JUNKe Life

About a junkie’s life…

This blog is about me.  I live a junkie’s life.  

How about you?

Do you live a junkie’s life?

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Comment by bibomedia.com

what ever happened to junkylife.com blog?

Comment by angus

Hey i appreciate the plug but im not sure who this is. Hit me back

Comment by freedom vivian

Are you still alive?

Comment by Amy

At 13 i had an accident and my doctor prescribed me 8 30mg dihydracodine tablets a day should only have had a script for 2 months but got repeat scripts for 3 years without seeing my GP in between. Needless to say i had an addiction before i knew what addiction was then my Doc retired and my new Doc stopped my script immediately so i had to buy them with with what little cash i had until i turned 20 and asked for help. To cut a long story short i ended up on 60mls of methadone which gave me a habit on methadone for the last 20 years i get prescribed 67mls and top that up with 2 to 300mls a day. Single father of an autistic 5 year old as well. Great how life turns out eh.

Comment by Wullie N

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