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Time to RELEASE us from idiotic drug laws
June 7, 2009, 7:16 pm
Filed under: Drug Politics

Good campaign for drug law sanity has been launched in the U.K. by RELEASE, an organization that specializes in drug laws and defending the rights of drug users. This campaign, including the posting of adverts on billboards and city buses, is directed at shifting the debate about drugs away from punishment toward decriminalization. The quality of media coverage this campaign is receiving demonstrates that society is increasingly open to thoughtful rethinking of current prohibitionist drug policy.

nice-people-take-drugs bus-ad2

^^^ Advert on a London city bus ^^^

Efforts are ongoing in virtually all developed and semi-developed countries to revamp drug laws. Portugal is leading the way with its decriminalization of personal possession for all drugs in 2001 (see recent report at CATO Institute by Glenn Greenwald).

Okie dokie, now do what ya gotta do, and don’t forget to “be nice!”