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What’s Inside: Street Heroin
February 21, 2011, 6:43 pm
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Sometimes we’ve got time to kill (so to speak) while waiting to score. Since we don’t just mosey into a store to buy our stuff, waiting is a familiar routine for we who must see da man on a regular basis. Sometimes I’ve gotta stand on an windy cold street corner, freezing my feet off. Other times I’m parked in a massive parking lot outside some mall, hoping I’m waiting a the right entrance.

Occasionally the meet will take place in busy store, such as Walmart, at the magazine section. Last week that’s where I waited, and I browsed through Wired Magazine for something to do. The word “heroin” jumped off the front cover. Inside I found this very interesting little article: What’s In It

Very interesting some of the cut that has appeared in street junk over the years. So-called “junkie lore” claims that dealers practices a form of harm reduction back in the day when they added quinine as an adulterant:

Junkie lore says that dealers added this to the supply as a public service, after a malaria outbreak among needle-sharing users in the 1930s.

BTW, I’ve found quinine to be helpful with leg cramps when I’ve had the displeasure of withdrawal. It can be obtained by prescription, or by drinking real Schweppes tonic water (but you’ll need several glasses).

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I was long fascinated by what rubbish dealers added to heroin to bulk it out. There used to be an easy to find article online claiming that much heroin on the streets of Britain hasn’t actually been cut at all; it’s just low-grade H3 that’s only 40% to 75% purity at manufacture.

We had a huge drought a couple of months before Christmas that’s still going now. The cause, apparently, is poppy blight in Afghanistan. They lost at least a third of their crop, maybe more, and the kilo price here shot up past £40,000 which is over $60,000 US. Only three years ago, so I heard on the news, the kg price was a mere £13,000 or $20,000. As well as the stuff detailed in that article, there’s some riciculous stuff that crystallizes in the syringe. Because most of our heroin is brown I think they add the golden brown resin that’s designed to be rubbed on violin bows. I hate to think what resin must do when inected into the veins…

Comment by Gledwood

Yeah, some filthy crap ends up being used to bulk up gear (and pusher’s profits). Imho, it shouldn’t be illegal to sell heroin, but it certainly should be illegal some of the shit that’s put into. Conspiracy to commit manslaughter, for sure.

Comment by opiAted

Opiated, I hope you received my lenghty apology even though it would not post. I never wanted to shut you down–I just wanted one page gone–because I was panicked about hurting others. There are 2 0tt0 references on the pillar page. I know you must hate me by now but Google won’t re-index and get me out of this fix until an undetermined date. Any chance you could alter those? I’m sorry about the family drama–I don’t think I would have had my guts removed and been acting so crazy in ’06 and later if they weren’t so toxic. Thank you for your integrity and kindness either way.

Comment by Dave

Jesus Christ, how did all that garbage get reposted?!

Comment by Dave

Opiated, I clicked on an email in my hotmail account–which I hardly even check. It took me right back to that Piller page and all my family’s ugly, slanderous bullcrap was back up. I know you think I suck but I just want to feel safe and like my girls are safe. Those evil pieces of shit abused me my whole life and now that I’ve been away from them for 13 years they’re still doing it. Please, please, I am begging you, as it is I can’t get that page to stop being associated with my name–whatever you did last time please help me. There are innocent people I want to protect and my venomous relatives are being relentless. I’m at the end of my rope–I talked to my wife about changing our names legally but that would be hard to explain to the people that know us now.

Comment by Dave

Any chance you’d consider removing my first name or changing it in entry 7 on the piller page–it comes up in the summary of the page when one searches my whole name and includes a reference to tincture of …

PS – I wasn’t trying to be a douchbag; I’m sorry Mr. Opiated.

Comment by Dave

I’m in a real bind, please. please help me out. I can’t get google to leave the piler site away from my name because apparently others have linked to it that page. Any chance my old first names could just vanish or be switched to Dave or something or even douchbag. I’d do anything for you if that could happen–my scuzzy family of origin is looking to hurt me bad and I don’t want my loving family affected by them?

Comment by Dave

Good luck, if google has ur name, it will remain there. Do you really give a shit? I don’t not anymore.Like I said, Good luck Dave.

Comment by Maureen

Yes. I do give a shit–only because other people could be hurt by my own stupidity.

Comment by Dave

If it was removed so that google’s re-indexing would disconnect it from my name or if the site owner made it so my highly unusual real first name didn’t appear under a search of my first and last name, it would remove a huge burden I’ve been carrying for a long time now.

Comment by Dave

Dear Opiated,

I would be eternally grateful and in your debt if you could either remove my entries altogether or change my first name to Otis. If there was no trace of my first or last name I would be pretty safe even if google and other engines kept associating my name with that page.

I’ve been working for months to bury it under a search of my name by creating tons of un-negative sites and material under my name that are more numerous and positive but for some reason Piller gets about halfway down the search results page and then goes right back up.

I am so worried about these mistakes I made in ’06 or thereabouts. I’m thinking about changing my name but my children and my self hate the idea. I know I made mistakes in the past due to my anxiousness but I am sorry and really need some help here. Pleasssssse. I am a decent guy who just wants to prevent his own mistakes from hurting others.

Comment by Dave

If you won’t help me all I can do is wait for google to re-crawl your website. Then they will stop pointing toward it when someone searches my full name since you took the last name off for me. This seems to be taking a long time though. Do you have this blog set to block google from crawling & indexing it into their search engine? If you do it likely will never go away from my name and I was hoping you would let me know where I stand on that matter.

Thanks, “Dave”

Comment by Dave

Well, everyone, don’t get fucked up (against your will or because the medical establishment say you need to) and write anything stupid because some people don’t care what it does to your family.

Also, some will proclaim the high ground about not taking “donations” but still not free you from all of the problems they could if they wanted.

If nothing else, let my past screw ups be a cautionary tale. good luck.

PS – screw the children that get affected because their stupid dad was on 16 potent drugs to stop his body from rejecting its own colon until it could be completely removed and replaced with a bag–which BTW drove him into a temporary psychotic break and had doctors and nurses urging his 32 years old wife to stick him in a nursing home and forget about him.

He did pull out 5 months later when she was too caring to do it, but yeah his family should definitely be hurt repeatedly by the dumb rantings he made in that condition.

Go figure.

Comment by Dave

That last comment wasn’t fair of me. I did this to myself even though I was incapacitated. The site owner, Opiated, did me a service twice by removing my last name and by deleting real ugly, venomous, stuff my family of origin posted.

I wish google would re-crawl the page and end its association with my last name in its search engines. I don’t understand why it’s taking forever. I had it buried about 10 pages deep in the search engines by spending months writing positive items associated with my name and thought I had shielded my family from my stupidity and then “bamm” today it’s item number one again!

I don’t get it–does anyone have any insights as to how this could have happened. If one of my bi-polar relatives were in a manic state and spent the whole night just clicking on the link to that page would that have moved up just like that? I wouldn’t exist without them but sometimes I wish that vindictive bunch would just go to hell. I moved 600 miles away from them 13 years ago and they’re still fucking with me. It just sucks.

Comment by Dave

Dear Opiated,

I know I’ve been a big pain in the ass. I am truly sorry about that and I’m sorry if it seemed like I was trying to underhanded when I went to wordpress that time. I was not trying to shut you down. Honestly I was only asking that they remove that one page. I realize now that even that was wrong. I mistakenly thought you were ignoring me because I have anxiety problems and what was a short time to expect a response from you honestly felt like forever to me. I was yelled at constantly growing up, became hypervigilent and am jumpy in general. I’ve gotten a better handle on that but my girls are entering their teens and it feels so important to me that none of their friends find my name online and label them as outcasts because of something I did.

I don’t understand google. I spent 100s of hours creating positive search results for my name. After months I finally had the piller page to page 6 on AOL when searching my name and page 10 on google. I thought I finally had made them safe and undid the harm. Then a few days ago it appeared as result number 1 again and it just won’t budge at the moment.

I know I probably should even ask this but I am desperate. Is it possible to pull my remarks from that page so that if someone looks for dirt on me, even if the search engines are still pointing there, there’ll be nothing to read? I know I’m asking a lot. And I know you honestly aren’t comfortable profitting from helping someone out but is there anything I can do that would persuade you to dig me out of this hole I put myself in? If removing the entries is too much then is there any way you would be willing to make the anonymity more complete by taking out my odd first name and changing it to Dave or something?

I know you’ve already done more than anyone could reasonably expect and I know I turned into a jerk when I got desperate and afraid. But I don’t know where else to turn.

I’ve requested google to update their index so that my last name doesn’t point to a name that isn’t on that page anymore and their guidelines say the only requirement is that the site owner has changed the content like you did, but I keep getting denied anyway. I don’t get it and communicating with them is practically impossible.

I know I created this problem myself but I was so ill and so medicated I didn’t have the ability to think clearly when I did it. I was in a stupor and felt like my world was over. I was wearing an ileostomy bag at age 34 when I had thought I wouldn’t be struck down be anything serious for a few more decades. I was so drugged and so messed-up emotionally and psychologically by what I was going through. I’m in a much better place now but feel like there’s a giant shoe waiting to drop at any moment and like it will hurt people that I love so much more than my own family ever loved me.

I built 5 blogs I tend to daily at blogspot, I set up photosites at flicker, youtube, photobucket, picasa and orkut where I add photographic and video content every week. I also have networks at digg, myspace, and twitter that I post to most days. I have worked my ass off to make my family safe and thought I finally had. If you email me directly I’ll gladly send you the site info to show you all the work I’ve done (I would just post it here but my whole name is in the addresses).

I feel like my only existing option is to appeal to you for help. I will continue to work from my end but I don’t know what to expect from my efforts because I don’t even understand why the negative information about me just suddenly went right back to the forefront.

No matter what you decide I want to thank you for the removals you gave me; without those I’d be totally exposeable. I should have acted more grateful and I apologize again for letting my fear get the better of me. I am a reasonable and decent person and I should never have done anything to disrespect you in any way. I’m truly sorry and will remain grateful for what you have done no matter what you decide to do about this one last plea.

I don’t want to bother you anymore than I already have. I won’t ask for your help again; I will accept whatever you decide and not do anything else that might feel bothersome.

Again, thank you and I’m sorry,


Comment by Dave

This is the best response I could get from Google:

Google Help to me
show details 12:54 PM (3 hours ago)

ѕquibble has posted an answer to the question “Bad page is hurtful, owner removed content, google refuses to update the search info.”:

I do see that the page is associated with the word – but with no actual content on the page – there is not much which you can do apart from hope that is loses relevancy again. Google changes all the time and search moves up and down and that could have impacted this page returning. Maybe the site would rename the page and so delete this one so you could request a page removal ? If they would do – that would be the optimal solution for you.
– Show quoted text –

I kinda doubt you would want to rename the Piller page though. They seem not to understand themselves why it my last name still points there–they are very hard to deal with when they don’t seem clear about their own guidelines.

If you decided you were willing to remove my first name from the whole page, maybe change O— to “Dave” it might still point there but at least there would be nothing tying anything specific to my name.

I wish you would get back to me though I know I’m asking alot. If you emailed me I would give you my phone number if you wanted to discuss this further. Again, I’m sorry to have been such a nuisance about this. I honestly am.

Comment by Dave

There is only three instances of my stupid first name in there. If they were switched to looselips everything would finally be okay. Any chance of that happening? I’m really sorry about the past, Opiated.

Comment by Dave

there are… that is

Comment by Dave

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