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Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
September 1, 2018, 7:25 am
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Yep, I’m still alive and kicking… well, not kicking (thank goddess), but you know what I mean.  I’m still here (on Planet Person Who Uses Drugs and is a Nice Person).

Sadly, one has to confirm their continued existence as a practicing injection drug user, these days more than ever, given the new and completely disgusting Fentanyl contamination of many of our substances of choice.  As someone commented yesterday, I’m not a fanatic communist, but totally unfettered capitalism is obviously not a good thing.   Indeed, and in my humble opinion, they who adulterate with fentanyl should be forced to drink from the cup of molten gold.

toronto drug users memorial

Since my last post, more than five and a half years past, I have not missed a day (thank goddess again).  Thankfully, barely even half a day.  Oh of course, there have been some very stressful and fretful times, of course.  Yet somehow things have managed to work out, and we (sweetie and I) have been able been able to maintain.   Yes, there have been many hours passing, long desperate hours wherein we’ve begun to feel too hot or cold, and started to yawn uncontrollably, with watery eyes, with sneezing and wiping away much nasal drip, but somehow – be it luck of circumstance or far too many kilometers driven – we’ve thus far (over 15 years this run) managed to score in time and stave off the hell of full withdrawal.

And we’re still alive.  Just thought I’d let you know this.  In parting (this time) I wish you well.  Take care.