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What does heroin feel like?
August 26, 2009, 8:40 am
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One day I might try to describe the sensations that occur after I depress the plunger and send a few points of heroin coursing off into my vein, eventually to cross my blood-brain barrier and flood me with warmth, relief, even a pleasurable rush sometimes.  I might try to include the overall feeling of anticipation and excitement, and the sense of reassurance when I first “get a taste”.  Some day I might try to write that, but not today.


However, I’ve found someone who has. I’ve just now, for the first time, come upon the blog of a heroin user from Australia. In one of the posts, I read this blogger’s attempt to convey what heroin feels like.  The Australian Heroin Diaries is Terry Wright’s blog.  At said blog, Terry describes himself as follows:

I am a heroin addict. I am not homeless nor do I live in a crowded junkie house. I dwell in suburbia with my partner, two fluffy dogs and a cat. I have a mortgage, a car and go grocery shopping on Friday nights.

I don’t break into houses or sell drugs to survive but rather I design computer information systems. Yes I work and I am considered a professional.

I was on methadone but I am now on slow release oral morphine which usually keeps me from using heroin. I don’t smoke grass and rarely drink. I don’t gamble, commit adultery or break the law (well most laws)… but I sometimes resort to heroin.

In other words, Terry and I are fairly similar in terms of not being on the street living the so-called chaotic junkie lifestyle. I’d hazard a guess that Terry has his shit a bit more together than I do right now, and that he’s probably a decade or two younger than me. But by looking at his blog, a mixture of personal and political postings related to heroin and drug policy, it appears we’re somewhat similarly motivated in regard to what we’re trying to do with our blogging expressions; even though his blog is quite a lot more newsy whereas I’ve been trying for revelations of a more personal experiential nature.

Its interesting Terry tried to describe what heroin feels like. When I first started reading his post it seemed like he was a scientist who had experimented with heroin to have first-hand sensations, as if he was doing an experiment on himself. Then this line popped out at me – “I have just had half a gram of heroin” – and I thought, that can’t be a novice scientist speaking because a half gram would be a definite overdose. I thought to myself that either the writer is bull shitting us, that he pulled the half gram amount out of the air just because he thought it sounded like a nifty amount, and he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about or that the writer must be a well-experienced heroin user with somewhat of a considerable habit. It turns out its the later, and of course, that’s why I will return to The Australian Heroin Diaries from time to time, to check out what Terry’s posting about.

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I have just come across this one:

Described as:

Thought you might enjoy (if that is the correct word) it!

Comment by Rick

Glad to haved found another blog talking about heroin addiction. Me I am trying to stop and I blog each day to look at myself..I haved stop only since 4 day, I know, I know, but will see… I really don’t know if this is gonna work, but I will write the truth… N w eay,really happy to haved found another blog about that.

Comment by Liloo

omg just realised that there is ton of it !
couple of years ago a tried to find blog about that but did’nt find some.. So I am not alone in my world 😉

Comment by Liloo

Nope, you’re hardly alone friend.
Best of luck however things go. From experience I simply want to encourage you not to get down on yourself regardless of whether you stop using or not.

Comment by opiAted

Hiya Opiated,

Hope you’re well… just thought I’d leave a little note of passing.

God, it’s surprising that you’ve never come across the AHD before, that was one of the first blogs I saw that remotely reflected my life as an addict. I don’t read it it too much as I’m more into the reasons that lay behind heroin addiction and not so much drug policy and the like. I only really take an interest in that when the supply is cut! 😉

Anyway, just a “hello!” <— that was it!!!

All My best, Shane (memoires of a heroinhead).x

Comment by Shane

Greetings Shane. Thanks for A Lifetime of Dying. If all my extra bucks didn’t go into me – “well didn’t that just turn on the lights of Broadway” – I would love to have one of your art works on one of my walls. Very good stuff. Really. I like the faces a lot. But I gotta tell ya, every time I saw the next portrait of your father I thought it was going to be Picasso… LOL Its probably because there were various versions of Debray. Aha, a fellow traveler… of sorts. /take care.

Comment by opiAted

ive been meaning to have a look at your site properly for so long – and id love to link it to ours – in fact i think you found our blog almost as soon as we posted it up? Black Poppys drug Diaries? We have moved it now from blogger to wordpress, http://www.blackpoppymag.wordpress.com. itd be great to link up, your writing is terriifc, perhaps youd like to write something for our magazine? we lurch from crisis to production re the mag but we have just secured what seems to be a future, so, should things work out ok we will be having regular issues coming out. i love your great list of links, it will help me when i set up the links list on our page. youve got all the goodies so i know we are on the same page! we have a shockin drought here in the uk at the mo – pray it wont echo the aussie one! touch wood aye! Nice to say hi after all this time, all the very best and so pleased to see your blog doing so well, its just wicked, give me a bit of time to have a read now i have rediscovered you again. nice one! Erin

Comment by Erin O'Mara

hey im a 23 year old girl been smoking on an off for 7 year im at the end of my cluck its been hard but things got bad that i was on the streets an my mum stoped talking to me an starting getting nick all that made me wonner give up an also the way i looked cose im a pretting girl but just to say it can be done so be strong an stay strong bless

Comment by charlie selen

I have a few short stories at the above blog that describe the initial effects of fireing up heroin.

Comment by dan tracy

I shot up for a while… But it’s all over now! I defeated my addiction and I can say I’m much happier… but when I party, I still feel the need to do it. None of my close friends believed me when I told them of my addiction yet I know it is true. I have lost close friends thanks to this addiction but I’ve made new ones as well. It truly is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Comment by Anonymous

I realize this is an old feed, but I wanted to let you know I wrote a reality-based fiction account of my son’s experience and death from heroin. Please read Play It Again by Gina Becker and leave a comment for me. Good luck to you.

Comment by Gina Becker

Oh you will get stories of fantazmic orgazmic waves rushing over. thats a crock of sh!t first of all you are going to puke and I don’t mean once I mean all night long you are going to wish you where dead and all you want is a cool glass of water. which by the way is the enemy drink and you puke drink and you puke.and the floor won’t stop and the walls are no help..having fun yet well if you should pass out make sure you are on your back so when you do puke again you inhale the barf drowning you in about a minute or so.. Now that was the first time heres the second time you get the nein just right and wow you feel a warm tingle all over then a kinda itch then you get an itch that scratching won’t help you itch all over and thats why you see sores on the junkies they keep scratching the scabs off having fun yet?? So you are a diehard and go for number three remember after three doses your body and mind become physically and mentally addicted now physical addiction is noth just pure pain and we can stand that right? the pain of not just your joints but the middle of your bones feel like they are being cracked open.but we are tuff like I said it’s the mental addiction that is the tuff one you are no longer in control your hormones are screwy you begin thinking no dreaming of the next hit you would cut your dog in two if you thought he ate your stash. but at least now you are high and the music sounds better and your inhabitions have all drifted away and the stress of your car payment is gone ,in fact you might as well spend that money on a good score so you don’t have to wait for the dealer next time..thats thje way heroin works and not just on me this is how it works on every single mutha fu@in person that does it. so welcome to the brotherhood of junkies..oh by the way almost everybody starts out as a weekend worrier but hat don’t l;ast

Comment by Dave

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