own.

Comment by amadhatter53

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