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Some say “oil war”, some say “drug war”, Sting says “no war”
April 1, 2010, 3:52 am
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Thoughtful article detailing Afghanistan as a Drug War written by Alfred McCoy, the fellow who put heroin politics on the (relatively) popular map with his 1972 book The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia.

Former Police-man, the King of Pain himself, Sting expresses himself strongly in a public letter entitled Let’s End the War on Drugs:

For too long, the War on Drugs has been a sacrosanct undertaking that was virtually immune from criticism in the public realm. Politicians dared not disagree for fear of being stigmatized as “soft on crime.” Any activist who spoke up was dismissed as a fringe element.

But recently, I discovered just how much that’s changing–and that’s how I came to speak out on behalf of an extraordinary organization called the Drug Policy Alliance

Their work spoke directly to my heart as an activist for social justice — because ending the War on Drugs is about exactly that.

One voice, many voices, a virtual choir, of thousands, millions, billions, singing, demanding, “Change!  Change now! Change today! Change Tomorrow!  Change because we won’t stand for this shit no more!”  Ahhhh, yeah, I like that.

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Hey guys, good to see you posting!
That’s cool about Sting, I had heard rumours but never got to see what he actually said.

Hope you’re well, would have loved to have seen you guys this long weekend! The weather here is amazing so out there it must be BEAUTIFUL!

Comment by Junkie_Monkey

Hey ya JUNKe Life,

In early 2002, three months into the Afghan debacle, we had a massive heroin drought in the UK… You could NOT score. Every junkie in London wihout a backup of methadone or subutex was junk sick. US troops were on the border of Afghanistan and preventing heroin from getting out via the usual route. The re-route took over a week and Englad was completely dry in that time. Lifelong junkies I knew said they’d never known anything like it, and was the most severe drought they’d ever witnessed. As I say after one week smack was back on the streets but the drought was not over. It when on for nearly 8 months. You could score in that time but it was not easy (or as easy). The chances were that on your third call you may find a dealer holding. They were desperate months for UK users. Finally it picked up again and apart from a small drought last year England is still swimming/sinking in heroin. So, by accident and blissfully unaware, the US/Uk actually did for a while severely interrupt the drug trade… it’s possible and it’s not difficult. Afghanstan’s opium production could be wiped out in a week or month if the world seriously wanted to do that. You cannot hide huge poppy fields! That it continues means it’s allowed to continue… that there are ulterieur motives where opium is concerned…

Anyway, enough of that… I’m bored now! 😉

Hope you’re well over there… thanks for the link in the sidebar… All My Best, Shane.

Comment by Shane (Memoires of a Heroinhead)

Someone’s gotta bloody do something… the situation is ridiculous in most countries.
I am getting more and more angry at the way our methadone clinic is run based on lies lies lies… methadone is a lie: I don’t know anyone who takes it who doesn’t spend on heroin the minute they have spare cash… we the “clients” feel under pressure to say we are doing well so we end up telling what we think they wanna hear… more lies. I’m sick of it.

Hey I left you a question under your Branded post from last September ~ basically what type of gear do you get in Canada? And do you have to sprinkle nasty citric acid all over it..??

Comment by Gledwood

Comment by No war for Israel in Iran

Rarely do we get gear that needs the citric acid. Only most of the gear is found in the biggest cities – Vancouver, Toronto and surrounding urban area, Ottawa, Montreal. While it makes appearances elsewhere, primarily junkheads in the rest of the country manage with prescription (usually someone else’s) dope – morphine, dilaudid, oxycontin, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve never seen tar up here, but I don’t live in one of the big cities, so it may be that its there occassionally, but just not being held by the folks I meet with. Usually its a powder, or rock/powder combination. Sometimes whitish, more often beige. Had some weird stuff from a credible guy that was little chips of reddish brown. Had a lot of little fibers in it, sometimes like one’s curlies… LOL Was told it came mixed into a carpet. Was called “red carpet”. Gotta say it was kind of yuck! I think it had some sort of up mixed in it.

Comment by opiAted

One part of the Afghan war is for poppy money, and so to increase the heroin sales in Canada, the health authorities are CUTTING BACK MORPHINE PRESCRIPTIONs – maximum dose will be 200 mgs per day.
I have been getting a morphine prescription for over 20 years now [lucky me, except for the pain I get it for] and I was getting 360 mgs per day, but my Doctor began reducing me by 30 mgs per day – I only get 330/day this month, and down each month until I am at 200,

I never had morphine before I was prescribed it by a doctor. Its true, I didn’t. And they increased me to 360, now they want to cut me back to 200 – sounds like pure evil to me.

I wonder if their motivation is in hoping I start importing heroin to support the war effort? In any case, THAT is exactly what I hope to do… I would LOVE to come face to face with a judge and say what happened – they prescribed, they cut me back, its addictive shit man, I found heroin – put the damn DOCTOR in jail, not me”

Think I would get off? And how do I start my heroin enterprise?

Comment by dcapit8

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