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Flush beats a Straight, even when not Royal…
March 2, 2009, 9:01 pm
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I love it when we’re totally flush. When the cupboard is anything but bare and we can simply relax and go about our daily lives without any worries (at least so far as dope is concerned).

It is so ironic how much we counter the stereotypical image of junkies as public nuisance or threats – particularly when we’re flush. And the more we’re high the less of a threat we become. The more high we get the more we just a completely content to sit at home occupying ourselves with a hot chocolate and an old b&w movie on the tv. It ridiculous how pre-occupied and fulfilled we become with entirely passive, stick-at-home activities when we’ve got cupboards full of dope. When we can shoot up to our heart’s content, why bother going out? Much rather just contemplate our navels within the cocoon of narcotic comfort. When we’re flush we are so far from a public threat it isn’t funny. We’re simply at peace.

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How different from just a few weeks ago when every fix meant we were that much closer to having nothing and the situation was quite different. Our stress levels were high, and getting higher by the day. Way too stressful worrying about how we’re going to survive if we can’t score before running out of what meager supplies we have remaining. It is then, when we’re just doing half-doses, and measured ones at that, that the dangerous thoughts begin to creep in. Aha, we might have to do this-or-that our of desperation, you know. Yes, I know…

It is so pathetic that junkies can’t just be prescribed what we want and then we, and society, wouldn’t have a care. We’d be no trouble what-so-ever. It is just damned morality that makes society think it has the right to stick its snotty nose into our daily affairs. As if its anyone’s business whether I care to watch the evening news under a blanket of morphine warmth. What difference does it make? So long as we remain within our four walls, we have no impact upon anyone regardless of how high we get.

stoned couple

Its laughable. We’re model citizens to the max when we’re maxed out. The last thing we want to do is hit the streets, we much prefer hitting the sofa like some well and proper couch potato. Dope doesn’t make us threatening, it makes us the nicest, most contented people imaginable. If only society could understand this, it might see its in its interest to provide us with the dope we want. To say nothing of the morally right thing to begin with since it ain’t no body’s business but our own.