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A hard habit to break…
February 27, 2008, 11:05 am
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Like I wrote awhile back, we get our smokes from a native-run smoke shop along the highway about 30 km from home.   In stores a single pack of the cheapest smokes goes for $8.45 (approx. $70 a carton) whereas we can pick up a whole carton from the native shop for just $12 or $15.

The native smokes come in a zip-lock plastic baggie.  Like all smokes sold in Canada they have to have a health warning on them.  In order to comply, the native smokes get stuck with an address label that has a warning typed on it.

When we finish a baggie full, we dump out the loose bits of tobacco and save the baggie.  Well normally I never read the label on the baggie, but today as I was putting an empty one into a kitchen drawer, I happened to notice what it said.  And I just had to laugh…

heroin warning

Noting the desperation in my previous post – well, its all true.  Yet right now I’m feeling (a false sense) fairly safe and contented.   This is because we obtained quite a stash which means there’s no worries for a couple weeks.  Because of that relative length of knowing we’re supplied, its like I have no worries right now.   Of course, this will all change by the end of next week as the bottom of the bottle will start appearing, and the necessity of re-supplying rears its incessant demands.  But for now, all is quiet, and everything is chill.

It is such a relief to have a few days of respite…

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Great cigarette warning! Hope you and your honey are doing ok. I miss reading your posts. You seem to say exactly what I am thinking. Although I am not into pills, mostly because of lack of availability, I do have a rather large heroin habit. Reading your posts makes me realize that I am not the only functioning junkie out there. Hope you start posting again soon.

Comment by Bmorediamond

Hmmm, I surely wouldn’t mind trading you a few days of your large heroin habit for a few days of my large morphone habit… 🙂

E’gad – we got a half ounce of H on one of our trips to the big city a little while back and it was crap, crap, crap! It cooked up clean, but something felt wrong with it. Made us feel sick (just plain yucky feeling) for days after we’d finished it off. Even while using it something just didn’t feel right. I don’t know what it was. But it left a repulsion feeling – like I’ve got no interest in looking to score more H for awhile. Normally, I really look forward to a little H holiday, but for now its, nope, I’ll pass on that (even though I still stand by my opening sentence…)

Thanks for your supportive words.

Comment by Opiated

I have no idea why you would prefer MS Contin to Oxycontin, the oxycontin high is way better.

Comment by Dizzle

is anyone on here from around detroit?

i dont have health insurance and i dont know how to get morphine.

its too dangerous around here for white kids to run around looking for a new dealer.

i just lost my dealer over a friends overdose at his place.

for legal reasons im not looking for heroin, im looking for help with my addiction.

Comment by detroit

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