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Hilarious dope flic from 1916 starring Coke Ennyday
September 2, 2010, 2:40 pm
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Mystery of the Leaping Fish

The main character is a private detective named Coke Ennyday played by Douglas Fairbanks (cocaine stardom). Coke Ennyday wears a bandelero of syringes strapped around his chest from which he regularly takes one and injects himself, bringing on a fit of maniacal laugher each time. Coke is pretty twitchy also. A clock on the wall divides his day into four parts – sleep, eat, drink and dope. On his desk is a big box labeled Cocaine from which he takes a massive hand-sized snort every so often, covering himself with so much powder he has to use a whisk brush to clean his face. This is a doper’s fantasy galore – there’s even bricks of smuggled opium, which Coke eagerly helps himself to a big taste, of course.

Great sound track as well, with doper songs from the 20s and 30s. This movie is a drug-addled gem!

You can watch or download The Mystery of the Leaping Fish at the Internet Archive

Another funny video taken during this years Glastonbury Festival in England. Underground artist Banksy dresses up like a hippie and carries a sign reading “Drugs for sale” and he heckles Prince Charles to join him in hempifying England.