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Morphine, Speed and other Old School “Medicine” Ads
October 23, 2009, 12:22 am
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Well known are the old medicine labels for cocaine and opium based products. Also well known is that barbiturates and valium was widely prescribed to women “mother’s little helper” several decades ago.

norodin methamphetamine sm

I heard a professor from a NY University give a presentation about speed being marketed to women in the ’50s but she didn’t have the accompanying images with her. Finally I’ve found some pictures of ads marketing speed – Norodin – to women from magazine from those times.

Check out a good presentation of “dope” advertising here

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Wow, never seen any old ads for speed – only narcotics. Good find. Any way to zoom in or get an idea of what it says?

Comment by deviant1

Yes, you can get a larger look at the advertisements by clicking the link – word “here” – in the final sentence above. That takes you to the “Weed, Booze, Cocaine and Other Old School Medicine Ads page. Then you can look at ads.
If the print is too small for you to read with your browser’s default font size, press your keyboard’s CTRL key and scroll your middle mouse button until the picture gets larger.

Comment by opiAted

Hey Opiated I hope all is well. Anyways one of my favorite sites for old pharm ads is Deco Dog’s. Lots of good pictures.


Lots of amp ads!!!

Lotta cool old stuff on that site.


Comment by Seedless

Thanks for those excellent links Seedless. I don’t think its much of an exaggeration at all to figure doctors prescribed stimulants in the ’50s with the regularity that they’ve prescribed Prozac and anti-depressants during the past couple decades. I’d like to read more about Japan’s speed history during the ’50’s as I’ve read that much of its post war rebuilding was stimulant fuelled. Reading over those pharmaceutical company ads for amphetamines kinda illlustrates how much the medical profession’s prescribing practices are merely a reflection of the drugs being pushed by big pharma at a particular time.

Comment by opiAted

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