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Mexico decriminalizes small amounts of all drugs…
August 21, 2009, 10:47 am
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Today Mexico’s President signed into law a bill that was passed in the Spring by Mexico’s Congress. This law allows for the decriminalization of small amounts of all drugs (pot, heroin, cocaine, speed, lsd) considered personal possession. When found with small amounts, individuals will be offered the option of treatment, but not until the third time will treatment become mandatory.

Somewhat similar to what Portugal did 8 years ago. However, in Mexico small amounts is taken very literally; in fact, almost absurdly small. For example, only half a point of heroin (50 milligrams) is decriminalized. This only makes sense for the most casual heroin user. Most long-term “addicts” will use (or need to possess) a LOT more than half a point for their daily use. For example, I use a point and a half per injection, usually three times per day, thus making my normal daily dose nearly 9 times the limit of decriminalized amount in Mexico. In other words, they haven’t even decriminalized an amount sufficient for a normal single dose for an average “addict”, let alone a day or week’s worth. For coke, its half a gram. Again a very small dose.


Portugal has much higher limits. In Portugal “Decriminalization”applies to the purchase, possession, and consumption of all drugs for personal use (defined as the average individual quantity sufficient for 10 days’ usage for one person). That is to say, the limits in Portugal are approx. 30 times greater than the small amounts decriminalized in Mexico.

Read more about Mexico’s decriminalization at Daily Politics or CBS and Transform Drug Policy Media Blog

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