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Happy New Year – Czech Republic decriminalizes all drugs
December 23, 2009, 4:15 pm
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Well, at least the world isn’t totally nuts. Every so often lights of sanity shine through the doom and gloom of business as usual. One such ray of sanity is the Czech Republic’s drug decriminalization law which goes into effect on New Year’s Day.

Drugs decriminalized Czech Republic While there has been decriminalization in the Czech Republic for the past year, the actual amounts allowed for personal possession were not clearly stated. Instead their policy simply stated “small amounts”. Of course, that was open to all sorts of interpretation and confusion and needed to be clearly defined. Now that is what the parliament of the Czech Republic has done. Here’s the precise quantities they are allowing for decriminalized personal possession in the Czech Republic:

Under the new law, possession of less than the following amounts of illicit drugs will not be a criminal offense:

Marijuana 15 grams (or five plants)
Hashish 5 grams
Magic mushrooms 40 pieces
Peyote 5 plants
LSD 5 tablets
Ecstasy 4 tablets
Amphetamine 2 grams
Methamphetamine 2 grams
Heroin 1.5 grams
Coca 5 plants
Cocaine 1 gram

– source is Stop the Drug War Chronicle

Considering several examples of decriminalization policy changes in several countries over the past decade it is not too crazily optimistic to hope that this trend represents the first victories of us beginning to win the war on drugs one country at a time.

Recently the Economist reported an overview of the international drug policy situation entitled Virtually Legal and similarly a synopsis of the current situation is found at The Lippard Blog

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Happy holidays to you and yours!

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