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Save your washes for a rainy day…
December 9, 2007, 2:11 pm
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Not being able to score is the most dreaded thing when you’re wired.    However if you plan ahead for that dreaded reality by saving up your washes you’ll be able to weather your rainy days.

That’s the sensible advice you’ll find on a webpage entitled Use Your Washes Sensibly

Morphine Washes  … … Bags of morphine washes

Basically the idea is to save up your washes in the fridge, and then when you can’t score, you use your washes.  Each wash from a 100 mg morphine equals approx. 20 gm.    So squirt 5 syringes into a cup, add water, and drink it down.  That would be the same as eating a 100 mg morphine pill.   That’s going to do the trick until you’re able to score.

Doing your wash right after fixing up basically is like wasting that little bit of dope.  But if you save it up, and add it to other washes, you’ve got yourself an adequate dose.

Makes sense?  You bet it does!  Next time you face a rainy day you’ll be glad you listened to this simple piece of advice.