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Using citric acid when mixing your hit…
February 8, 2008, 3:12 pm
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Of late a number of harm reduction agencies are beginning to distribute little packets of citric acid or vitamin C along with clean needles, condoms, sterile water, and other supplies.

The Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program provides supplies to needle exchanges in the province, included packets of VitC or citric acid.

citric_acid_packets    vitc_packets

The OHRDP has produced a little video showing how to use citric to prepare heroin injections. Remember to use as little citric as possible since it can be quite rough on the inside of one’s veins (burn, baby, burn!).

Have a look see: Heroin / Citric video

A lot of these packages of acidifiers – whether VitC or citric acid – ends up being used by folks to make their crack from cocaine powder. Which is alright, provided these smokers have access to good glass pipes.

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this isnt related to this post but i would really like to kno a few things. i do oxys. i dont get oxycontin but instead u get the 92/32 40mg pills. what i need to know is can i shoot it and if i can would it be basicly the same as the mscontin shooting totoural on here? if its differant can someone fill me in? im guessing since these pills are bigger than the oxycontin that theres some shit in there that shouldnt be injected…right? i dont know.. so please help a friend out and fill me in.. thanks

your friend with a phony name and e-mail

Comment by dave

I assume the pill you’re talking about is some sort of opiod-based pill which your doctor has prescribed instead of oxycontin? What is it exactly. I’ve never heard of a 92/32 40mg. 40mg of what?!?!

First off, since I am not familiar with the pill, I can’t say whether you can shoot it or not.

However, AND I EMPHASIZE THIS, the shooting tutorial you refer to is ONLY FOR MSCONTIN. In other words, you shouldn’t follow that tutorial when preparing other pills/capsules for shooting. That tutorial and what it recommends (such as not using a filter) is highly specific to MSConin. In fact, if you read it carefully it says that you shouldn’t use the same method when shooting dilaudid or other powder-based pills because they don’t break down like MSContins do.

So don’t follow that tutorial unless you’ve got MSContins. Like you said, there’s likely “some shit in there that shouldn’t be injected – right?”. RIGHT!!! Most pills do have shit which require a filter. Only because of the specific characteristics of MSContin does that tutorial suggest a filter is unnecessary.

In my experiece, most pills can be broken down and cooked up, and I imagine that is the same for the pill you’ve got. Just make sure you use a filter when you draw the liquid into the syringe.

Remember, if you can’t identify your pill, you might be able to get help at ID this Pill.

And you’ll likely get a good answer to your original question at the Opiophile Forum since quite a lot of active, experienced junkies post there.

Comment by opiated

its 40 mg oxycodone tablet. if u go to pharmer.org u can find it under the 92/32 imprint. its football shaped… its oxycodon straight up but i mean its alot bigger than an oxycontin tablet. so its gotta have other shit in there, we both agree on that. so anyway if i needed a filter, what exactly do i do to filter sumthing? like i said i snort it n im curius so lemme kno was up. thanx for ur help man.

Comment by dave

im from detroit.

im trying to find a place that has the vitc packs around here. anybody to help?

im an every day user that just lost his dealer because of a friend overdosing at his place.

Comment by detroit

I’d suggest you head on over to Windsor and visit the needle exchange program there. It is located at 511 Pelissier Road and open from 9-5. Phone 519-973-0222

They should be able to provide you with all the supplies you require.

Comment by opiated

I am a daily OC IV user, recently generic OCs from Mallinckrodt have been showing up. When crushed and put in a spoon, they gel up in the water. Wonering if anybody has any suggestions on how to break these pills down. I have heard lemon juice? Please HELP! Thank you!

Comment by Corey

Lemon juice or citric acid is not used for breaking down oxys.

It is used for brown heroin which is still in a base form and requires an acidifier to enable it to disolve in water.

Comment by DoneZone

is there a method i dont know about to shoot Mallinckrodt 40mg? wen i put it in water it turns into gel, is there anyway around this?

Comment by blake

Great post as for me. I’d like to read something more concerning that matter.

Comment by PhillDoc

Great site, im an iv (Heroin) user and i have come across a few botles of oral morphine aoultion i have read everything u got on here about the tablets and the flaverd oral soulution was just woundering if u had any tips for me? thanks. love the site

Comment by chipper

they arent making crack with vitc and citric acid.Crack is made with ammonia and a binding agent.They use the acidic substances to break crack back down to a liquid so it can be injected.very little raw heroin shows up in North America if any,acid is not needed for it.

Comment by Charles hathcock

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