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What’s with the quality?
January 29, 2008, 12:26 am
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Quality is about value, not a value in itself? That’s why we have to add qualifiers like “good” or “bad” in order to indicate the nature of the quality. So… what’s with the quality?

The following pictures show heroin in four stages of refinement, and then cooking up what is basically the grossest, first stage heroin.

Heroin_Refinement ….. Red_Carpet_Heroin_Cook

The second image (thumbnail) is basically what the heroin I’ve seen lately is like. I’ve heard it referred to as Red Carpet.

It is usually a combination of chunks and powder. Sometimes I comes as the dark unrefined, and other times it is closer to the second level of refinement. But it always tends to leave the dark oily residue circle in the spoon. It cooks up very well though. There’s nothing left in the spoon. But the colour is much like the colour within the syringes – dark, almost brown – such that you have to look quite closely to see the blood register when you flag (draw some blood into the syringe to ensure that its in a vein).

I don’t know all that its cut with. Sometimes there might be the odd little curly hair-like thread, and maybe that’s where the carpet idea comes from. One wonders how that gets in there. As for other cut, sometimes there seems to be a bit of speedy feel; and in fact, I’ve heard people report that some dealers have been adding a bit of speed into their junk. I don’t know though, maybe the slight stimulant feel is just a by-product of less refinement?

Do a good whack and you’ll likely feel quite a heavy buzz for 15 minutes, and then (seeminly suddenly) you drift off to sleep – provided you’re sitting down. And then an hour or so later you open your eyes, feeling quite relaxed. The heaviness of the initial buzz is dissipated.  And its got some legs (longevity), that’s for sure.  Maybe that’s where the stimulant additive idea comes from?  Do a good whack and you really don’t feel like another for about eight hours, and even then you’re not feeling sniffly.

Well, that’s the junk I’ve seen so far this new year. What would I say about its quality? It isn’t the greatest. I much prefer more refined heroin. But hey, its a sellers’ market, so I get what I can. Take care.