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April 27, 2012, 12:35 pm
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Being able to prepare your morning hit before you go to bed.

Or is it just good luck?  Good management?

Bad luck is feeling quite stumped as to where I’m going to find the next usable vein.   Or is that just the inevitable result of decades of daily injecting?

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34 yrs of injecting opium. In one form or another. Leaving. No vein. Left in decent shape enough. To hit. Anymore saving a rare occasion. I’m lucky last ……….time? 81″ yeah love under will bribi

Comment by bribi

Look into a Hindu natural herbal pill called “Pilex” in India and “Vein Care” in North America. It heals veins.

But yeah, its from years of addiction. If you hit a valve or gate or whatever they call them in your vein, the vein begins to collapse. The vein also collapses after injecting in the same area over and over again.

When I used, I thought of my body as a clock and would work in a clockwise (or counter clockwise if you prefer) and when I couldnt find any veins, I would muscle for a month or two to give my veins some healing time and start the clock over again.

I have friends who literally spend hours trying to hit any vein they can, anywhere on their body. I cant do that. One of the reasons why I quit. Thank god for Methadone.

Comment by blazeaglory

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