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Pay attention to filtering your pharmaceuticals
May 17, 2012, 11:34 am
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The Harm Reduction Journal published an informative, well-researched article on filtration of morphine and particle contents of injections in 2009.  The research was done in Australia, however the main pill studied was the MS Contin timed-release morphine sulfate pill (widely available  in Canada and the U.S.).

Mophine filtered

Injection mixtures (cold extraction). Each mixture was prepared from one tablet as described in Methods. 1, unfiltered; 2, cigarette filtrate; 3, cigarette then 0.45 μm filtrate. McLean et al. Harm Reduction Journal 2009 6:37

Read the full article here

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Why they try and make pills uninjectable is beyond me ~ people will inject just about anything if they’re desperate enough, as we all know…

Comment by Gledwood

Nice blog.

Gledwood u r right, nasty crap such trap to make pill uninjectables

Comment by MauroFreakLoveH

We are a safety consultancy in Australia & have taken a stand on harm reduction after the death (avoidable) of a nineteen year old female at a rave in Sydney. We appreciate any support you can give us we have lost clients for our stand but use wheel filters the blue ones are 2 micron & if you find they block quickly (1) imagine what they are doing to your heart & (2) use a prefilter either a brown wheel filter or cigarette filter. Some cigarette filters are made of synthetic & super dangerous as well.. We advise on all safety matters as all lives are precious. we are not religious in the traditional sense we have the ethos that every one should make it home safe. Play safe_ stay safe any comments appreciated
PS you can suss me out as Maurice Dutton on the internet under academia or other sites I am the guy with the ultralight, its my favourite way of getting high

Comment by maurice dutton

Just wanted to make sure, since I am not a professional at this, that pulling the 2nd up,morphine, I don’t shoot bs and get sick. Advice?????

Comment by Amanda

If you are going to shoot up MS Contin you can cook them on the stove knowing that the heat will destroy between 8% and 10% which if you cook it properly you will not feel. When done hold an ice cube or something frozen to the bottom of the spoon and wait until all the wax and crap forms on the edge of the spoon. Let it get a little cooler than normal and then draw up with a good cotton filter. If you have wheel filters run it through a green one and you are good to go but by using ice you will get most of the crap and there is a lot of wax in them. Cheers M

Comment by maurice dutton

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