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Filtering and injecting morphine…
September 24, 2009, 9:25 am
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The Network Against Prohibition, an Australian user group, has an excellent page at their website about how to safely prepare morphine pills (MS Contin) for injection.

Filtering Morphine for Injection

Very similar info can be found at the Safer Injecting website on two separate pages there: Injecting MS Contin and Wheel Filters for Injectors


Unfortunately it is rare to find a needle exchange in Canada or the US which provide syringe filters such as the Sterifilt or even better, wheel filters, for harm reduction provision to injectors.

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What is the BEST way to prepare the blue 15mg morpine tablets for injection?

Comment by Kevin

I’m assuming you mean the MS Contin 15 mg blue tablets? In Canada they are green, but in the U.S. they are blue.

The “best” way is different for lots of people, however I’ve often prepared pills for people and they report favourably that it felt about double powerful than how they normally cook them up. Taking time to prepare a hit carefully and thoroughly makes a great deal of difference in terms of how much morphine actually ends up in the syringe to inject.

Always get the colouring off the tablet. Once decent way is to use an alcohol wipe (provided by most needle exchanges) and simply roll the tabs within it until it removes all the colour coating. I even use a very pointed pin to then pick out the colour coating which may remain within the imprinted M, PF, and 15.

Once you have removed the coloured coating, then you need to crush the pill. The better you crush it, the more morphine you will ultimately extract. Some people suggest heating the pill prior to crushing (“crisping”). I don’t. I believe that can needlessly release (waste) morphine prior to it being within the solution you’re going to inject.

To crush a pill, follow the pestle / mortar concept. There’s a reason why pharmacists used such a method to make preparations, and the reason is that one can crush into a very fine powder, provided one takes their times and works diligently.

However, rather than using an actual pestle and mortar, you can create a very similar tool with a soup spoon and a knife’s well-rounded butt end. You want a spoon which has a gently curved (bowl like) spoon end and a knife’s butt end which has a similar gentle slightly flat curve. So when put together, the surface of each comes together fully. As such, the knife is like the mortar and the spoon serves as the pestle.

What you’re concerned with in terms of the knife is its handle. Check out various knife sets for preparing vegetables or cutting meat. You’ll want one of the smaller knifes, since ultimately you want its butt end to fit well within the circumference of your soup spoon.

The finer you crush the pill into a powder, they easier the morphine will immediately be released into the water when you go to cook it in your spoon.

If you are using a 1 cc syringe, then you will want to use enough water the first time you heat it to return about half a syringe’s worth of morphine liquid. Then add more water, heat again, and fill the remainder of the syringe, without leaving any liquid in the spoon.

Normally, about 100 ml of water for the first cook, will return about 50 ml of morphine liquid. For the second cook, you only need about 65 ml of water to get another 50 ml liquid because the gunk in the spoon is already wet and thus doesn’t absorb so much of the water you add.

I suggest using a candle because in a wind-free environment a candle can be used in a very controlled manner. You can raise of lower the spoon, and move it from side to side, or end to end, getting the point of heat exactly where you want it.

As well, candles are easy to carry with you when you are travelling. Also, they are environmentally better than using a stove and consuming gas or electricity. Cheaper too – they won’t much run up your energy bill. Grab a box of 20 8-inch candles from Walmart for about 5 bucks and depending on your frequency of preparation, they will last you quite some time.

Watch for little bubbles beginning to form of the metal surface of the spoon, underneath the morphine powder as that’s where the hottest point is. Keep moving that point around until every little bit and tiny chunk of morphine powder above it is thoroughly melted into the liquid. At that point, allow it to boil a bit right in the middle, clearing the surface to a clear area.

Remove from heat, and use the point end of a syringe (not the one you’ll fill) to peel back the mixture on the surface to one side of the spoon. Once you have a large cleared area with no little bits of gunk it, then put your cotton in the middle, and lightly press the tip of the syringe you’re going to fill onto it and gently pull back on the plunger.

Fill the syringe with every drop of liquid you can, then clear it of all bubbles. Now repeat the cooking, using only enough water that you think will be needed to fill the remainder of your syringe with nothing left over. Add only about 15-20 ml more water than whatever amount you have remaining to fill in the syringe.

Crush down the morphine gunk with the plunger end of a syringe, flatting it out within the spoon, down to the thinnest layer possible, ensuring you break-up and release any little chunks of morphine within the powder that its trapped within. Make sure the cotton is pushed to the side, entirely out of the liquid. Heat it again, and watch the gunk change colour as it heats. Once the liquid is boiling slightly again, then remove from heat, again push the gunk aside, and return the cotton to the middle of the liquid and try to draw it all into your syringe.

The photos here pretty well illustrate the procedure. Note that the write-up suggests not needing to use a cotton. I think a pretty good argument is made. However, you need to decide for yourself whether you want to use a cotton, or skip it by preparing and cooking as carefully and dirty-free as possible.

Comment by opiAted

how many morphine shoot 100 mg. ok? or is low….
I’m addicted.heroina,methadone ,oxycodone ( eat never shoot or snort)Morphine 30,60mg

Comment by Luis

Morphine 100 mg is equal to about one point of pure heroin. Ten morphine 100 mg equal to one gram of pure heroin.

But keep in mind the morphine is pure pharmaceutical, and street heroin is not. So if you do a point of street heroin, then you will find 100 mg of morphine certainly more than adequate. In fact, maybe about equal because you won’t get all 100 mg extracted from the morphine pill, so you lose its strength just like the cut in heroin makes a point of the street not a real point.

BTW, 100 mg morphine is stronger than an oxycontin 80 in terms of actual dope in it. It might not feel the same in terms of “rush” or “buzz” but in terms of the amount of opiate the 100 mg morphine is greater.

Here’s a suggested way to prepare morphine: Cooking morphine Keep in mind, if you have the real MS Contin pills then you can skip the filter, however if you have other generic 100 mg morphine pills you should use a filter.

Comment by opiAted

if you’re heating it anyway, is there any reason not to put the whole peeled pill in water and heat it so that crushing it is 100x easier? I used to always pre-crush my pills till I saw people doing the boil method in Ottawa. works great with oxy, though I’ve done it with ms contin too.

I don’t use anymore, but for those who do the Essilon capsules are so much better than ms contin. Essilons break up far easier with less gunk, though I’ve only ever seen them in Ottawa (where they were common a couple of years ago).

Comment by Sinner

how do you inject liquid morhine— need base like vitamin C or vinegar?

Comment by Steven

i see most of u are based in the states, im in Australia. I’ve been on all types of Morphine tablets from the ms contin, oxycontin, 100mg Kapanol, 20mg Oxynorm, 5mg Endone & 5mg Valium (OXY, END & VAL= Fast Active.) then i was on the 75 & then the 100mcg Fentynal patches & Im Know on JURNISTA- 32Mg & 8Mg. All these meds are opiode Based, so does the same princible apply with ALL these meds??? (cutting down for either IV or even turn it 2 street Based H… does anybody no which tablets would be the best to use??? i no that the jurnista 32Mg acually =180MG Morphine, (there 1 of the strongest morphines out on the MARKET)… SAny help would be bloody graet…

Comment by kcstriker

Will a MS 15 be too much for a first timer? I’ve eaten 2 or 3 at a time before but wondering if a 15 would suffice for first time inject? I’m no amature with a needle Ive cooked and done amphetamines and speed but want to do this 15.

Comment by Joe Tulanowski

hey Joe Tulanowski yes id even try 30 cuz you aren’t actually exactly getting the whole 30 when u draw it up in the rig, you actually get between 20 and 25. be safe tho make sure you are in a vein because if you miss it really really hurts.

Comment by joe

im just wondering what is the best way for crushing, turning into liquid and drawing up 15 mg MS CONTINS THE BLUE ONES???

Comment by joe

seems like a whole lotta work, and from what I hear, its hard to do just rite. and I get a beautiful hi just chewin em up.. looks to me like you gotta cook it 3x’s and for a die hard shooter that may be do- able but for the beginner- I say chew it up or plug it or your gonna waste it. I’m a die hard shooter and it aint no where as easy as it sounds guys,,, save the shootin for stuff MEANT to shoot… moriphine is great when injected, but I wouldnt do it @ home unless its already in liquid form but my opinion is 1in millions.. good luck guys… and just for shits and giggles,,, the feeling is NOT the same as good ol’ faithful,,,,,, lisa.

Comment by lisa

what is the difference between morphine 15mg tablets and a 1mg morphine injection i was told the morphine shot is actually stronger even tho im taking more mg in tablet why is this?>

Comment by james

I never see the “Peelers” anymore up here [Canada] – it is all M Eslon – the beads in caps. SWIM says they cook easier than Peelers, SWIM says just keep the heat on a little while filtering/sucking up into rig.

SWIM says a litte heat won’t hurt Auntie M, SWIM never noticed that it did.

Comment by dcapit8

Liquid morphine is weak IMHO. When I did use many years ago, I came across a little brown jar of liquid morphine but it was meant to be taken orally. Well in my ignorance I decided to fill up a bunch of 0.5ml syringes and muscle one. I did feel a little buzz with no stinging sensation, so I decided to do a few more. Well long story short, it took about 50 full 0.5ml syringes to use up the entire bottle and I did feel loaded but not near as loaded as with “other” things.

Maybe because it was oral morphine? It was in a little brown bottle with 10mg of Morphine per 1ml if Im not mistaken.

Lets be clear, I dont use anymore and do not condone the use of any illegal drugs. Just to make that clear. I do legal drugs now like methadone.

Comment by blazeaglory

Can 10mg methadone pills be prepared the same way? I’m on a 50mg daily dose of liquid methadone but I’m on vacation right now and had to go get a doc to prescribe me them because there is nowhere to courtesy dose on Kauai. Is it even worth trying to shoot these? Any advice at all would be great.

Comment by Justin

I dont have a filter so if i wanted to inject methodone wat do i do

Comment by christina

I could never get the 10mg methadone pills to liquefy like other pills. Not really worth it

Comment by blazeaglory

What about the 30’s?

Comment by joe

30’s? Are those the big round ‘methadose’ pills? If so, those are 40mg. If not, I dont know. They are always way to gritty and would not make it through the syringe. I dont know how they would react in the vein either. I wouldnt risk it. I dont recommend it.

Comment by blazeaglory

Some needle exchanges sell disc filters that, when used with crushed kapinol and COLD water with NO HEAT you will get clear liquid. Use 2 m l s of water per 100 mg. Very good and easy process. Very effective. Totally clear liquid but I have noticed a sticky residue left on items after mixing so keep that in mind. ( this happens with or WITHOUT filters) Good luck! Enjoy.

Comment by Cindy

To inject 100 m g of morphine is about the most I can handle rush wish (pins and needle rush ) and I use 300 m g per day. To use say, 150 would HURT and cause what I call a LEATHER FACE and THROBBING HEADACHE. be careful. Can always top up but not down. You don’t need to worry about this RUSH with oxy C. IT’S ONLY MORPHINE SULFATE this applies to.

Comment by Cindy

I’ve used kapanol intravenously for over .15 years daily and I want people to know that it’s very bad for your heart. I’ve got SCLEROSIS OF MY AORTA which is not rite at the age of 48 so pls know, even when filtered PROPERLY to CLEAR LIQUID it’s not totally safe.

Comment by Cindy

Consider processing it to its purest form of di c morphine (pure heroin) you can find out ‘how to’ on line. Good luck. I’ve never done it but after finding out what this is doing to my heart, and probably other organs, I’m curious to know how less harmful it would be on our bodies. Does any one know? Is pure H acidic?

Comment by Cindy

Hey we are a safety service in Australia. Cindy did you use wheel filters. I cannot emphasis this enough. The university of Adelaide has studies on MS Contin & we are agitating for funding on research on other morphine based drugs. Blue wheel filters are 2micron filters & yes even if you just clear your liquid without wheels you will have chronic long term health affects. We cannot by law tell you certain ways but I am meeting my solicitor today as you would expect the feds are up my arse ridiculously to the point of ringing my clients to tell them I support drug injection. I DO NOT. I am a safety adviser & advise on all matters. So please use wheel filters. Remember play safe live life love life
PS Cindy seems well educated on what she talks about

Comment by maurice dutton

Hey guys my main safety site has a URL for a study by university of Tasmania on two stage filtration of particles of pills & it is worth a read. It basically says that if you do two stage with the 2 micron wheel filters you shot will be clean of particulate & I encourage any one & everyone to read it either at the uni harm reduction site or not spamming but suss me out at maurice.dutton1@ gmail.com. google me I am a fifty three year old university educated man vilified for my harm reduction stand. I appreciate any support & answer any safety related questions. remember LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE cheers M

Comment by maurice.dutton1@gmail.com

forgot my blog on fentanyl patches. anyone in the scene will know of people who have gone over on these things but research coming out of Australian hospitals indicates that the gum that is used IF NOT FILTERED STICKS ON YOUR HEART VALVES. its as simple as that. I have a paper on a female 39 years of age admitted with multiple organ failure due to blood poisoning by even if the intravenous anti biotics had saved her the glue from Fentanyl patches was on her heart valves. Any reasonable safety request will be researched & answered as practically as possible. PLAY SAFE STAY SAFE

Comment by maurice.dutton1@gmail.com

Im experienced with speed or meth but don’t mind opiates for something different.Good smack obviously is hard to beat but kapanol,oxy’s,ms’s etc, acheive results n get me stoned.In prison suboxone abuse is rancid with big dollars for a single 8mg strip n around the size of a paper thin sim card it’s not hard to conceal 100 bupe films no larger than a cough lollie thats potentialy 20-30k worth of blackmarket prison dope or contraband 90% of inmates use daily and is the top contender for assualts and violence provoked attacks next to hep c plauge.It has proven to not even have full opiod like effects n antagonist placebo due naloxone added to blockers binding on receptors wich kill anychance of a full satisfied sedation.I hear alot of fentanyl but discouraged my desire to play and hydromorphone pills like jurnista the strongest Iv injected after a close call near fatal benzo n booze scare still haunts me blue n breathless n owe my life 2 mate resusatation skills n cool headed response.

Comment by Big Daz

I apolagize 4 posting under the wrong thread n although only new 2 this will check topic is relavent in future 4 best interest not to confuse n mix up or discourage people from original texts

Comment by Big Daz

Daz are you in Aus or State side ? WE do not Judge any one we simply advise on safety related matters & I am in fact putting together a submission paper on how best to handle drug & mental patients. The reason they lump together are two fold. First a lot of people who use have mental issues & or develop them & secondly injecting drugs is classed as self injurious behaviour. This tells me that professional people who use hide their usage for fear of retribution & stigmatisation. For instance the Top Toyota executive deported from Japan for possession of oxycodone forced to resign. There is a huge debate on Ice at the moment but the stats are not sure if they match what the scare mongers are printing. Any reasonable request we research & will attempt to answer. Use wheel filters. Remember LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE. Stay safe M

Comment by maurice Dutton

I have the grey brown 100mg on one side and a N on the other side of morphine just wondering if I can cook and inject it…. I’ve done it before with other things but I know the new oxy neo you can’t so I wasn’t sure if I’d just be wasting my time and not get anything out of it?

Comment by Angel Eyes 4

Angle eyes what brand are they ??? mandapharm or other. First wipe with alcowipe to remove outside crap. If they are the one color underneath you should be OK but get one third & crush in some receiver you use. Then ad a little water. 3 mil & that size fit is best any way. See what happens when you ad the water. some times you need to let it sit but if it goes gluggy it has deterrents in it & its a hassel to get around that. It can be done but let me know. You must filter what ever you use Ican not stress this enough. Get wheel filters they are only a dollar & save lives. So if your mix is gluggy you have problems if not crush finely let sit or pull through cigarette filter then put through a wheel filter brown then blue. Let me know how you go. We do not condone IV drug use. It is dangerous. Use every safety measure available to you & remember play safe.
Cheers safetyservicesfnq@gmail.com

Comment by maurice dutton

When I add water to my 30mg MS it turns into gel so how do I get rid of they stuff so I can get it into my needle without wasting my pill? Can’t get my H so this is all I have. I’ve wasted a couple pols already before today

Comment by Matt

I have 15milligram oxycodone and have never injected them .. I was wondering how do I safely do it ? Iv only ever injected H .. My friend told me to just put the pill in my mouth for a few seconds to clean off the coating on the outside of it then put it in a bent spoon and add water .. I’m wondering also do I add heat to it or just let it dissolve THEN suck it uo through a syringe .. And how safe is it and would I just be wasting it ??! I don’t see how I could waste it considering it would hit me faster rather than taking it oral .. Help please !!!

Comment by KaTieMaRiE

i know this couple that each use 6 or more 100ml Kapanols a day sometimes up to 1000mls a day 10 100ml kapanols because they miss there veins and have to go again!! they crush them in a pill crusher add water stir and suck it up into a 3ml seringe with no filter. iv shown them how cristle clean you can get them using wheel filters or a desent piece of cotton but there convinced that when its clear there leaving too much morphine behind!! i keep telling them that you get the same buzz when its clear!! but they continue to use it unfiltered and shoot up this liquid that looks like milk!! they have been doing this for years and i think that there gonna die!! what do you recon? they have 3 children as well and it makes me sick i would realy love your opinion on this. Thanks Brad!!

Comment by Brad


Comment by Mary Poppins

any one using Kapanol 100 mg pills may be interested in the paper from the French Academy of rural research that shows the compound put into the polls to make them white is a likely carcinogen. Titanium Dioxide is what makes the white in these pills and the study should be read here.https://www.rt.com/news/374709-france-toothpaste-cancer-risk/
please use the blue 2 micron wheel filters to get as much out as you can as we are receiving reports where I live about people’s immune systems being under attack for no apparent reason.

Comment by Maurice Dutton

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