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Gotta get branded…
September 8, 2009, 11:03 am
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Great blog that focuses on “dope bags, drug branding, brooklyn”.


I cannot legally visit the great satan due to the fact I’ve had many extended shithole visits up in the great white north courtesy of little satan’s keepers. Fuck’em if they can’t take a poke! Eh? Right?

Anyhow, I have always wanted to visit the denizens of the NYC area, seek out the local haunts, and partake of the little (well likely a lot) of the local “culture”. And now that I’m grown up, I’d still like to partake. But now I’d like to partake in this sort of culture:
heroin flap "twilight"

Don’t see bags like those in Canada… unfortunately. Instead of culturally cool touches like branded bags, we just have boring flaps made from magazine cuttings, or more commonly, a square cut from a Pro-Line sports betting or Lotto parlay card which can be grabbed by the handful from any corner grocery store up here. They are made of good solid heavy bond paper, so they don’t break down easily. Nothing worse than the heat or sweat in your pants pocket getting to a couple flaps made of cheap magazine paper and messing shit up. Regardless of the quality of the powder inside, the fact remains that the packaging up here is just plain boring.

Usually I’m getting more than street corner quantity so what I get doesn’t come in paper flaps (or glassine baggies). However the last time I did get me some flaps, I got a ten pack bundle of half-point (that’s the norm) flaps for $80 in Vancouver. Individual’s go for $10. I hear the quality varies greatly. What I got had little initial buzz, and a long lazy last.

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I’m in London and have never seen those branded baggies you show.
Heroin hardly ever comes in paper wraps these days… the ordinary packaging would be a bit of carrier bag polythene about an inch square, the heroin is shoved inside and wrapped in more polythene, tied closed in a knot and any excess polythene cut off to make the bag easy to swallow if needs be. Even if you buy an ounce or more the wrapper will be the same style. I’ve never seen heroin in “glassine” bags.
Did you say you got half a gram for $80?
For £10 we get 0.2g, £15 0.3-0.4g and £20 0.4-0.5g.
I have one question ~ what type of heroin do you usually get in Canada? Do you have to cook it up with citric acid or vitamin C like the brown we have over here? I heard most American stuff is Columbian, which sounds good, or Mexican tar, which sounds absolutely dire. Ours is Afghan “#3″…
Your blog’s v interesting btw… which is more than I can say for mine. I’m so bored with the drugs I just want to stop and get a dog, so I’ve been posting terrier pictures for the past week or more… a visual kind of wishful thinking if ever there was one!!

Comment by Gledwood

to Glenwood:

Heroin in Canada is mostly china white from Asia; I have never come across black tar in 10 years use. I used to live in Vancouver, and I think what he means is that he bought a bundle of half-points, which is more expensive than buying a half gram by itself. In Vancouver it goes for 60$ a good half g, in Montreal 100$ (aaargh!)
Have fun.

Comment by vanda

No, it’s $100 a gram in Vancouver too. Also, I’ve only found a dealer willing to sell me a half point once. May or may not be an accurate representation of this city.

Comment by sara

Hi there,
At our local user group we printed harm reduction messages (OD prevention and management specific) onto magazine type glossy paper, sectioned into small squares with dotted lines in-between. The idea being they are to be cut up and made into ‘packets’ ; sort of like fortune cookie-packets of smack : ). Made by and for the community

Comment by meandera

Here is Southern CA we get nothing but black/brown/amber tar. If its pure, or close to pure, a match head amount will nod you out for hours. But, in most major counties (LA, OC, SD) if you do not “know” someone, then you are at the mercy of certain street dealers around certain areas and they usually step on the black over and over again until one $20 bag barely gets you high for 24 hrs with no rush, no nod, no nothing (just not sick) Now, if you know someone who is on top of the “stepping pyramid”, you can usually get a full 1.0 black gram for $60-$120 (the higher price usually reserved for “non” friends or certain areas known to have money). That 1.0 pure tar gram can then be chopped into 5 pieces that can then again be cut into 2 pieces each for a total of 10 doses at around 20-30 units each in a 1ml syringe. Each one of those (10) syringes of 20-30 units each will make you nod out for 12-24 hours or if not used to pure black tar, possibly OD (I have made the mistake in the past of underestimating pure black tar and almost died twice)

Now, if your really serious about PURE BLACK in Southern Ca, all you have to do is go down to Tijuana Mexico and you get that same pure 1.0 gram of black tar for $20. With individual hits (0.2 grams each) for $5.

I dont use anymore but when I did, I always wanted to try real China White and compare it to the pure black tar down here. We never get any China White around here though and if anyone does get it, they try to sell it for ridiculous amounts, usually over $150 per gram and usually in LA.

Lets just say Im glad I dont use anymore because Mexico is like heaven for junkies.

Comment by blazeaglory

Oh Im sorry, I meant 20-30 units in a 0.5ml syringe. The small syringe, not the big one. If it was the big one, you would need to be a dedicated addict or very used to high doses because it would probably kill someone.

Comment by blazeaglory

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