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Flush beats a Straight, even when not Royal…
March 2, 2009, 9:01 pm
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I love it when we’re totally flush. When the cupboard is anything but bare and we can simply relax and go about our daily lives without any worries (at least so far as dope is concerned).

It is so ironic how much we counter the stereotypical image of junkies as public nuisance or threats – particularly when we’re flush. And the more we’re high the less of a threat we become. The more high we get the more we just a completely content to sit at home occupying ourselves with a hot chocolate and an old b&w movie on the tv. It ridiculous how pre-occupied and fulfilled we become with entirely passive, stick-at-home activities when we’ve got cupboards full of dope. When we can shoot up to our heart’s content, why bother going out? Much rather just contemplate our navels within the cocoon of narcotic comfort. When we’re flush we are so far from a public threat it isn’t funny. We’re simply at peace.

image room suite 1

How different from just a few weeks ago when every fix meant we were that much closer to having nothing and the situation was quite different. Our stress levels were high, and getting higher by the day. Way too stressful worrying about how we’re going to survive if we can’t score before running out of what meager supplies we have remaining. It is then, when we’re just doing half-doses, and measured ones at that, that the dangerous thoughts begin to creep in. Aha, we might have to do this-or-that our of desperation, you know. Yes, I know…

It is so pathetic that junkies can’t just be prescribed what we want and then we, and society, wouldn’t have a care. We’d be no trouble what-so-ever. It is just damned morality that makes society think it has the right to stick its snotty nose into our daily affairs. As if its anyone’s business whether I care to watch the evening news under a blanket of morphine warmth. What difference does it make? So long as we remain within our four walls, we have no impact upon anyone regardless of how high we get.

stoned couple

Its laughable. We’re model citizens to the max when we’re maxed out. The last thing we want to do is hit the streets, we much prefer hitting the sofa like some well and proper couch potato. Dope doesn’t make us threatening, it makes us the nicest, most contented people imaginable. If only society could understand this, it might see its in its interest to provide us with the dope we want. To say nothing of the morally right thing to begin with since it ain’t no body’s business but our own.

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RIGHT ON ! you said it best . Content ,at ease ,at home mindin my own , leave me alone. I hear ya loud and clear , but the neighbors ..

Comment by scootrr

I made a couple comments here, 2 years ago. They could hurt me bad and are the first thing you see if you google my name. Can I get these removed?

Comment by Otto

help me if you can I’m feelin down , where is the love . big brother dont want me to feel to good bring me down to their level ya know down where the greedy scumbag backstabbers lay with their nose in the air cause he’s better than us. I wold be content if left alone to do my thing , but theres no place to run.

Comment by scootrr

How can I reach the owner or moderator of this blog? I posted something 2 years ago that is likely to harm me. Can I get a comment removed that I never would have posted had I not been messed up on medicine for a life-threatening condition? I has ulcerative colititis that was not responding to medicine and had to have my whole large intestine removed. Please help me if you can or at least please let me know if that isn’t going to happen. Thank you.

<strong>OPIATED sez: Hopefully rectified

Comment by Loose Lips sink good trips

Just leaving a quick note to see if everything is alright with you. It has been a while since you have posted anything and I have become a bit concerned. I have been following your blog for a while now and feel a kinship with you. Your story is so similar to my own that it is impossible to not feel a bond. When things have been not so good in my life I have drawn strength from your writing. I really hope everything is alright with you. I will continue to pop in and hope to see something new from you telling us all is well.

A concerned friend,

Comment by Khris Killer

Hey Khris, I’m still alive and (thankfully not) kickin’ …

I appreciate all comments – ‘cept for the damn spam crap that’s the bane of cyberspace existence – and in fact, comments help keep me motivated to keep writing.

Sometimes I don’t have much to say when I think of posting, and I don’t want to get too redundant and just say “yep, shot up five times again today, same as yesterday, and the day before that…”. At times I’m tempted to make blog items about newsy events that are happening, but I’ve tried not to just use newsy items as filler since I’ve meant this blog to be my personal stories and my reflections upon them. On the other hand, there is a lot of good stuff happening out there which it would be good to get better known, and if by posting about it here it helps broadcast the good news, then that’s a worthwhile post… fer sure!

Hey Otto L, I’ll try to find the post you speak of and remove it. I’m sorry to hear you feel worried about what you’ve written previously. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end up biting ya in the butt. Definitely can’t be too careful when giving out personal info, and for sure, not everyone feels in a position where they can reveal a lot of what’s really happening for them. Alas, as is noted, big bro ain’t always the benevolent being we wish were so, but rather is the nasty beast that batters and bruises, incarcerates and shuns, and heaps one whole hell of a lot of shit our way.

Ah Spring is in the air now… ENJOY!

Comment by opiated

Thank you Opiated. I am very happy to hear that you are o.k. Unfortunately we live in a society that doesn’t let us(junkies) live out our lives the way we choose to and will waste no time in throwing us in jail based on OUR choice in recreation and self medication. I hadn’t noticed any new posts for a while and feared you may have had some legal issue befall you. Something all to common in our choice of lifestyle. I am pleased that my fears have not been realized.
Spring is indeed blooming all around us. My favorite time of year. I love to get nicely pinned,sit in the park and watch nature wake from it’s winter slumber. Heaven.
All the best to you,

Comment by Khris Killer

I cant agree more! thank god for my pain clinic!!!

Comment by Dan

Opiated, Can I get you to contact me directly? I saw you offerred to help me remove some posts I once made. I really need those comments removed if you are willing to help me undo the mess I made. They are from ’07. I can give you the url if that helps. Please let me know what I can do to help this matter. If you don’t have access to my email address I can even post that if needed. Thank you. Otto

(trying to avoid the wrath of Big brother and the neighborly neighbors too!)

Comment by Otto

[…] Flush beats a Straight even when not Royal JUNKe Life Posted by root 9 minutes ago (https://opiated.wordpress.com) I love it when we 39 re totally flush when the cupboard is anything but bare and we at home occupying ourselves with a hot chocolate and an old b amp w movie on the tv can i get a comment removed that i never would have posted had i not been notify me of Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Flush beats a Straight even when not Royal JUNKe Life […]

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Opiated…. 😦 (I’m getting a liver-lip)

Comment by Otto

Opiated… I tried you at gmail with no luck. Can I get entries 5 and 6 removed or at least get the name “otto” off of them? The posts are at: https://opiated.wordpress.com/2006/02/14/why-be-a-piller-of-the-community/ I am really worried. I don’t have much but I can pay to remove them if it would help. Please let me know something if you can. Thanks.

Comment by Otto

right on!

Comment by Brandi

Opiated is an excellent moderator! Right on!

Comment by Loose lips boy

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