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Drugs (cartoon) and User Activism (report)
February 18, 2010, 3:48 am
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In case you’re not getting enough laughs on a daily basis… enjoy!

BBC Cartoon video about Drugs

And now seriously folks, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network has produced On the Road to Activism, an excellent 76 page report on drug user activism (with a special focus on Eastern European countries). Download your copy here – it’s worth it just for the fantastic photos of junky graffiti.

And on an equally serious note, check out The Budgetary Implications of Drug Prohibition (2008) by Harvard University Department of Economics Professor Jeffrey Miron. Although focused on U.S. stats regarding the wastefulness of prohibition, it addresses the potential for Tax Revenue from Drug Legalization which is the sort of exploration that is critical when arguing for realistic alternatives to the dismal status quo.

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dude, you run the website showing your ‘filterless’ prep of MSContin 100mg pills for IV right?

dude… that’s ridiculous! You’re getting all that talc from that pill into your veins and thereby lungs, building up talcosis! You probably already have a diminished lung capacity due to all the talc you’ve shot up un-filtered from the MSContins… if you keep doing this you could easily suffer from pulmonary embolism dude…

How is your method ‘safe’… it isn’t.

Comment by splenda

be safe good.if your going to do chemicals in any manner be clean and always do less than ….you can always do more and safe sites are the best idea since? and remember you can tell alot about someone ,
by what kind of person they are, bdg aka briwood give thanks

Comment by bribi

What’s the best way to inject fentynal transderm patches. I’ve done asorbic acid powder. From. Healthfood store and warming. For 10 mins not boiling. Then tryed vinegar. Smoking. And finally. Just soaking

Comment by bribi

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