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Alright for this week…
April 20, 2008, 11:41 am
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Well, I’ve got approx. 100 MS Contin 100 mgs for this week, plus an apple a day …

Note the larger size 3cc size barrels. I find those a much preferable to the more common 1cc size when you’re going to be cooking 2 or 3 pills for one fix. You can get screw-on syringe needles for the large barrels that are as small as 26 1/2 or 27 guage. The fine points on the common 1 cc syringe are 28 guage. The one or two guage smaller syringe don’t do too much more damage in terms of the size of hole they leave through your vein.

And well worth in in terms of being able to use the bigger 3cc barrel which enables you to draw up way more of the dope mixture from a cook of 2 or 3 pills. To try and draw up a cook from 2 or 3 pills into a 1cc syringe is just too thick of guck and thus a lot ends up remaining in the spoon. Just 100 mls of water just isn’t sufficient dilution for 3 pills. Whereas 300 mls of water makes a nice liquid mixture out of a 3 pill cook.

Spring has finally sprung and I can hardly wait to go walking around town in my new t-shirt…

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this is what i use to do when i only had 100cc and i wanted to do 2 100 ms pills. I’d load up 2 needles, go to my right arm (can’t do this no more ’cause the vein is blown) and I’d put one in one vein, saw red, then the other in the other vein, shot that, checked the first one to make sure it hadn’t slid out, shot that, and then pulled the tie off. 2 shots in 1 arm w/o untieing is a bad idea, s/t the shit shoots out, if not you’ll at least me left w/ a bloody mess. this way you can get 200mg into your arm in one shot, feel the whole thing at once, w/o having to do it in one vein. of coarse this assumes you don’t care at all what your arms look like

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