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Rise and Fall of the Official View of Addiction
December 28, 2010, 7:16 pm
Filed under: Drug Politics

Bruce K. Alexander, a prof at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C., has numerous writings on drugs and crime which are well worth studying.

With his latest treatise, Rise and Fall of the Official View of Addiction, Alexander assassinates the traditional view of addiction. While never ignoring the role of the individual, “dislocation” theory places the root of addiction at the injustices and discombobulations of societies, rather than the weakness and sickness of people who develop drug dependencies.

As Alexander concludes:

Addiction is one of the windows through which we can view the widespread psychological malaise and the underlying structural problems of a tottering civilization…

While recognizing the importance of treatment and harm reduction, [Alexander] puts the greatest emphasis on … fundamental social change as the most important means of bringing addiction under control.

In other words, ’til the Revolution comes, what else can I do but keep on nodding through these end times. Makes more sense than being a sick, weak willed screw-up, doesn’t it?

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Glad to see you posting again! I have missed you. 😉

All the Best,

Comment by K.Killer

WordPress instructed me to contact the blog owner here. They stated that every comment gets emailed to you. This is the first step in resolving a defamation issue. I have written repeatedly. People with the name L@densack are slandering me. Mainly a Cat E. L. AKA Cathleen L@densack. The @ symbol represents the letter a. On the blog “Why be a piller of the community she accuses me of all sorts of disgusting and illegal behavior such as theft, drug abuse, child abuse, abandonment, and the list goes on. Furthermore she is being cheered on at that location by her aunt (my sister). According to wordpress it is your responsibilty to remove these post! They are slanderous, illegal, and go against the WordPress Term of Service.

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The majority of your blog will still be intact, these sick, toxic jerks won’t hurt me, my wife, and children anymore and google will remove my previous association with the remaining materials.

Please just help me out here I am asking nicely for your cooperation. These evil jerks have nothing better to do than keep clicking on that 1 blog because they want to keep it at the top of my name search inorder to use you and your forum to cause harm to innocent people.

Comment by "Dave"

Hey man, in one paragraph you write “I have tried to reason with you” and in another you say “I am asking nicely for your cooperation”. Look man, you haven’t tried to reason with me at all. You’ve asked me to remove some comments, that’s it, that’s all. But please keep in mind, I don’t visit this blog very often, once a month, sometimes less, occasionally more. So if you’re expecting immediate action in light of a request made in a comment, prepare to be let down (and waiting awhile) as normally it will be weeks before I read a comment made here. In this case, you’re lucky as it seem the crap you’re referring to is pretty-much just happened during the past week or so. So don’t go saying you’re tried reasoning with me, as you could write a thousand comments and I’d have no idea you’d done so UNTIL I finally checked in here again. OK?
Man, this is the second time I’ve had to deal with your “crap” here. Previously you wrote about yourself stuff you reconsidered and wanted me to remove. So I spent awhile trying to find all your posts and trying to clean them up for you. Now its this “family” stuff. I’m sorry you’ve got family problems. I’ll try to help out again, but don’t go getting attitude at me for your shit man. And as far as getting my blog shut down because you’re family has brought your internal squabbles here (unbeknownst to me until about five minutes ago), please give your head a shake and get some humility. That would be some major rat bastard shit if you made me pay a price for your problems. Quite being so frigging self-centered as to even consider messing with my blog because it just happens to be a place some of your family members have decided to make some comment about you.

Comment by opiAted

Uhh, back to the topic – “the official view of addiction” – has been addressed in a unique way by Dr. Gabor Matte who works with the Vancouver downtown east side addicts.

Most addicts are hurting – abused, traumatized, in pain – and yet society picks on them and makes life harder.

Even the medical profession – “first do no harm” might be so, but “first cause no hurt” is not the case. They should know better, but they also view addicts negatively, even when they create them [as was/is my case].

Comment by dcapit8

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