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Merry Ho Ho Hoe
December 3, 2009, 11:17 pm
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Christmas comes but once a year and thank goodness for that. Christmas is such a tough time for many, and for junkies and tweakers it is doubly tough. Its rough and tough and all too much for some. So much of the expectations of society come crashing down on a drug user at this time of year and if they don’t watch out they can get flooded with feelings of uselessness, failure and self-disgust. Not only can’t they afford to buy presents for loved ones, a major reason for their immediate poverty is that every last penny goes to dope for themselves. That sort of realization, in the light of Christmas and its family values perspective, can be a heavy load to hoe.
Families (many of them anyways) get together at Christmas. But woe is the strung out junkie. They don’t feel like going on dismal display for relatives to appraise critically. Even if a user can find the money to make it back home, and get enough of a stash together to make it through the holidays, they know that they’ll likely stand out like a sore thumb amidst the yuletime cheer. Yet if they phone in some bogus excuse for why they won’t be coming home for the holidays, that too is just another reminder of their failure in the eyes of their family. They know there will be gossip about why they aren’t wolfing down the turkey with the rest of em.
Sadly a lot of suicide is brought on by the pressure of the holiday season. And a lot of depression. And a lot of over-using just to try and blot out the sadness and worthlessness one feels as a junkie during Christmas.
Even for those users who have come to accept themselves and have developed a pretty thick skin in the face of societal condemnations, making Christmas happen is quite an effort. Money is always so hard to come by to begin with but a user has to dig pretty darn deep to manage to get presents for the essential relatives and keep themselves well in terms of their habit at the same time. It takes a lot of planning to pull off a reasonably successful Christmas at the best of times but for a user they’ve really got to have things will thought out and have a bit of luck thrown in as well. It isn’t easy to get together enough drugs in advance to sustain oneself throughout the entire family affair that often takes place in a city which the user isn’t familiar with so that they could score easily in an emergency. Nothing is worse than needing to get well and having to make excuses to a living room of celebrating relatives about why you’re got to borrow someone’s car so you can go downtown for awhile just as the turkey is bubbling away in the oven. Yes, of course I’ll be back before dinner… yeah right!
Somehow thousands upon thousands of us manage to make it through the holidays without a major bummer. You can be damn sure a lot of work went into pulling that off. Right now we’re planning for the family visit and trying to make sure we don’t find ourselves short at precisely the wrong time. That’s a whole lot of stress on top of the normal stresses of this season. Here’s wishing well to all those users out there struggling to pull off another Christmas for themselves and the sake of those they love. And a remembrance for those who won’t be making it home for Christmas.

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I am 47 and a user for 25 years. I am at the end of my tether. I have been on and off methadone about 8 times(am currently in using mode ). I cannot face going back on done ,for so many reasons ,the main one being that it is too hard to get off. The inflexible bureaucracy associated with methadone programs is another one. If I am totally truthful ,it is mainly because heroin is what I crave and methadone just does not ‘get me there’.I hate the hypocrisy of society in that they are against heroin prescription but also hate those dirty ,handbag snatching junkies.If they want the crime to end , give the junkies what they want,you cannot have it both ways.The main problem is gutless politicians ,who pay lip service to solutions to the drug problem but are too piss-weak to actually do something about it. If I had access to prescription heroin ,the last 25 years would have been totally different and i am sure I would have a career and be a constructive member of society.As I said ,I cannot face going back on methadone again,I don’t rob people , so my only option is to try and sell to others in order to support my own habit.Either that or kill myself but I have just enough self worth left for that not to be an option. So, I will try and sell to other users, like so many others attempt to do , have limited success at it and end up worse off than I am now.Although I am so desperate that I have ceased to care.Maybe it will be your daughter or son that I will sell to and I don’t care anymore. Fuck this moralising ,piss society who turn a medical problem in to a criminal one.

Comment by Murray

To whom it may concern,

The image used for your head banner is protected by copyright and its use has not been granted to you. Worse, it is not even credited.
Please remove it immediately.

Geopium admin.

Comment by Geopium

Well first offI cant agree more with this and also with (Murray)’s comment! I wish there was a society of junkies like the hippie campgrounds and such, I would so go back if that was the case. But s not so in the land of bore I stay!

Geopium admin = D BAG!

Comment by DfL


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Geopium Admin

I don’t know how I could credit the head banner since there is no format for doing so. However, I have had the Geopium logo clearly set out in the left column link since day one and I’d hoped that was the best I could do.

Possibly you could grant me permission to continue using the current head banner (I’m asking) and that would be that?

with regards,

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