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Cooking slow-release morphine tablets continued…
January 5, 2010, 2:04 pm
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Here’s a link you won’t want to miss:

Effect of filtration on morphine and particle content of injections prepared from slow-release oral morphine tablets

Basically that’s a link to research reported in the Harm Reduction Journal about filtering out the particles from crushed morphine pills.  One big concern people sometimes have is that filtering will block out lots of the morphine along with the insoluble particles.   The good news is that filtering leases the morphine and just removes the crap particles.  In fact, even after double and triple filtering, still up to 90 per cent of the pill’s morphine dose remained in the solution ready to inject.

Morphine cooking spoon

One problem with filtering is that coarse filters, such as cigarette filters, still let through lots of small particles.  However, using really fine filters often get blocked because they remove so many particles.  But there is a sensible solution – filter twice.  The first time use a cigarette filter, and then the second time, run the mixture you got back through the cigarette filter into a very fine sterilizing filter.   Since all the big particles are already removed by the cigarette filter, the mixture can go through the sterilizing filter and get the very fine particles removed.

In the end you’ll be left with a solution which is essentially free of tablet-derived particles yet still retains upwards of 90 per cent of all the morphine.   Doubtless lots of people have been filtering this way already, but now we’ve got actual scientific proof that this method works great.  It keeps us both health (particles removed) and high (no loss of dose).

Remember a good “meal” is the result of careful preparation!  Happy cooking!

Earlier post about filtering and injecting

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I’m glad this info is getting out there. Thanks.

Wheel filters are really wonderful devices. Even for the new type of SROM pills that has dozens of tiny beads inside a capsule. One huge tip – the beads are made from wax so always use cold water instead of hot water!

Keep up the good work!

Comment by Terry Wright

Thanks for the info on that Terry! Cold water it is with those from now on.

Comment by K. Killer

Hey, good post, very useful information. Here in Canada we get premade cotton filters from our exchanges and I’ve never had problems with them, they filter extremely well and don’t break down. I mean re-use is not recommended but they’re very resilient.

Really awesome blog, glad to see I’m not the only one!

Comment by Junkie_Monkey

Are you aware that morphine breaks down at 180 degrees F? So by boiling your dope, you are in essence decreasing the dosage of your shot. I use a method for MS-contin that requires no boiling and I’d be willing to put my method against yours and come out with a product much stronger than the one you render. Heat is Morphines enemy. NEVER EVER BOIL it. It’s a waste.

Comment by THom Foolery

Also, BY boiling the solution some of the wax is able to be drawn into your syringe. I can’t believe you are telling people to not use a filter! WHen this wax cools it collects in the lungs and heart and will cause irreversible damage years down the line. Mallies can be prepped with very little heat using the crisping method. SLowly heated without water, then shocked with saline solution to break down the time release matrix. The solutinf is like pure water. THen drawn into your syringe, thru a filter. None of the wax mixes with the solution because it doesnt get hot enough and sticks to the filter when drawn up. Endos can be prepped by heating a spoon till its to hot to hold the biz end. Placing the powder in the spoon. SHocking it with saline, and drawing thru a filter. It never boils and once again the wax is collected around the filter. ANd Watson ABG’s are done cold. crushed and let sit n saline solution for 10 mins. If you dont use saline with the ABGS you WILL GET NOTHING BUT GEL the sodium keeps it from gelling. then draw it up thru a filter. THese methods are not fully esplained here but I gaurantee they will give you a stronger product than boiling the solution on an electric burner.

Comment by THom Foolery


Hey Diane. I’m an opiate user as well, and I know the pills you are talking about. They are the newest ‘pressing’ of the generic MS-Contins, known on the street as ‘peelers’ or ‘greys’. The grey ones are 100mg as you mentioned, cousins to ‘red rockets’ or ‘red peelers’, the 200mg tablet MS-Contin, and the ‘peaches’/’peach football’ 60mg plus the ‘purple football’ 30mg ones.

The best way, in my limited experience with this new form, is to either use an alcohol swab or your saliva to get the grey coating off. Get off as much as you can because I think the coating interferes somewhat with the dissolving process. Then add a full 1cc fit full of water, and then add another 30-40 units. Start with cold water because you’re going to boil it in a minute.
Boil the shit out of the thing! Like, boil it for at least 15 seconds, or as long as you can handle it. The longer you boil it the softer it’ll get — but be careful not to boil it for too long! If it starts to fall apart on it’s own you’ve boiled too long.
Use your fit with the cap on to smush the tablet — it should be soft, even if it feels like it won’t squish. Don’t be afraid to push hard — it’ll suddenly all smush at once. It sort of turns a bit gooey — this is normal, because the ‘self-defense’ mechanism of the pill is to gel up. This is the number one complaint I hear when people say they don’t like peelers. However, if you know what you’re doing, it DOESN’T MATTER if it gels up. That’s right, you won’t lose all your dope if it gels up. As a matter of fact I believe that you don’t lose any at all.
After you’ve smushed it all around, get a LARGE filter out quick, while it’s still warm, and suck up the water.
If it’s gelled up so much you can’t get any liquid, add 10-20 units of water and heat it up again. All the gel will turn white and solid (you’ll see it happening as it heats up) and the water will re-appear out of nowhere. Then quickly suck up the water before it cools.

There you have it! If after sucking up all the water you’ve only got like half a fit of water, just add 50-60 units and boil it again. This leads me into how to do the wash: just add 1cc or so of water, smush it around COLD in the gelly stuff, THEN boil it for as long as you like. It’s important to mush it up cold because this helps it break apart.

If you have any questions, come ask them on my blog:


Comment by Junkie_Monkey

Prepare a very mild Salt water solution. You just want to be able to taste the salt. THis solution will effectively breakdown the time release matrix. It works much better than excessive heat and won’t destroy your dope. My method does not call for extreme boiling because its a fact that temps above 180 F will destroy your morphine.

I cant stress the boiling part enough. ANd with my method, you’ll never have to worry about gel. THe very mild salt solutioni tackles that shit and detroys the time release like magick.
Draw up about 80 units of the solution in your syringe and set to the side. Prepare 2 cotton balls for filters. Remove the coating. Crush it, very fine. Put the dry powder in the spoon and heat slowly over a candle stirring it the whole time. You won’t a tannish brown overall color. Not too long. It will smell like “Sweet Cream” and be sure to stir it for an even color.

Now remove the spoon from the flame and shock it with the solution in your syringe. Mix it up, drop in a cotton ball and draw it up. You will notice that it WILL NOT GEL up at all. You can effectively draw up this solution using even a 30ga needle.

Now, you’ll see that some of the salt solution has reduced off. so add about 50 more units to the spoon and stir it over the flame just until it bubbles slightly and the solution thins out again. Drop in the other ball and draw this up.

You never ever want to boil morphine more than you have to. You’ll end up shooting about 40mgs off of a 100mg pill which is a total waste. ANyone who does boil their gear like the above method is ripping themselves off.

I’ve done my method next to the one above and the shot I ended up with was way stronger. I didnt even get pins and needles from the boiling method. SO please, dont boil it unless you like wasting your drugs and your money.

Comment by THom foolery

I definitely agree with THom foolery. Boiling the shit out of your preparation is NOT (not, not, not!) a good idea. You want to heat it as little as possible, while still ensuring that the powder essentially melts into the liquid, thus liquidizing also.

Just heat until tiny bubbles on the surface of the spoon, underneath the liquid, should suffice to melt all of the powder and release the morphine into the liquid.

That said, I’m definitely going to try the salt method suggested by THom. It certainly makes sense from a chemical reaction point-of-view, since we’re trying to release morphine-sulphate.

Comment by opiAted

Also… I found out that when using the Endo manufactured Ms-Contin, it works best to heat the spoon really good empty, then add the powdered morphine, and stir it over the flame… careful. Just brown it slightly… THis will save you time if you start with a hot spoon. Then shock it. I find that if I do at least 3 washes I can extract pretty much all the morphine. You must use a 3ml syringe to get it all out. Insulin syringes just arent big enough and youll never get it all aout. I generally do about 120 to 180mgs per shot. THats 2 or 3 6omg pills. I know I get most of the drug out because Ill suck on the left over wax and I cant taste hardly any drug in it at all. Trust me…. use a 3ml syringe, 3 washes, light salt water, and dont boil it…. It makes for one helluvea hit!! You’ll love it if you like that morphine rush. Some people cant stand the hot pins and needles…. I cant get enough. ENjoy!

Comment by Thom Foolery

Yes, using a 3ml syringe really does enable you to get the most morphine extracted into your hit. No doubt about it. I too use a 3 ml when preparing a hit of two or more contins. Of course, you’re left with next to nothing to save as a wash for a rainy day, but that’s a fair trade off for one heck of a better whack!

Comment by opiAted

Is this for real? Correct me if I’m wrong but are you all druggies giving eachother advice on how to take drugs and you’re leaving your name and personal information? Aren’t u ashamed?!

Comment by Carol

Hey jimmy. Learn to spell you piece of Shit! All we are doing is trying to help people do it the right way. With as little harm as possible. I have since quit using and am on a Methadone based treatment program but I still understand the addiction. JUst so you know you half illiterate POS, I majored in Comp Sci, and minored in Chem. SO this makes me the perfect candidate to help people satisfy their needs, until they one day decide they have to quit. So why dont you go fuck yourself, and work on a car or jerk off to some gay porn. People that call out faggOts, are actually the real deal. Notice…. Faggot is spelled with an o.

Comment by Thom Foolery

Oh, and Carol… It’s people, ignorant fucking uppity piece of shit people like you that make me sick. “Druggies”? Didn’t you take the time to think , “Ummmm, maybe the email contacts they are leaving are all tied to fake personal info?” No, because you are an ignorant bitch with nothing better to do than put down people struggling with problems that you couldn’t possibly comprehend. So if you have nothing to say to help out and keep people from hurting themselves. How about stick to your cross stitch and jigsaw puzzle sites and allow people who know what they are talking about to aid in the queries posted here.

Comment by Thom Foolery

Wow, attacking people for leaving comments is really, really mature.

We’ve all had to deal with people saying stupid shit like that. But attacking them does nothing but bolster their arguments.

Comment by Junkie_Monkey

You’re right…

Comment by Thom_Foolery

great info guys.til now i didnt have any idea how to do mine.i get 15mg and 60mg morphine sulfate er for pain and wondered how to do them. i am a former meth head and miss the rush somedays.is this the same?thanks foir the info…..

Comment by hohn

I have the 30 mg morphine sulfate with ABG imprinted. Back in the day I used to do oxys, and I always heated them to get the most potent shot. But this doesn’t work with morphine, I know. I have limited tools at my disposal. I want to try the saline method, but maybe I’m suffering from information overload because I’m a little confused about which pills require which method.

Comment by Shanon Lusher

Hi guys,
Thanks for the info, am very interested in the saline shock idea,, SWIM has a bunch of slow release MSTs, but although I used to do morphine amps, I stopped IVing them due to the horrid pins.and needles and the need to go so bloody slowly to avoid it! Is there any way to take out the pins n needles feeling? Without adding AA OR hydrochoric acid, neither which my pal has. Would the saline shock help here? Or is my pal doomed to feel it wen banging up morphine? Please respond!

Comment by Erin

love all the good info here makes lots of since like toms input allows stronger safer…lol way of banging also wanting to here of other sites like this so give me info guys thanks ken c.

Comment by ken c

Have any of you guys tried ophana its a oky morphine 40 mg they are basically the top dogs having trouble getting them to break down they are not turning to gel and when snorting it they hit u right away but in spoon the keep chunking up do i need more time of flushing , smashing . grinding in spoon or does most of what was said above apply for my senerio comments welcome hit me back up people happy hunting

Comment by ken c

opana ers you have to get isopropypl alcohol 70% or higher and crush the pill into about 1cc of that. THen filter the alcohol into another container and burn the filtered alcohol out of it, until all that’s left is a film. Add a capful/1cc of water to this container and stir the film into the water off the sides while adding heat or immediately after heating all the alcohol out. Just filter this into a rig and you’re good to go. It’s fucking strong as shit, this oxymorphone so be fucking careful. Shit will knock you on your ass. I’ve been using this method for 3-4 months now and never had any problems with it except for the alcohol taking awhile to filter into a rig but I use 30g is why. You can always opt for larger gauges to quicken the process I’m just lazy.

Comment by WangXor


Comment by BIRDO



Comment by BIRDO

I ve been bangin morphine pills for 15 years and Ive got some Mylan 30mg morphine pills.They are HUGE and light purple.Ive been boiling pills for years and I want to learn the salt water method for these pills.Do I crush it and heat the powder without any liquid? Is saline solution the same as salt water? These pills are nothing but binder,like an oversized Mallinkrodt actually.I really need to learn this NOW cause I’m dope sick and can’t even get enough dope out of these things to get well.My tolerance is high.Could someone who is familiar with these new Mylan 30s and the salt water method make my life easier?Sick and getting worse here.Help a fellow morpher out.

Comment by James

james use the same method asTHom Foolery said on April 13, 2010 @ 1:43 am . you with get what you want

Comment by jack mehoff

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Comment by Urjani Salvi

Carol your and idiot. I want to know how to get rid of the coating on my 80 mg morphine without ruining the drug. I’ve detoxing methadone and collecting every drug I can so that when my dose has run out I have some back up to keep from getting to sick. at this time I have 12, oxy 30mg. 3, 80mg morphined and about 6 norcos. I will get gathering more vicodin and norco but I know my best bet is the morphine and oxys. I have saved almost 200mg of methadone to help me through the detox. I will probably have at least another 100mg of methadone juice by the time I am cut off at the clinic. Any thoughts on how I can do this as painless as possible and for sure need insight into how to break that damn coating on the morphine. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much, Carol King Sone

Comment by carol king sone

SWIM tried the crisping technique that Thom_Foolery talked about,and i don’t know if he crisped it to much.because he ended up with a brown heroin like liquid in the rig. What he was wanting to know is if that is normal and if that what’s suppose to happen?? if not could you explained what he did wrong.. did he crisp the mallie to long or what??

Comment by G.O.M.

Anyway, found a way to shoot a morphine sulfate 30mg white round pill. In most cases the when you add water it immediately gels up. Well try this way. Add water and dont mix up like you usually would. Do not use heat. Just add water, crush left over chunks, and mix once or twice lightly. You will see there is still liquid. Drop a decent size cotton tightly balled up and you will see it fill up with liquid immediately. Pull up, and when it sucks all the liquid out, add more and repeat the same steps. I tried heating it a little to ‘just before a boil’ when I added more water knowing it would gel up, I mixed it lightly again. But I was still able to pull up more liquid. I used about 90cc of water originally. Added about 35 the second time and ended up with about 70cc of liquid. When I injected this liquid, like 10 seconds later my face felt like pins and needles! Then it went to my hands, and then to the bottom of my feet. Im feeling pretty good now and Im guessing that that means it worked. This to me is the safest way to do it. I dont like injecting gel in my veins and Im sure you dont either. Im high, but the dilauded feels so much better! Good luck!

Comment by brandee

Been cooking only forever. Just tried cold and i must say itwss so much stronger. However i will try salt solution. Thanks for information. Carol im not going to judge but if your so offended what are you doing on this site. I can’t help thinking you’ve got a bottle of morphine in nightstand next to your bed.

Comment by rebekka

I take that back. heat the water or saline solution before you mix the pill.

Comment by rebekka

cigarette filter?? You’ve got to be out of your mind. Nothing like shooting fiberglass!

Comment by dee

I am confused on what a cold pull is. I’ve always heated my morphine, but a lot of people have been talking about a cold pull method for the abg’s. Could someone please explain how and why I should do it that way?

Comment by Brittany

The reason a lot of people like the cold method for the abg’s is because when you heat it your melting all the binders and wax In the pill. Swim told me to use ice water,as cold as you can get it and throw it on there. The therory behind it is that all the wax will seaperate and go to the top. So if you move that over and drop your mooch, then you should just get the morphine and not all the wax and binders.

Comment by GOM

I was the 1st to comment on this method years ago. It’s. Surprose that people are still commenting. the cold method is most useful on the abgs. In fact. It’s the only way to extract from them that I know of. abg’s suck. You’ll never get all the dope out. Like the previous post stated, cold cold h2o. Crush and mix well. Let it sit for a while and mix every few minutes. I use a shot glass. Used to anyway. Make sure you use a 3cc syringe and 3cc’s of water per pill.

Comment by dcroft

Also salt water works better. The salt. Helps to break down the time release matrix.
Tom foolery

Comment by dcroft

I just made up a abg 100 for the first time….and may I say Oh my. Haha

Thanks to your blogs of course. Now I know how.
Fat rush. I did the cold water way.

Grab a cold water bottle. Crises it up like cocaine. Tossed it in the spoon. Put 100 CC. Throw in some cotton and suck up. Repeat that till there’s no more powered. I got back 90 CC.

Mighty bomb. Thanks to everyones post.

Comment by santana fields

How helpful. I will try the salt method tomor. Thx Thom. Just a lil salt, right?
Ever used too much salt and harmed yourself?

Comment by Gia Gia

Nah… Just fill a shot glass with h2o and put a pinch in. That’s a good rule of thumb. Even saline solution works. Its actually best. I dont/haven’t done it in years but i never could handle more than a 3cc, 180mg shot. The pins and needles was way to intense.you’ll feel it from the soles of ur feet to the bottom of ur balls! Make sure you use a 3cc rig.

Comment by thom foolery

To GOM….
Sorry.. I just saw ur post… I don’t frequent this site andd don’t always get alerts about new posts.
You probably know this by now, but yeah, you way over did it. Use a candle, a lighter will work… Trust me. It’s easier. Stir the powder and smell. When you smell sweet cream, you are done. Less than a minute. Remove the needle, and shock it with 3cc’s of saline/salt solution. Stir and draw. Be sure to cool it. You may want to repeat. But on the 2nd, just add the solution, heat slightly, do it again. I always used 2 rigs. So I could do the sec rinse without upseting the contents of the first. Also, don’t keep the spoon directly over the flame all the time. hEat a little… Pull away.. heat is your enemy. Unfortunately it is a necessary evil. Thanks to the pharmaceutical tyrants.. this method works.. practice makes perfect. I could break down the morphine from pill to syringe in 3:45. No shit.
Always have everything ready to go before you start… Your mise en place, so to speak.

Comment by thom foolery

im a novice and “cooking” scares me a little. Re: morphine sr when crushed fine, can u smoke it like speed or coke?

Comment by Happyboy

This page truly has all of the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to

Comment by affiliate marketing for dummies im john chow

Is there a way to bang ms cottin ERS and getting it from geling

Comment by thomas bowser

Interesting site.I’m a heroin user myself but have also used morphine (when available)via the crushed pill method.I had an excellent connection for awhile and could get anything from the purple 30mg to the red 200s.I found the preparation tedious and had a bit of trouble using the large barrel rigs but I have to say banging the reds was better than sex.I like the little karate chop you get behind the knees and neck when it hits and the high is great with long legs.I thought it felt like being submerged in warm jello.

Comment by ScottM58

Every time I put it in my spoon … Like I just out two abg 15 ate the darn blue coating off and ten crushed them in the spoon and it gelled so bad I couldn’t fre it up I would add more water and still nothin and then I even cooked it thinkin it might help but nope nothin someone help!!!!!!!

Comment by Smitty

how do you shoot the white 30 mg morphine pills

Comment by miranda

Great info. long time addict here. never really messed with Morphine. atleast not since all the crap they put on them to keep people from shooting. like it really stops them. just hinders. like making it damn near impossible to buy new syringes. just spreads disease. doesnt keep a shooter from shooting. but today. i was dope sick. literally walking to buy a cup of coffee with last dollar. and low and behold i see a little round pill on ground. i picked it up. abg 60. i looked it up. morphine extended release. lol. broke and dope sick. hours from getting well. and it seems i was given a gift from on high. i figured i could just eat it and prolly get well atleast a little. but always hear of dry cooking, and other methods. so i just experimented. and bango. and ZANG! dont think i did it all that right, but it worked. im well. and hustlin for my dope. great page. tons of insight. please keep it up. we may be the dregs of society to Carol. but we need to keep each other safe, and informed. because nobody else will. peace! and may the loving presence of the creator be ever upon you all!

Comment by Tbizzle79

How do you boot a morphine 30 abg

Comment by tasha

Hi guys’ does anyone know how to shoot up ‘zomorph’ 100mg morphine sulphate? Very greatful for any help. Thanx the Jay.

Comment by Jay

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Cooking slow-release morphine tablets continued… | JUNKe Life

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Comment by James Nasium

Can u cook up morphine 15 mg the genaric pill?

Comment by Bow

Is this the best process for opana (oxymorphone) too? Just wondering cold water of boiling? Need these answered please

Comment by Moon man

How do I prepare the Morphine 60mg SR Endo orange (throughout entire pill) long oval tablet for best and quickest results for this gun shot US MARINE (in the FUCKIN SUCK) grunt junkie! I appreciate all the great info! OORAH!

Comment by Adam Parks

I tried Thom foolery’s method on my 15mg SR’s and am getting close to the pins and needles. However, I went to 3 different Drug Stores and a Medical Supply Store and none had Sterile Filters. I kept getting referred to the Brita sterile faucet Filters?? Where can I get Sterile Filters? For now I am filtering twice with cig filters. Heeeelp! sid63

Comment by Sid63

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Cooking slow-release morphine tablets continued… | JUNKe Life

Trackback by sisley skin care

I am using Thom foolery’s method on my MS 15 SR big blue morphine pills. Finally, I have worked it out. Slow heating with candle, heating the salt water which desolves the salt. I use 1 and 1/2 crushed up pills which is 22 1/2mgs. And am drawing twice through my insulin fits. The result do not equal what I get from the IR’s but are very good. Just saying! Sid63

Comment by Sid63

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Comment by Dextro32

Update on MS15 SR’S (Blue) After much practice, a critical procedure to Thom follery’s shock method is the SLOW cooking and keeping the powder to a LIGHT brown. When I get a dark or balled up brown — no worky berry good. Also, the double draw through a filter helps. I am now getting a very good rush with no pins and needles. Thanks again, Thom!! Sid63

Comment by Sid63

Harm reduction from Australia. I have a safety service & cop a lot of shit for my advice & stand on drug use. I know this blog is old but salt fucks you up. I cannot emphasise this enough. If you heat MS contin use ice out of the feezer to catch the wax or you will be dead in a couple of years. Also try a two stage filtering system. You can now get 2 micron wheel filters. Fucking use them. We do not condone drug use. We are a safety consultancy & only advise on the safest practice for anything from work to raves & yes even drugs. I hate spammers but for any safety advise email me at safetyservicesfnq@gmail.com.

Comment by Maurice Dutton

We are a safety services consultancy. We do not judge people & have lost clients due to our ethical stand on harm reduction. I hate spammers but for advice & to suss out who I am look me up on google as Maurice Dutton in Australia. The university of Tasmania did a study a couple of years ago about particles in crushed up MS contin 100. The Greys. Now long term abuse will affect your lungs first usually. The smallest capillaries are in your lungs for collecting oxygen so long term users will have a constant cough. As for the wax, if you slam into your left arm it goes straight into your aorta & blocks the connects between you heart & lungs causing heart attack or stroke or both. Its easily stopped with something frozen under your spoon bearing in mind every time you heat over 170 something farenheight you loose 10%. Try to double filter such as cigarette filters followed by the wheel filters. They are cheap & if someone came to you & said if you give me a couple of dollars a day I will extend your life by ten or more years you would throw money at them. There is a process for the old oxycontin which include heating in the grill till brown & then crushing but stay away from that stuff or swallow. There are generics out there you can get you can cold crush with a pill crusher. Lastly two things. Never play for the first time on your own. If someone goes over just breath into their lungs. Its easy but tiring. Just tilt the head back slightly.Not too far or you will cut off the airway hold the chin with you other hand & thumb & watch the chest rise & fall. You will know because they go blue then normal when you get air into them. Lastly alcowipe. Many people have died from endocarditis which is bacteria on the heart valves simply from not wiping. If you have to use some one elses equipment wash twice in bleach & twice in water. Remember play safe. Live life love life. safetyservicesfnq@gmail.com
Cheers Maurice

Comment by Maurice Dutton

PS Palfium is very toey stuff. Be super careful. Next week Fentanyl patches & the damage they are doing.

Comment by Maurice Dutton

Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you, However I am encountering problems with your RSS.

I don’t know why I am unable to join it. Is there anyone else having the same RSS issues?
Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond?

Comment by easy spy pro download

Thx Tom Atleast some people still have an idea of what’s going on in the world…I appreciate the input.

Comment by Remi76

Because people like these are the ones that causes issues with the pain management clinic and the people that really cares an followed the doctors orders. I hope the DEA will followed this person who produce this pic in how to duck it up for the rest of the patients that depends on it. And too the drug pusher doctors give them life in prison.

Comment by Roger rabitt

Yes sorry the US government have taken down my site even though I have committed no crime. Any drug abuse is bad but research shows that by engage g all fringe dwellers we can as a community come together to save shelves of mainly young people and women as well. If you try hard enough you will find me on Yahoo Cheers and play safe, stay safe and lastly the stats show the enforcers suffer the same problems with their kids so as much as I don’t like em don’t hassle them its counter productive M

Comment by maurice dutton

Now I’m scared of s*** to bang one of these things why can’t it be just like an opiate break it warm it up filter it shoot it

Comment by J. G.

MS Contin has a wax release matrix, COLD COLD COLD WATER! Another tip I read up was when you’re pulverizing the beads add a SMALL amount of COLD water, a few drops say… to the “mush” so that the friction from pulverizing the beads wont heat up the wax, itll just seperate. Filter and bazinga. Peace guys, be safe have fun. Fuck you Carol.

Comment by phallic_temple

Some people cook their MS Contin on the stove and you should be aware that over 170 degrees you will lose about 8% to 10 % but if you do cook them, put some ice under the spoon until the wax and shit solidifies on the top around the edge of the spoon. If not ice then something out of the freezer and you will see the crap materialise as the temperature drops. Use cotton rollies filters from cigarettes and wheel filters if you can get them.
Play safe and stay safe

Comment by maurice dutton

Thank you for any other magnificent post. The place else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.

Comment by when a cough becomes bronchitis

The University of Tasmania did the first pill filtering with MS contain 60mg and the paper is on this site some where. They were going to test more pills and send me the info but because the feds monitor me now I have had to advise them to drop off me. You should be able to find their paper and Raymond is the guy I spoke with. Other wise the best harm reduction site I have dealt with is this one and you should contact them. Any specific questions about a certain product I will run past my fellow Harm reduction advocates. Cheers M

Comment by maurice dutton

How do I turn a hundred milligram morphine sulfate extended-release into 200 milligram morphine sulfate instant release?

Comment by Chris

You can’t that I am aware of. What strength that goes in as Morphine and comes out as morphine will be the same strength. There is a way where people can home bake with Acetic Anhydride. The recipe is easy enough to find. Cheers

Comment by maurice dutton

Can you save the “goop” left over after a shot is prepared of ms contin for when you run out and if so how can you store it to keep it in usualble condition? If possible. And also is there a website that sells a all in one kit for wheel filters with everything you need to do get started. Ive never used one and dont know where to even begin. I usually do ms contin or dilaudid or opana… Thanks in advanced for your time.

Comment by Joseph Atkison

Can you save the “goop” left over after a shot is prepared of ms contin for when you run out and if so how can you store it to keep it in usualble condition? If possible… Thanks in advanced for your time.

Comment by Joseph Atkison

You can save the goop. Its a type of white toothpaste looking stuff and just remember that when that stuff goes into your system, it blocks up your arteries and also the capillaries in your lungs. What you might like to try is using a cotton filter usually from rallies and save these so when you start to hang they will keep you going. You can also try cold crushing where you loose a bit in your shot but its a lot cleaner and by saving this you can swallow and this stuff is a lot stronger than the goop. I strongly suggest you try and find wheel filters and use them. Research where they are and what size in micron they go down to which from memory is about 2 micron. Are you in the states or can’t you say ?

Comment by maurice dutton

Has anyone found a way of destroying the binders in Zomorph capsules, I’ve got 100s of the fucking things and they’re fun orally but iv has to be better!?

Comment by Daw

Sorry Daw, have no experience there and the people I have spoken too don’t know them either. There is a very good harm reduction site in the states called NCHRC North Carolina Harm Reduction Centre. If you contact them they may be able to assist you. Cheers M

Comment by Maurice Dutton

The effect is the same as that of the ampules??+-

Comment by suprak

How to iv n30 morphine sulfate. Brown it like u do opanas and then add 2 hundred water to pull back 100 units reheat and then filter thru cotton and ENJOY

Comment by JUNKE4LIFE

This is fucked up. My brother died of a morphine overdose because he was injecting the shit up his veins and it really pisses me off to know that there is a fucked up website/blog like yours that helps aid people in how to do it “safely” there is no such thing as safely. Dumbass!

Comment by Not buying your bullshit

hey bullshit you don’t even have the courage to put your name to anything. thats a great story you have. how many months did it take you to figure it out and put it in words. PS I am writing this slow because I can tell you can’t think fast get a life wanker

Comment by Maurice Dutton

Vapes Distributor agreement Sample

Cooking slow-release morphine tablets continued

Trackback by vapes distributor

Yes i know thjs is crazy to evdn ask but my sister asked me hiw to belreak down a morphine 30 for IV use and i have never done this b4 and i took thr purple coating off and crushed it and heated to Boil then filtered it through a coffee filter and into another spoo and then filter through a ciggerett butt i hooe thats right anyone k ke any different

Comment by Nikki

How do you do the abg brand I tried cooking it but it dont work like the other branbs

Comment by Donny

No table salt can I use a small amount of seasoning salt

Comment by Steven Ray

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